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*Jool* Jul 26th, 2007 02:35 PM

Introduction thread !!!
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Welcome here, fellow Kata-fans ! :)

Since I realised there were actually more people than i would expect posting in Kata's forums, I thought it'd be a great idea to get to know each other a bit better - so I'll start - here you can tell a few things about you , a few anecdotes on Kata ...

I'm Julien, I live in France , and not in India as my flag suggests(when Sarkozy was elected i changed the flag to fit with my avatar :cool: ) - anyway , I live in the extreme Western part of France - close to England , actually - the region is called Brittany.

I'm 23 , I have a licence in English litterature and civilisation and am looking for a job currrently

I've been following Kata's name on tour for years , since 1998 when she was a junior .

Her winning Wimbledon girls in 1998 , and then winning the first WTA-level tournament she entered in Estoril 1999 were my first awesom memories of Kata :D

I always followed actively Kata's results , even though I did not have the chance top see her play a lot on TV (I never saw her live either despite two attempts at RolandèGarros :sad: maybe next year :) )

Since Martínez retired, I guess we can say Kata is my favorite player - Pierce and Davenport put aside bc of their small schedules, injuries, retirements...

Up to you now ! :wavey:

SloKid Jul 26th, 2007 02:55 PM

Re: Introduction thread !!!
I hope all the people posting here introduce themselves and possibly even some new fans. :)

So my name Milan, I'm from Slovenia, the western part on the border with Italy.
I'm 23 years old and I study law, if everything goes to plan I should graduate next year.

In my free time I like being lazy. :)
I also like music and just watching tv.

I've been a sports fan, since as long as I can remember, I follow all sorts of sports with tennis being one of my faves, I also try to play it as much as possible. You can see who my favourite players are from my signature and I've been a Kata fan for ages now seeing how she's been the most successful and consistent Slovenian player in recent times. I hope I get to see her play again this year in Portorož, I didn't get a chance last year, because she lost in round 1, I did get to see her and take a pic though, but hopefully she'll perform better this year.

As I said I hope this thread will attract Kata fans. :)

Highlandman Jul 26th, 2007 03:11 PM

Re: Introduction thread !!!
Hey Julien :wavey: - I normally wanted to go to Edina's thread, but before I saw this one :lol:

I always liked her or found her OK, especially since I met her a short time in Stuttgart last year. She looked good and she seemed very nice.

I can introduce myself as well and like SloKid already said, new fans are obviously welcome (I hope myself as well :unsure:).

My name is Fabian, but please say all Fabi or Fab, everyone do it, just few people say my last name, but I can't say it here ;) - I'm from southern Germany (near Freiburg), it is 45 km away from France and Switzerland, one of the most beautiful region in Germany I think. I'm 17 years old (6th April '90)

I just finished 11th class in school yesterday and in 2009 I have my exams for high school (Gymnasium) , I'm very happy about it. In school I like most German,History,Politics,Religion and Biology :) - in my free-time I enjoy listening to music (Pink :rocker2: , Anastacia, Kylie, Sean Paul, Billy Talent, ....) , walking with the dogs , meeting friends (especially weekend) , being lazy, autographs (When I'm at the tournament I try to receive so many as possible, and otherwise I write fan-letters to players to the tournaments :) ) and media.

In sports I'm very well in tennis for sure, athletics, table tennis and ski. But since I have so big problems with my knees, the doctor said it is better to decide for TENNIS or SKI - and I did for Tennis, I hope I can drive Ski someday again, because I was very well in it (I'm living in Black Forest, anyone knows it?)

I never cared that much about Kata before Stuttgart, but when I saw her practising in Stuttgart, I began to like her, because she has her own style and her game was very nice to watch. She was practising their with Elena Likhovtseva, Andreja Klepac and Shahar Peer, Shahar & Elena were more quite people, whereas Andreja and Kata (Especially Andreja) smiled and laughed a lot. I hope to see her in '07 again.

I hope she comes back at to Top-20 soon, I have no idea how she could lose to Malek in s'Hertogenbosch.

AJZ. Jul 26th, 2007 06:43 PM

Re: Introduction thread !!!
Well, my name is Matt and I'm from Canada. Live in Montreal :)
I'm not a *huge* Kata fan, but I do like her :) She has a nice serve, a nice game, seems to be very nice :) I post here a lot because she plays with my fave, Ai :lol: but I'm getting warmed up to Kata the more they play together :)
I enjoy Asian tennis a lot - I love Ai, Jie Zheng, Zi Yan, Yung-Jan Chan... Other favorites are Vesnina & Szavay. The rest of the players in my sig I love but I'm not die-hard about :lol: I enjoy good tennis, mainly, I don't really dislike any players much :)
I enjoy tennis beacuse it's the only sport I'm not horrible at, and I figure it's the hardest of sports. It requires technique, tactic, mental stability, athletic ability, concentration - in short, everything. I do enjoy ice skating, though, to watch.
I go to the Montreal tournament every year. It was the first time last year that I went being an avid avid tennis fan. It was so much fun to "live" the tourney :) I got to see Ai a lot, but I was too shy to really crack up a conversation. She signed a montage I made of her, with a pic of her jumping up after beating Hingis last year, and with pics of her doubles victories plasted around it. She smiled and giggled when she saw it :lol: And I got it framed. It overlooks me when I sleep :lol:
I saw Kata/Dinara play Ai/Nathalie, there, but see, I recall being so nervous watching Ai, and enjoying it so much, that they're huge blanks to me :lol: It was just heaven watching her and cheering her on :)
I like reading, hanging out with friends, singing although I suck, following tennis :p and playing tennis.
I use to read tons: I went on a reading spree, reading Dickens, Shakespeare, and other famous titles. Then I got sick of it for a year :lol: Harry Potter 7 is getting me back into it. Maybe we could discuss books together Julian??
If I think of anything else to add I will :)

Grand Phantasm Jul 27th, 2007 12:37 PM

Re: Introduction thread !!!
I'm Michael, from Cape Town, South Africa. I'm 21 years old.
I am currently doing a business degree, but won't be graduating for a while :lol: I am only first year.
I became a Kata fan in like 2002, she wasn't my favorite but like in my top 5. From the beginning of last year though she became my number 1 favorite and still is today. Kata is my fave along with Molik, Sugiyama, Foretz, Bremond and Santangelo. The first time I noticed Kata was in 2000, she played my then number 1 Sugiyama in the first round in Tokyo Pan Pacific I think. I still remember seeing the draw and saying ok Sugiyama will win. Then Kata like easily won and I was like ok who is this girl. Anyway in 2 years time she would become one of my faves :lol:

vanoss Aug 3rd, 2007 11:08 PM

Re: Introduction thread !!!
OK, let's give it a try. I'm Wout, from the Netherlands, from the southern city of Oss. I'm over 23 years old. Which is funny since until recently I was a "junior member". I don't post a lot, but when I do it's invariably about Kata, whose tennis activity I try to follow on a daily basis. There is really no good reason why I started following her, about 8 years ago. This was when she first broke into the top 100 and drew some attention. I saw her play on TV around that time and liked her style of playing. Reminded me of Sabatini. Then she got injured and I was interested to see whether she could recover from that, and I've followed her since then. This has been a rewarding experience, because Kata has been getting better consistently over the years and I generally feel that she makes the most out of it. It will be interesting to see how far she can go. As we all know, there are not a lot of opportunities to see her games or to hear her interviews, but the little information we get suggests that she is a nice person and a fair-play competitor. I saw her play in Rosmalen ('s Hertogenbosch) three years ago, where she played a very good first round match against Maja Matevzic. It was exciting to finally see her in real life. My brother and I occupied our seats in the stands some minutes before the match started, and we could see Kata and Maja walk all the way from the locker room to this remote court where we were. Then later we sat just a few meters away from her watching the Pisnik-Penetta match, but we didn't talk to her as we wanted to leave her in peace. That's all.

maryc Aug 5th, 2007 12:24 AM

Re: Introduction thread !!!
I'm Mary; I'm roughly twice your age, I suspect. I'm an engineering professor.
I first remember seeing Srebotnik at Eastbourne in '06 (she'd already lost, but
I saw her walking around the grounds), and then she played
doubles with Safina that summer. Since then, I try to check out her matches
when I have a chance. She seems like a nice young woman, and it's particularly
nice to see her play doubles, as she smiles so much. I'm also an amateur artist,
and I love painting tennis players. I've done a few paintings of Kata; she has an
aesthetically-pleasing figure and face.

Boreas Oct 18th, 2007 10:56 AM

Re: Introduction thread !!!
My english is realy poor, so I must to apologize:rolleyes: . It is funny that english was my best marked subject at school (at matura exams)

I am not huge fan of Kata, But since she is only slovenian in top 100 i "must" cheer for her. Otherwise is my current fav Andreja Klepac. I was also a huge fan of Dominique van Roost, Tina Pisnik and Maja Matevzic. Shame they are all retired:( .

My name is Klemen and I am 19 years old. I study geography and history. I am from Domzale, 20 KM northern from Ljubljana. I enjoy playing Tennis, table tennis, badminton and skiing.Some people find me annoying because of my sarcasm and cynicism but that is me:)

Thats all I guess:wavey:

My english:help: :o :tape:

*Jool* Oct 18th, 2007 11:42 AM

Re: Introduction thread !!!
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^^ And Séverine Brémond too :hearts:
Klemen :wavey: (sracasm and cynism are real forces in life IMO , sign of wit, intelligence :p )

Boreas Oct 19th, 2007 05:27 AM

Re: Introduction thread !!!

Originally Posted by *Jool* (Post 11851811)
^^ And Sverine Brmond too :hearts:
Klemen :wavey: (sracasm and cynism are real forces in life IMO , sign of wit, intelligence :p )

Intelligence:confused: are we talking about me?:lol:

But yeah, I like Loit and Pin, too. I really like players who have different style of game( not hard hitting) and are still able to compete with all those hard hitters. And as you can see, in my signature there are no really top players, beacuse I mostly cheer for underdogs:devil:

mary14 Oct 19th, 2007 10:15 AM

Re: Introduction thread !!! let me introduce myself:p

I'm Marija from Slovenia, South part on the border with Croatia!
I'm 20 years old and i love to watch Kata playing...also with Ai, they're just the best together!!:worship:
I was a basketball player for as long as i remember, until last year! I've injured my knee on police academy. And they say basketball is danagerous! :rolleyes: I've just dropped from University for Computers and Information science and planning to fully recover my knee. I wanna try again this Police academy. Currently i'm a coach of 10 year old girls here in my town. Who knows if i'll be able again to play basketball:tennis:
I love to watch any kind of sports! My special is basketball of course! But when Kata plays tennis gets first!

Why am I a FAN of Katarina? Why aren't you? I don't remember when i started watching her. But it was years ago, when Krizan, Matevzic and Pisnik were in good form. They're all retired now. Katarina was and is always my favourite one! Ai and her are the perfect doubles! So was Bob Bryan with Kata, and now Zimonjic. I wish her all the best!! Too bad the title in Portoroz slipped out, but i promised myself i'll go support her next year, since i couldn't this one! DAJMO KATA!!!

ok...i think that's it! Check the website, you've been waiting it for a long time, now here it is ! Finally!

Thanks for supporting Kata! and Ai...and Zimonjic....
Hope she'll do better in Linz! Srečno Kata!

p.s. if you wanna share photos, videos, and all other stuff for the website...please contact me on my email - it's on the front page of the website:
Thank you very much!:kiss:

*Jool* Oct 19th, 2007 10:19 AM

Re: Introduction thread !!!
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too bad for your knee :hug:

I played basketball myself . But not high level :lol:

Boreas Oct 19th, 2007 11:23 AM

Re: Introduction thread !!!

for which basketball team did you play?

mary14 Oct 19th, 2007 04:08 PM

Re: Introduction thread !!!

Originally Posted by *Jool* (Post 11857005)

too bad for your knee :hug:

I played basketball myself . But not high level :lol:

well my level wasn't so high either. When i was 15,16 i played my best basketball, when i joined older girl with more experience and better players my career just went down... i'm still disapointed cuz i could do better.


Originally Posted by sloshine (Post 11857268)

for which basketball team did you play?

Klemen:wavey: For Sežana... Za Sežano;)

gardengnome3 Jun 9th, 2008 09:13 PM

Re: Introduction thread !!!

Originally Posted by Boreas (Post 11851664)

I am not huge fan of Kata, But since she is only slovenian in top 100 i "must" cheer for her.

You're a little mean lol

Well, I guess it's my turn? My name is Magali (pronounced Mag-ah-lee!). I'm a 22 year-old chick from Montréal, Canada. I'm a big Kata fan (no, it doesn't mean I'm overweight). She's a great player (doubles specialist with great results in singles...even though she's old! ahah) and I love to watch her play (she always seems to enjoy herself). I saw her play live 'in person' for the first time in Montréal in 2006 and again last week in Paris when she defeated Serena Williams. I was extremely happy for her--Kata always challenges many of the top players and she was due for a big win!

Other favorites are Seles, Dementieva, Sugiyama, Medina Garrigues, Molik, Schnyder, Davenport, Maleeva, Zheng...

I enjoy doubles very much.

I don't really dislike any players much except...4-5 who shall remain nameless lol

I'm currently pursuing a Master's degree in Sociology here in Montréal. I love music, green tea, postcards, butterflies, garden gnomes, nogomet, dimples, smoothies, waterfalls, cacti, wooden houses, tofu, freckles on shoulders, documentaries, hummus, stamps, books, tulips, headphones...

I'm obsessed with llamas.

I'm a vegetarian (in other words, I'm uncool)

PS: Hugs are free. :kiss:

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