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améliemomo Oct 10th, 2008 07:37 PM

**Articles and Interviews **
Here we can post Alize interviews and articles about her in the medias:)

we start with an interview(really interresting) in french media sport24(translated from french)

" On the good way "

Out of order of victory on its last two tournaments, Alize Cornet does not envisage this vacuous passage in a negative way. She prefers to concentrate on her work, even if she confesses to feel " a small melancholy " post-JO

by Cédric Callier, 08-10-2008

Alize your last two tournaments ended in eliminations in the 1st round. How do you live this small blow of less indeed, the first one finally since the beginning of the year?
Alize Cornet: I saw him(it) rather well. Naturally, I am very disappointed after each of my defeats, especially after that against Amelie (Editor's note: Mauremso) in Moscow. Over there, I was really to gain(win), I played a good level and I really believed it all the match. Thus it is the defeat which more hurt me than that of Stuttgart, where I am really crossed(spent) close. But I prefer to hold(retain) the positive and to say myself that my level of tennis really increased between these two tournaments. I am on the right track and if I continue to work well, I can hope to finish this year on a good note in Zurich and in Linz. And then it is necessary to put in perspective also: a season is not made that of heights.
There are also bottoms(stockings) which it is necessary to know how to manage. If I want to claim one day to become a champion, I have to know how to manage these bad moments to bounce better.

Especially that you should not forget that you are only 18 years old, that it is about your first season full of the high level. Is not it especially physically that you accuse the blow?

No, I do not believe. More simply, I believe that this bad period is largely due at the beginning of the tournaments to indoor, which are not the ones that I wait with most impatience (smile).As would say my trainer, it is the period when I eat a little my black bread. I prefer rather tournaments in outside, on a little slower surfaces. In Moscow, I had the luck to fall on a hard rather slow where I could express all my game(set,play) well, Amelie was stronger than me …

The identity of the players who beat you these last weeks (Editor's note: Ivanovic, Dementieva, Mauresmo) does she(it) help you to put in perspective also?
AC: It is sure that in Asia, when I lose successively against Ivanovic and Dementieva, I did not much have to blame myself. Even if I would have preferred to make at the level of my game...
In Stuttgart, on the other hand, it was the true vacuous passage, that brought me to question me. It gave me envy to work even more. :devil:

Often, after the Olympic Games, sportsmen also speak about post-Olympic decompression. Did you also feel her?
AC: Yes. I am maybe moreover the tennis player who most felt it (smile). I had involved a lot in these Games, as much on the plan personal as tennis.Even two months later, I still think of it a lot. It was the most beautiful and the most exciting adventure of my career(quarry) until now and it is true that later, it is always hard to recover from it.Nevertheless, later, in New Haven, I had reached demies and in the US Open I had made a success of a correct route(course). I maybe believed too fast that I had made the hardest …Well, I reassure you, I am not in full depression, I just feel a small melancholy.

What does it nearly indoor to you there to express, as you say it, all your game?
AC:It does not miss much I think. I have to believe in me, simply. A long time, I considered that I could not indeed make on short place setting and finally, I convinced myself. It had a negative impact on my confidence and today, I have to manage to convince myself that I am a player of any surfaces.I have to dare more, to go forwards and it will be my objective for the next two weeks.

Exactly, these tournaments in Zurich and in Linz, you approach them with what ambition? Still by dreaming about Masters, even if it seems impossible?
AC: No not not, Masters, I have thought of it never really (of smile). For these two tournaments, I do not feed big ambitions.I go out of two too fast finished tournaments and there, I just want to take a maximum of points, to find some confidence(trust), to set up my game(set,play) there to indoor … As I think of being on the right track in working terms, I would like to see what it gives in competition, it would already be only to finish well this year.

Dinayer Oct 11th, 2008 01:22 PM

Re: **Articles and Interviews **
thanks for posting the interview :)

améliemomo Nov 12th, 2008 08:58 PM

Re: **Articles and Interviews **
Alize who is sponsorised by OGF Suez gave an interview few days ago.
She talk about her season and her preparation for 2009.:)


"I control better my emotions"

Alize Cornet what are your feelings about your season?
Alize: its been very good for me since I ve entered top20 rather fastly after my Rome finale.I stayed at this level all year long and I am going to end on the sixteenth place having started 2008 in the 55 spot.

Do you feel you made improve your game this season?

Alize: About the level of my game, I can say that I made many improvements even if I still have some things to work on.Some technical things.
I think I can go even higher even if it wont be easy. I have to keep going on the same road followed for quite a long time now.

What are the parts of your game that must be improved?

Alize: I have to work on my backhand. I started training again since last tuesday and we are working on some technical details with my backhand.
Its the part of my game which will make me improve.
About my forehand I got much positive things, I hit it harder and I know how to put some effects.
Whereas my backhand is still not stable and sometimes trouble my game.
About my serve its getting better and better so I will keep working on it.

Do you feel yourself more stronger physiquely and mentally when you have to prepare a match?

Alize: About the physique, the work is mainly done during november and december. During the year the work is done as the tournaments passed and we need period of recovering rest.
Mentally, its was especially at the end of the year that I felt a change. When I had to pass in period in which I didnt play good, I managed to stay calm and more serene on the court. I managed to avoid those moment when I could get angry when it came good or not. I control better my emotions and this give the feeling that I m more professional on the court.

What are "the biggest moments" of your season?
Alize: At first, my first tier I Finale in Rome, I did a great week there.I had to pass from the qualies and managed to reach the finale. It was rather incredible. Then I would say my first wta title win after 2 finale loss at Acapulco and Rome. I was waiting for that title for such a long time so it was something important for me. Roland Garros gave me also so much emotions too.I love this tournament so much and I spent very good tournament there.

And the Olympic Games?
Alize: its the best high of my year. Its the best memory of my entire career. The opening ceremony was one of the most stunning moment of my life. This goes beyond a favourite tournament because its not only the tournament wish is exceptional, its all about what comes around. I did a very good tournament, losing only against serena williams, 6-4 in the third after giving a big fight there. We played in centre court in front of great crowd. I did very nice meets there,I shared very good things with the french team and I made some friends. This give me real motivation to come back in four years in london 2012.

Do you have a specific player that you fear in top10??
Alize: In the top10 the players are all playing very good but I dont feel I'm very far from them.
There is a player whose game bothers me cause she play atypic tennis, its Agniezka Radwanska, she beat me this year in roland garros 6-4 6-4 whereas I did a good match and even today I still dont understand why I lost(laugh)

How do you spend your training program with your coach pierre bouteyre and physical trainer Frederic Deschamp?

Alize: well on this training period we alternate 2 physical training session and 1 to 2 tennis training per day. That make "big" days. I started at 9h30 in the morning, we take a rest for 2 hours to lunch and we go on on the afternoon till 17h30.
Everything is going well and we have good training conditions at sophia antipolis, its not very far from Nice.

You play also the french championships competing with the Lagardere Paris Racing...

Yes Im in Paris right now where I passed physical test in Lagardere institut. Then I went to play team matchs with Paris Jean Bouin(Alize played a match in single and double paired with youlia fedossova).Its one of my favourite moment of the year being with my friends.Its great moments.Diners with the team and everything, I like it. Unfortunetly I had to negociate with my coach(Pierre Bouteyre) who prefer me to focus more on my physical program training.I would have liked to be able to play more matchs for the team but I believe and trust on Pierre, he knows what is good for me. I hope we'll reach the finale there and win the championships for the third consecutive time.

You are sponsorized by OGF Suez since 2005.What do you think of that collaboration??

Alize: I was 15 years old in 2005,I started my career then. They support me since the beggining and my image is associated naturally to OGF Suez. They give me so much support. Its more than a simple sponsoring relationship, its like a family. I hope this collaboration will last for a long time.

A word about you official website?(

Alize: its important to be represented on internet.Its a very good friend of mine who is the webmaster. This give me the opportunity to follow my news and to be in contact with my fans. I do some videos for the website and I let some little messages.

interview made by Damien MERCEREAU.

Optima Nov 16th, 2008 02:02 AM

Re: **Articles and Interviews **
Nice interview, thanks :D

améliemomo Nov 26th, 2008 09:18 PM

Re: **Articles and Interviews **
here's an article about the rising players(taken from

November 25, 2008


Top 20 Debuts Herald Great Things to Come

LONDON, England - If teen phenoms are nothing new in tennis, 2008 was nonetheless a vintage year for shooting stars on the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour. Five under-20s finished the season in the Top 20; one of them, Agnieszka Radwanska, did even better, making her Top 10 debut in July. It is surely only a matter of time before fellow Europeans Caroline Wozniacki, Victoria Azarenka, Alizé Cornet and Dominika Cibulkova join her.

Fierce competition and growing depth means that, more and more, juniors emerge onto the senior Tour as remarkably well-rounded competitors. In this respect, Radwanska serves as Exhibit A. Having won the Wimbledon junior title in 2005 and junior Roland Garros in 2006 - the year for which she also was named Tour Newcomer of the Year - Radwanska's adult career started to gather serious momentum in 2007, when she won her first title at Stockholm and scored Top 10 wins over Martina Hingis, Maria Sharapova and Daniela Hantuchova.

This year she picked up where she left off, winning titles on the hardcourts of Pattaya City, the claycourts at Istanbul - after which she became the first Polish player to pass $1 million in prize money - and Eastbourne's lawns. Radwanska also applied her crafty, circumspect style to impressive effect in the majors, reaching her first Grand Slam quarterfinals, at the Australian Open and Wimbledon, and reaching the fourth round in Melbourne and Paris. Her results through the year were enough to see the 19-year-old qualify as the first alternate at the Sony Ericsson Championships in Doha, where she was called upon to play Svetlana Kuznetsova in place of the injured Serena Williams, and duly dispatched the higher-ranked Russian in straight sets.

If Radwanska's 2008 rise from No.26 to No.10 was impressive, 18-year-old Wozniacki is hot on her heels. Indeed, among this group of high-flying youngsters the 2006 junior Wimbledon champion made the greatest leap across the course of the year, rising from No.60 to No.12 thanks partly to three quick-fire tournament wins, at Stockholm, New Haven and the Japan Open. On her way to the final at Luxembourg in October, the Dane in fact tallied the 100th win of her career.

And all of this was achieved in the face of a tough run of draws: in eight of the 20 tournaments she didn't win, Wozniacki fell to a Top 10 player. Power and determination saw her beat Top 10 stars on four occasions, with her defeat of then world No.2 Kuznetsova at Eastbourne ranking as the biggest upset, on paper at least.

While Radwanska and Wozniacki burnished their growing fame with three titles apiece in 2008, Azarenka, up from No.30 to No.15, is still chasing her maiden win. But the 2005 junior Australian and US Open champion came close, with runner-up finishes at Gold Coast and Prague, falling to Li Na and Vera Zvonareva. While both occasions might be considered lost opportunities, a first Tier I semifinal at Berlin and a second at Montréal suggest the 19-year-old's explosive playing style will soon bear fruit.

France's Cornet plays the game in a very different way, and so far her graceful approach has held up best on clay. Like Wozniacki, the 18-year-old won her first Tour title in July, at Budapest, but she really grabbed headlines during the main claycourt season by reaching the semis at Amelia Island and Charleston and scoring two Top 10 wins to make her first Tier I final at Rome. Under the glare of expectation she also reached the last 32 at Roland Garros, having captured the junior title there 12 months earlier. Translating such results to other surfaces will be key to her progress, but the signs are promising, with a semifinal run at New Haven and quarterfinal finish at Linz – both of hardcourts - helping lift her ranking from No.55 in January to No.16 at season’s end.
Although she is the lowest-ranked of the teens in the Top 20, diminutive Cibulkova certainly packed a punch in 2008, especially against the elite. Whereas Radwanska, Wozniacki, Azarenka and Cornet each scored a solitary Top 5 win, Cibulkova registered three, against Elena Dementieva, Jelena Jankovic and Ana Ivanovic. Like Azarenka she didn't lift a trophy, but she did reach finals at Amelia Island and Montréal. In the course of jumping from No.51 to No.19 in the rankings, she also edged Hantuchova as the No.1 Slovak at the end of the year, after the 25-year-old failed to recover her form after injury.

How each of these players fares in 2009 and beyond is anyone's guess, especially given the resurgent form of some of the Tour's more established campaigners, and wealth of new rivals coming right up behind them. But it may be instructive to look at the Tour match head-to-head records within this pool of peers. On this count, Radwanska and Azarenka rule supreme, with six wins and three losses each; Wozniacki is also in positive figures at 5-3, but Cornet is 2-3 , despite her better record against top flight players, is 2-9. Such statistics could be a factor when they start facing each other for the sport's biggest prizes. Or not.

Allez Alize in 2009:bounce::angel:

améliemomo Nov 30th, 2008 06:59 PM

Re: **Articles and Interviews **
an article about alize on


28/11/2008 - 14:30

Cornet, "Parisienne" pressed

. Alize Cornet did not come from Sophia Antipolis in Paris to tourism. Between the final French Championships team, which plays this weekend between her club The Lagardère Paris Racing and TC Cormontreuil, strength and important appointments, the French N.1 goes!

At Sophia Antipolis, Alize Cornet has a structure to match its ambitions. Along with his unwavering coach Pierre Bouteyres are a team to service this season including the physical Frederic Descamps, which was seconded especially for her. An ideal location for the Niçoise which began its work of off-land. Program: Sophia Antipolis in training and matches with the "Racing (Lagardère Paris Racing).

Alizé was in Paris this week in anticipation of the final between the club Cormontreuil . And she will not have time to make many Christmas presents. In the program, fitness sessions, including a meeting of "Motion" (available on the player sensors to scan its movements), an interview with Arnaud Lagardere and an important meeting to french tennis federation, to discuss the future captain of Fed Cup. Behind the scenes, it is argued for several days the name of Nathalie Tauziat, is emblematic of women's tennis French 90s (a final at Wimbledon in 1998), but a dozen players ranked in the top 100 to give their opinion Thursday evening before Christian Bîmes.

One can imagine that Bouteyres Pierre, who accompanied the previous master, Georges Goven, the Olympics could be part of the framework as a coach. The latter has confirmed that the resumption of the competition for Alize Cornet would be held in Perth in early January for the Hopman Cup. Then it is heading towards Sydney and Melbourne for the Australian Open.
translating from google.

améliemomo Nov 30th, 2008 07:17 PM

Re: **Articles and Interviews **
another article, perhaps more interessant cause its from alize coach point of view.He is coming back to the 2008 highlights in alize year.(


29/11/2008 - 11:30
Cornet-Bouteyres: the highlights in 2008

Alize Cornet lived "a year of incredible wealth" says Pierre Bouteyres, his coach buddy. The Niçoise discovered the Fed Cup, the top 20, the joys of victories on the best and assessment of its progress, she became French N.1. The highlights seen by the coach.


"Just the Australian Open finished, Alize Cornet is called in reinforcements to challenge China in Beijing in the first round. For my part, I am back in France. Thus she discovered the universe of the French team, it has established links with her partners. "

"His tenure has brought to light and it has not escaped the first critical media. She realized what in Fed Cup play represented. The fact of living this important moment away from me enabled her to better understand the importance of what I would call our "teamwork" and trust that it generates. "


"This tournament just before that Miami is a Tier I tournament is important. It has agreed to wait to establish a small technical change. For several weeks, I asked her to change its thrust. But for the work, we needed an extra week and we ignored Indian Wells. "

"It was not easy to Miami because she lost in the first round. We have enjoyed a week of preparation on clay and it further held good in keeping the change. We know what it has given by Following (Semi-finals at Amelia Island and Charleston in the wake editor's note). "


"Arriving in Rome, it is emerging from a defeat in the first round in Berlin. It sort of qualifications, pass the 1st round when she is sick, then she kept advancing to reach the final by beating Svetlana Kuznetsova and Anna Chakvetadze between others. "

"Again, it had previously agreed to amend its gesture to the service. His determination and confidence in our decisions enabled it to build its choices. In Rome, she realized she could take place in the top 20. "

Other highlights: Alizé won his first title without his trainer in Budapest. The Olympics where Pierre Bouteyres, which should not make the trip, finally accompanied the group France. After a long period spent together (more season American Games), Pierre returned to France, while Alize will contest the Asian Tour with his mother. she is a bit penalized by the lack of support. If learning continues, the trajectory is exponential.

améliemomo Nov 30th, 2008 08:03 PM

Re: **Articles and Interviews **
I found this article too(


10/11/2008 - 10:10
Cornet, N.1 in 2009

First pro season, the first distinction. Alize Cornet finally took the place of N.1 lights to Marion Bartoli at the Masters after they disputed it. The absence of the Wimbledon finalist in Doha in 2007 has made it back to 17th place, one place behind the Niçoise.

New reward for Alize Cornet. When she grabed her first professional season, the Niçoise finishes the year with the highest ranking of his career by hoisting the sixteenth place, just ahead Marion Bartoli. At 18, she had already been designated N.1 French national ranking in 2008 published Oct. 10 by the French Tennis Federation, which took into account the results obtained from 2 October 2007 and September 30 2008. With her first WTA title in Budapest in his pocket, Cornet was the only one to be illustrated during a season when Marion Bartoli has not confirmed its 2007 summer season, Tatiana Golovin quickly ended his season and Amélie Mauresmo has not regained the level of play which made it the world N.1 in 2006.

Dinayer Nov 30th, 2008 08:30 PM

Re: **Articles and Interviews **
thanks :worship:

améliemomo Dec 1st, 2008 05:41 PM

Re: **Articles and Interviews **
another article from l'


Tennis - WTA - Alizé Cornet : «Objectif Top 10»
56th World Party in January 2008, Alize Cornet finished the season in 16th place and World Number 1 French. With her first title on the WTA circuit in Budapest, her entry in the Top 20, a participation in the Olympic Games and a final in Rome, the Niçoise marked the year just 18 years. The student of Peter Bouteyres prepares home in Sophia-Antipolis, but it does not forget the Interclub. Still unbeaten in singles with the Lagardère Paris Racing and new French champion team, it always shows as much enthusiasm and rage to win. Very lucid, it sets, as always in writing, specific goals for 2009: enter the Top 10 and play in Grand Slam with a special mention at Roland Garros.

"What you begin your year?
It was a great year. I have a great bearing with my entry in the Top 20 and with my best ranking (16th globally) and especially a french n.1. A 18 years is truly extraordinary.

This place of No. 1 French seems very important to you?
This gave me the same effect as when I entered the Top 20. French numbers, we remember all our lives. This marks the tennis, there has not been that much. Now he must try to stay several years. Being No. 1 French so young, is already great.

What are your goals?
This will necessarily be Top 10. Being 16th, I will not save the 15th, it would be a little shabby (s smile). Then I want to play in Grand Slam tournaments trying to reach the quarter-finals at least, especially at Roland Garros where I have a special goal. Roland is at home and on clay. I was always pleased and I've always played well there. The More tournaments will be important, the more we will have to play better.

What were the pillars of your preparation?
I've worked physically. I do not play much in Nice at the moment, but I eat a lot of physics. I land, the endurance, strength, the heart of everything ... To fill some gaps and improve my skills.

And tennis?
It works primarily service and setbacks. But the goal is tennis in December. In November, I emphasized the physical, tennis goes a little later.

The lack of real boss on the circuit you there ideas?
Jankovic still won tournaments! At certain times, there were patterns but there was not much behind world. At the moment there is no perhaps no official patron, but there is beauty in the world gate. In the Top 15, only girls who play steel. Even if the Top 10 is not very far, the most expensive places to be taken. You really play very well for access.

Your excellent 2008 season it puts you a little pressure for 2009?
No. I began the year with few points to defend. This is well in the bath. In any case, if there is a level, the results follow. It's always what my coach said.

Do you feel the soul of a leader of French tennis?
Being young is difficult. I spend behind Amelie (Mauresmo) is x years remained in place of number one. But I hope to become.

You are one of the few players to contest the French Championships team. What does this bring you?
The atmosphere really gives me great happiness at this time. I think I play much longer even though my ranking worse. I might be the only and unique, but it will be my individuality. I am pleased and I do not even understand that other players do not do. "

Collected by Sophie Dorgan

Dorien. Dec 1st, 2008 05:53 PM

Re: **Articles and Interviews **
Thanks for the articles :)

améliemomo Dec 16th, 2008 04:04 PM

Re: **Articles and Interviews **
i found an interview given by alize during event organized by her racket sponsor HEAD In november.She was in holydays according to her.:o
Theres the video of the interview(in french) on the same page.

rajko Dec 26th, 2008 05:24 PM

Re: **Articles and Interviews **
Alize "" pizazz

améliemomo Jan 23rd, 2009 12:51 PM

Re: **Articles and Interviews **
from the


'There is much more to young Frenchwoman Alize Cornet than a lot of cheap jokes about ice cream cones - but that won’t stop us making them. Cornet’s name has barely to be mentioned amongst the wags in the media workroom at Australian Open 2009 before someone cracks a gag about how she blows her own Trumpet (a make of Australian ice-cream, in case you were wondering) or the fact that she’s playing Dinara Safina on, er, Sundae. It must be said that our very own As It Happens is one of the worst offenders and, frankly, it should get some stick for that.

Joking aside, there is every reason to take Cornet seriously. She has been there or thereabouts in the upper echelons of the women’s game for the past two seasons, and is therefore due a run deep into the heart of a Grand Slam tournament. This might just be the place, for after beating last year’s semifinalist Daniela Hantuchova 4-6 6-4 6-2 in the third round, Cornet will fancy her chances against Safina. She is equipped with a clever, artful game that is deceptively powerful and made more potent by Cornet’s speed of foot. She might not be able to match Safina for raw power, but she has plenty of guile.

Safina was a 6-2 6-2 winner over Estonia’s finest, Kaia Kanepi, and is being touted as something of a dark horse for the title. Last year proved to be an outstanding one for the Russian, who was runner-up to Ana Ivanovic at Roland Garros, a silver medallist at the Beijing Olympics, and a semifinalist at the US Open. She lost narrowly to Elena Dementieva – the same player who denied her gold in Beijing – at last week’s Sydney International, and her quarterfinal win over Cornet at the same tournament will give her confidence ahead of Sunday’s – sorry, Sundae’s – rematch.

Safina’s tennis has all the attributes of a Grand Slam champion-in-waiting, while her experiences of contending for major titles last season should stand her in good stead. She remains something of a psychological puzzle, however, and she never quite appears to be in complete control of her emotions on court. It would be trite to compare Safina too closely with her brother Marat, but it is hard not to be reminded of him when Safina misses a shot she feels she should have made - and explodes with a torrent of industrial Russian under her breath.

The fact that Cornet is currently at a career-high ranking of 16 shows the upward trajectory she is on, and along with Caroline Wozniacki – her defeat to Jelena Dokic notwithstanding – and Agnieszka Radwanska, she is one of a crop of young players who have already made a successful transition from junior tennis and are poised to make a more significant impact in the women’s game. Cornet has yet to get past the third round of a Grand Slam tournament, and a win over Safina would therefore represent a sizeable breakthrough for her.

You can forget all those dreadful jokes about ice cream cones. I scream Cornet, and so should you.':devil:

justine schnyder Jan 23rd, 2009 01:17 PM

Re: **Articles and Interviews **
I scream Cornet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

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