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maya Sep 8th, 2006 02:07 PM

A short Tina Pisnik article (translation)
A while ago there were some questions about what happened to Tina Pisnik. I'm sure there are people that have better information, but there was an article just this morning in my local newspaper and since it was short I "translated :o " it. Well, tried to. But I'm sure you'll get the main points :p .

The original is at and was written by Bojan Bauman.

Tina Pisnik switched tournaments for tennis school

One of the most successful Slovenian tennis players, Tina Pisnik, hasn't competed in any tournaments for more than a year. As it looks at the moment, her tennis carreer was ended by an injury that was caused by a traffic accident in American Los Angeles two years ago. She was in a car when the driver, who was driving her from the official training session, hit a (I don't know the English word :o - one of the thingies that stand by the road, carrying cables, traffic lights and such) and she injured her neck and upper back.

The family Pisnik took a job by the Sport club Malečnik a while ago and Tina leads a tennis school there now. "Besides coordinating all of the activities, I also individualy work with three young promising players. In Galeja, tennis club that was made on different bases - besides recreation there is also a big emphasis on competitive achievements - we will prepare beginner's and advanced tennis classes. The beginners' classes will start in September and the advanced classes are already in progress."

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