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Pszczelny May 22nd, 2006 11:25 AM

Aga Radwańska Cheering Thread! - vol 2

Agnieszka Radwańska - Urszula Radwańska

6.03.1989 - 7.12.1990

Highest Singles Rank
(4.08.2008) 9 - 121 (6.10.2008)

Highest Doubles Rank
(19.05.2008) 34 - 121 (14.04.2008)

Highest Juniors Rank
(26.06.2006) 1 - 1 (3.09.2007)

WTA Singles Titles

Stockholm (T4)
Pattaya (T4)
Istanbul (T3)
Eastbourne (T2)

WTA Doubles Titles

Istanbul (T3) / with Ula
Istanbul (T3) / with Aga

ITF Singles Titles

Warszawa (10K)
Biella (100K)
Bath (10K)
Vancouver (50K)

ITF Doubles Titles

Gdynia (10K) / with Ula
Kędzierzyn Koźle (25K) / with Ula
Gdynia (10K) / with Aga
Kędzierzyn Koźle (25K) / with Aga
Buchen (10K) / with Katerina Awdijenko
Bath (10K) / with Martina Babáková
Biberach (25K) / with Nina Bratczikowa
Bronx (50K) / with Lucie Hradecká
Kunming (50K) / with Yanina Wickmayer

ITF Juniors Titles

Prokom Cup (G4)
International Championships of Silesia (G4)
The 12th Slovak Junior Indoor Tournament (G2)
Sportastic Junior Open Wels by Isospeed (G1)
Roland Garros
7th Gerry Weber Junior Open (G2)
13th Slovak Junior Indoor Tournament (G2)
18th Czech International Junior Indoor Championships (G1)
Eddie Herr International Junior Tennis Championships (G1)
8th Gerry Weber Junior Open (G2)

Ceze Sep 13th, 2008 12:02 AM

Re: Aga Radwańska Cheering Thread! - vol 2

gumoll Sep 13th, 2008 12:04 AM

Re: Aga Radwańska Cheering Thread! - vol 2
oh nooooooooooooooo :(

SOA_MC Sep 13th, 2008 12:10 AM

Re: Aga Radwańska Cheering Thread! - vol 2
Took awhile Ceze doing Dexter's job get it together Dex:o Oh and Ceze can you sticky this thread and un sticky vol 1 please:)

Ceze Sep 13th, 2008 12:15 AM

Re: Aga Radwańska Cheering Thread! - vol 2
sure, done

SOA_MC Sep 13th, 2008 12:28 AM

Re: Aga Radwańska Cheering Thread! - vol 2
Thankyou Ceze

AndreConrad Sep 13th, 2008 12:53 AM

Re: Aga Radwańska Cheering Thread! - vol 2
Thank you Ceze :wavey:

justine schnyder Sep 13th, 2008 06:10 AM

Re: Aga Radwańska Cheering Thread! - vol 2
Thanks Ceze :p

Agata. Sep 13th, 2008 09:48 AM

Re: Aga Radwańska Cheering Thread! - vol 2
Thank you Ceze :D
Finally we got vol 2 thread :)

To Pszczelny: could you update the first post? :D

papru Sep 14th, 2008 11:30 AM

Re: Aga Radwańska Cheering Thread! - vol 2
decent draw as for Tier I :)

justine schnyder Sep 14th, 2008 03:17 PM

Re: Aga Radwańska Cheering Thread! - vol 2
Tough one though :scared:

Matt. Sep 19th, 2008 12:29 AM

Re: Aga Radwańska Cheering Thread! - vol 2
Just a quick thought that came into my head:

Do you think that Aga really understands that she can do things with a tennis racquet that no one else at the top of the game can do?

AndreConrad Sep 19th, 2008 11:23 AM

Re: Aga Radwańska Cheering Thread! - vol 2

Originally Posted by swimntennis (Post 14088051)
Just a quick thought that came into my head:

Do you think that Aga really understands that she can do things with a tennis racquet that no one else at the top of the game can do?

I think she does... my question is if she really understands that there are things (2nd serve) that she needs to work really hard on. From listening to the interviews it sounds that she is a little bit resistant.

Caipirinha Guy Sep 19th, 2008 08:14 PM

Re: Aga Radwańska Cheering Thread! - vol 2
1) Pszczelny, update your first message. Sisters have got a higher maximal rank. Ula has won a title in Vancouver

btw, astrological description of Aggie:

Personality of Agnieszka RADWANSKA (extract)

Here are some character traits from Agnieszka RADWANSKA's birth chart. This description is far from being comprehensive but it can shed light on his/her personality, which is still interesting for professional astrologers or astrology lovers.

Elements, Modalities and Polarities for Agnieszka RADWANSKA

Agnieszka RADWANSKA, here is the graph of your Elements, Modalities and Polarities, and Decanates, based on planets' positions and angles in the twelve signs:

Like the majority of Earth signs, Agnieszka RADWANSKA, you are efficient, concrete and not too emotional. What matters to you is what you see: you judge the tree by its fruits. Your ideas keep changing, words disappear, but actions and their consequences are visible and remain. Express your sensitivity, even if it means revealing your vulnerability. Emotions, energy and communication must not be neglected; concrete action is meaningless if it is not justified by your heart, your intellect or your enthusiasm.

The predominance of Water signs indicates high sensitivity and elevation through feelings, Agnieszka RADWANSKA. Your heart and your emotions are your driving forces and you can't do anything on Earth if you don't feel a strong affective charge (as a matter of fact, the word "feeling" is essential in your psychology). You need to love in order to understand, and to feel in order to take action. It may be detrimental to your vulnerability and you should learn to fight against it.

Fire's qualities are not very present in your chart, with only 0.00% instead of the average 25%, which means that you may lack warmth, enthusiasm, conquering spirit or energy. You may look indifferent to others, with almost no desire, no joy of life or no enterprising ability. Actually, it is not true, but you should let go, force yourself to be more daring and to show your amazement and your vitality. You certainly have as much energy as others, you just need to release it, and it is up to you to display more of it, since it will be all to your benefit: shout, sing, pull faces, dance! That's the right mean for you... In the end, you'll never be accused of being sad, phlegmatic or a killjoy!

The twelve zodiacal signs are split up into three groups or modes, called quadruplicities, a learned word meaning only that these three groups include four signs. The Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable modes are more or less represented in your natal chart, depending on planets' positions and importance, and on angles in the twelve signs.

The Fixed mode corresponds to a majority of elements in your chart and represents the desire for security and durability: you are able to concretely appreciate a situation and its stability. You definitely prefer to play the role of a loyal, obstinate and hard-working person, rather than to try new and risky experiences - beware, however, not to confuse obstinacy with intransigence. You structure, cement and strengthen everything you find on your way: it is your nature, although you are not especially interested in swiftness: slow and steady...

The twelve signs are divided into two polarities, called active or passive, or sometimes masculine and feminine, positive and negative, Yang and Yin. This classification corresponds to two quite distinct tonalities, the first one bringing extraversion, action, self-confidence and dynamism, the second one, introversion, reactivity, reflection and caution. None is superior to the other, each group has its own assets and shortcomings. Odd signs - Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius - belong to the first group, whereas even signs - Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces - belong to the second group.

According to the disposition and qualities of your planets and angles, you are rather influenced by YIN energy, the passive polarity: you are quite introverted, imaginative and sometimes discreet, but you are a deep and wise person who is not content with just noisy and flashy things. At times, you doubt but you think that those who don't are a bit... thoughtless. Allow yourself to take more laid-back attitudes and put your reserve aside, because good equilibrium is always healthier.

Dominants: Planets, Signs and Houses for Agnieszka RADWANSKA

The issue of dominant planets has existed since the mists of time in astrology: how nice it would be if a person could be described with a few words and one or several planets that would represent their character, without having to analyze such elements as rulerships, angularities, houses etc!

The ten planets - the Sun throughout Pluto - are a bit like ten characters in a role-play, each one has its own personality, its own way of acting, its own strengths and weaknesses. They actually represent a classification into ten distinct personalities and astrologers have always tried to associate one or several dominant planets to a natal chart as well as dominant signs and houses.

Indeed, it is quite the same situation with signs and houses. If planets symbolize characters, signs represent hues - the mental, emotional and physical structures of an individual. The sign in which a planet is posited is like a character whose features are modified according to the place where he lives. In a chart, there are usually one, two or three highlighted signs that allow to rapidly describe its owner.

Regarding astrological houses, the principle is even simpler: the twelve houses correspond to twelve fields of life and planets tenanting any given house increase that house's importance and highlight all relevant life departments: it may be marriage, work, friendship etc.

In your natal chart, Agnieszka RADWANSKA, the ten main planets are distributed as follows:

The three most important planets in your chart are Saturn, Pluto and Venus.

Saturn is part of your dominant planets: among the facets of your character, you have a grave and serious side, wise and somewhat severe, since your concentration can be powerful to the detriment of carelessness and friendliness.

You often look austere, but it is only an appearance, a kind of modesty or reserve; however, it is true that the Saturnian, who is fond of time, effort, asceticism, rigour and sobriety, may have popularity issues. Nevertheless, honesty and straightforwardness, reliability, as well as slow, wise and deep mental process, although not very popular and visible qualities, eventually become noticed and appreciated. Saturnians' second part of life is usually easier and more fulfilling.

Like the Jupiterian, your Saturnian facet prompts you to seek the essential, security, and longevity. However, the difference with the former is that you will never give priority to wealth or "the bigger, the better" philosophy for the sake of power. Saturn, like Jupiter, symbolizes social integration, and it is usually considered positive to have a harmonic Jupiter and Saturn in one's chart because of their social adaptation capacities.

Your vulnerability lies in your too serious and austere side, which may lead to unwanted loneliness and affective frustration. This generally does not last because Saturnians often hide deep down a golden heart that ends up revealing itself...

With Pluto as a dominant planet in your chart, you are a magnetic and mighty predator, like the Scorpio sign ruled by this planet, who needs to exert pressure on others in order to "test" them. You are always ready to evolve, to risk destruction for reconstruction - including your own -, to live more intensely whilst imposing your secret authority on things and on people you encounter.

You may come across as wicked, cruel or too authoritarian, actually you only follow your instinct, you sound people out and you like to exert your domination simply because your vital energy is too powerful to remain inside. You are inclined to be passionate, with hidden motivations. You are often misunderstood but one of your great Plutonian assets is to go successfully through each life ordeal with ever growing strength.

With Venus among your dominant planets, one of your first reflexes is... to please! Your look, your charm, your seduction are omnipresent elements in your behaviour.

Your approach to things is connected to your heart and for you, no real communication can flow if your interlocutors exude no sympathy or warmth. Cold and logical reasoning, clear thoughts and good sense are not important to you: if there is no affective bond with your environment, no connection can be established with the Venusian that you are and nothing happens.

You have a strong artistic side and you never neglect subjective but clear concepts such as pleasure, beauty, and also sensuality, however, sometimes to the detriment of efficiency, durability, logic and... detachment.

In your natal chart, the three most important signs - according to criteria mentioned above - are in in decreasing order of strength Capricorn, Pisces and Aquarius. In general, these signs are important because your Ascendant or your Sun is located there. But this is not always the case: there may be a cluster of planets, or a planet may be near an angle other than the Midheaven or Ascendant. It may also be because two or three planets are considered to be very active because they form numerous aspects from these signs.

Thus, you display some of the three signs' characteristics, a bit like a superposition of features on the rest of your chart, and it is all the more so if the sign is emphasized.

Capricorn is one of your dominant signs and endows you with a grave and serious style that seems to stick to you constantly. But if you have that reserved and cold side - as some extrovert people may think -, on the other hand you possess sturdy qualities: you are strong-willed and tough. Your long-term vision, your sense of duty and your ambition are not affected by the derisory and erratic motions that seem to upset most mortals less steady than you. Besides, you are like a good wine, you age well and your natural solemnity paradoxically turns into an almost cheerful appearance, as you grow older. You are actually very sensitive when it comes to love. Faithful, caring, sweet and sensitive, your behaviour is very different in your everyday, sentimental life. A golden heart beats under your tough and austere appearance...

Pisces is among your dominant signs and endows your personality with unlimited sources of emotions, dreams, imagination, sensitivity, to the extent that you literally swim in a cloudy ocean of delightful impressions. These impressions are so intense and overwhelming that you don't really need to take action concretely, to show your dynamism or your willpower, since you already live so intensely with your feelings - you are as keen as a radar, always on the alert! That is why some people may not like your carelessness, the lack of clarity in your opinions or actions; however they quickly notice your artistic talents, your poetic or artistic side, and your total lack of wickedness. Besides, you feel compassion for people in pain - empathy is one of your great qualities. Thanks to your flexibility, your intuition and your generosity, you may spend an important part of your life helping others. And if you are creative or if you have well-known artistic talents, everybody will forgive your little flaws: absent-mindedness, lack of energy or of will, too dreamy temperament...

Aquarius is one of the most important signs in your natal chart: it endows your personality - at least one of its facets - with originality, to the point of eccentricity in spite of a sometimes distant and humane side. Likeable and impassive at the same time, you are a paradoxical woman, very hard to define because the two planets Uranus and Saturn blend their qualities to create the so complicated and endearing sign that inspires your character. Saturn's seriousness and impassivity is added to Uranus' rebellion, talent, individualism, charisma, extravagance and unpredictability! One of your main characteristics is that you never open up on a personal basis, but you tend to do so easily in public. You are actually quite strange. Sexy and charming in public, despite your nice and sociable character, you could frustrate many of your admirers in private because of your impossibility to show deep and warm affection, emotions, tears... But appearance and reality are two different things anyway - you are a kind of a genius, or you have at least a tremendous charm with this sign. You have many friends and an active social life. If you are detached in your love life - only in this aspect, the rest of chart will confirm it or not - this is no big deal!

Your sensitivity

Your sensitivity is devoid of infatuation or carelessness, Agnieszka RADWANSKA; you belong to the cerebral type and, due to your needs for inner security and for freedom, you consider feelings and emotions as burdens. You are apparently phlegmatic and almost detached. However, your swift reactivity and your fertile imagination make you appreciate friendly gatherings with numerous and varied exchanges. You do not wear your heart on your sleeve. At first, you seem cold but those who know you are aware of your very original and unique sense of humour. Your receptiveness is remarkable. Your observation talents and your detachment work wonders in the defence of your anti-conformist and rebellious ideas. Your stubbornness is obvious and it is very difficult to make you change your mind because you are affectively too vulnerable: it would require lengthy and thorough argumentations aiming at your intellect…
Your intellect and your social life

You are a “free-thinker”, Agnieszka RADWANSKA, and you tackle problems with a swift and efficient mind. Freedom, progress and originality are your driving forces. You are resolutely future-oriented and with ingenuity and inventiveness, you reform what is outgrown and you constantly innovate: psychology, computer sciences, new technologies… have almost no secret for you. Your human and idealist qualities are obvious, you are a very pleasant and interesting interlocutor, even though your rebellious and revolutionary side may be criticized. Indeed, you seem to be driven by a strong argumentativeness: you seldom share your friends’ views and, although you may come across as obstinate, intransigent and unpleasant, you do not hesitate to speak the truth! Instead of causing sudden break-ups with your friends, it is advisable that you express your creative potential more persistently whenever your nervous tension is too high.
Your affectivity and your seductiveness

In your chart, the Sun and Venus are both in Pisces. Pisces’ affectivity is traditionally believed to be disconcerting. Firstly because your behaviours are impenetrable and unpredictable. The rules of the game of love are of no concern to you since you have your own rules! You love, or you don’t love, according to criteria that may seem meaningless to many people. The detachment you display may also be disconcerting. Your heart cannot be imprisoned. If your beloved one is up to it, you give your love without reservation. But when you are deceived, you become capable of the more complete indifference, the most radical detachment. It is possible that you always bear in mind that, as exciting as it may be, a love affair is doomed to end. It is not that you are being pessimistic, it is just that you are being clear-sighted. You know how to provoke and to handle such break-ups, when necessary. You also know how to remain distant from a shaky relationship. Your thirst for the absolute cannot be satisfied with approximations… When your partner respects the subtlety and the fragility of your affective realm, you show an unfailing dedication and abnegation. Because you are very impressionable, you literally become your significant other and you form a couple that is more than understanding and close. Indeed, you are twin and unique!

Compassion and self-sacrifice: you are fond of this romantic mode and you are willing to express your feelings, the intensity of which is unlimited, Agnieszka RADWANSKA. With excitement and imagination, you dream your amorous relationships as much as you actually live through them. The line between the concrete world and your huge hopes is so tenuous that you don’t know anymore where it is, although your particularly rich sensuality prompts you to experience your feelings concretely. You want to share communion and passion with your partner. The lyrical flights of your feelings break from your heart as waves that you do not attempt to control because they give you a real, almost voluptuous and carnal joy. You give a lot – sometimes too much - without reservation, almost without propriety, totally revealing your vulnerability during your amorous exchanges because you are sure of the quality and the might of your feelings: they are so powerful and overwhelming that you are aware that nothing can resist them.
Your will and your inner motivations

Psychologically speaking, your nature is adaptable and receptive, exactly the opposite of the sign of Virgo whose very essence is to analyze every detail, thus creating a definite duality between the self and the outside world: conversely, Pisces absorbs and erases all forms of differentiation they face. With Pisces, there is no opposition, no conflict and no individual reaction. There is only fusion, non-separation, a perpetual and mobile spreading of the self over some blurred and huge sensation of sympathy with the environment. It is the absolute reign of feelings and emotions over the intellect and its separative logics.

As you are born under this sign, you are emotional, sensitive, dedicated, adaptable, nice, wild, compassionate, romantic, imaginative, flexible, opportunist, intuitive, impossible to categorized, irrational, seductive, placid, secretive, introverted, pleasant, artistic, and charming. But you may also be indecisive, moody, passive, confused, wavering, lazy, scatterbrained, vulnerable, unpredictable and gullible.

Madam, you are the great lover of the Zodiac. You are mysterious and romantic, with an incredible charm, incomparable sentimentality and unbelievable attractiveness. Your vulnerability and your passive child-like side are part of your natural seducing assets. The child-like woman or the femme fatale appears and disappears, in turn, according to your moods and to circumstances.

You are mobile, changeable but always noble. You move from excited encounters to delusions or to moments of despondency. You are driven by one sole constant motive: to listen to your feelings and your intuition, to use any given concrete situation as a basis for an imaginary realm full of fabulous and chimerical possibilities, where you are the adulated and worshipped star.

In your couple, you display the most total devotion. You offer your energy and your destiny to the man you love. You sacrifice yourself, as you sacrifice a whole lot of potentialities or opportunities, without remorse and with enthusiasm, so as to feel the chords of your perfect union vibrate more deeply and to raise your ideal of fusion and unlimited love to higher stages.

You are deeply in love, very intuitive and sensitive. Because of the dual nature of the sign of Pisces, it is likely that in the second part of your life, you will marry once more, unless you choose to have a simultaneous relationship, more or less hidden.
Your ability to take action

Agnieszka RADWANSKA, the way you take action gains in power and in precision what it loses in rapidity and spontaneity. You are “slow”, certainly. But when you get started, you put all your ingenuity and your persistence into it and you love to see a job well done. At the end of the day, owing to your ways, you are the winner. In your sex life, similarly, you are generous and instinctive and your slowness is not an obstacle. It may even bring fulfilment to you, but above all, to your partner! In love, as well as in your exchanges in general, you tend to keep your worries to yourself because you are extremely patient; you don’t say anything, you stand all the hits and one day, you explode into outbursts of anger that are as violent as they are rare, thanks God.

more here:

St.Sebastian Sep 19th, 2008 09:07 PM

Re: Aga Radwańska Cheering Thread! - vol 2
If anyone is going to read all this, they really have got no life... ;)

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