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goldenlox Sep 15th, 2008 12:57 AM

2009 Fed Cup!!
Russia goes for 5 championships in 6 years and will take on 2008 semifinalists China. Russia will have home advantage.

2008 World Group

Russia (s)(c)
China P.R.

Italy (s)
France (c)

USA (s)(c)*

Czech Republic (c)
Spain (s)

(s) = seeded nation
(c) = choice of ground
(*) = choice of ground decided by lot

First round ties to be played 7-8 February.

charlieluvtennis Sep 15th, 2008 07:59 PM

Re: 2009 Fed Cup!!
oooooo interesting!
Come on Russia! :)

ys Sep 15th, 2008 09:39 PM

Re: 2009 Fed Cup!!
Looks like Russia-USA final to me..o

TheBoiledEgg Sep 16th, 2008 10:03 AM

Re: 2009 Fed Cup!!
would like to see Lena back on team next yr.

Svetlana. Sep 16th, 2008 11:46 AM

Re: 2009 Fed Cup!!
I would.

I'd not mind to see Russian team A playing for ones.

TheBoiledEgg Oct 3rd, 2008 03:34 PM

Re: 2009 Fed Cup!!
just name Nadia on team

Nadia vs Na Li & Jie Zheng on day 1
and whoever on day2
should be enough :tape:
but you cant do that, would be funny to see Chinese run a mile.

enchantrezz Oct 14th, 2008 01:47 PM

Re: 2009 Fed Cup!!
Russia vs China?

Zvonareva and Petrova can handle the Chinese players.;)

goldenlox Jan 28th, 2009 04:43 PM

Re: 2009 Fed Cup!!

Venue: Olympic Stadium, Moscow, Russia (hard - indoors)

Elena Dementieva
Svetlana Kuznetsova
Anna Chakvetadze
Alisa Kleybanova
Captain: Shamil Tarpischev

Jie Zheng
Zi Yan
Shuai Zhang
Tian Tian Sun
Captain: Qi Zhang

TheBoiledEgg Jan 28th, 2009 06:09 PM

Re: 2009 Fed Cup!!
should beat the Chinese at home no probs.
nice to see Alisa there.

Lena back :D :)

Svetlana. Jan 28th, 2009 06:34 PM

Re: 2009 Fed Cup!!
Sveta needs to play and win both matches to get her confidence back!

Protoss Jan 29th, 2009 02:13 AM

Re: 2009 Fed Cup!!
Will Zheng still play even though got injured at the Australian Open?

charlieluvtennis Jan 29th, 2009 08:03 PM

Re: 2009 Fed Cup!!
Davai Russia!!!! :D

schorsch Jan 29th, 2009 09:08 PM

Re: 2009 Fed Cup!!
beat them :hearts:

goldenlox Feb 4th, 2009 03:59 PM

Re: 2009 Fed Cup!!

Bероника Feb 4th, 2009 04:14 PM

Re: 2009 Fed Cup!!

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