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papru Jul 21st, 2006 03:39 PM

Wild Cards
any predictions?

spiceboy Jul 21st, 2006 05:33 PM

Betthanie Mattek (3 spots out from MD, charismatic)
Mashona Washington (nice showing against Sharapova in RG plus being in the Fed Cup Squad last week helps)
Serena Williams (Obvious choice)
Asha Rolle (Best progression this year amongst the youngers)
Jessica Kirkland (Good prospect, still young and top 200)
Carly Gullickson (Not too young anymore, but solid results in these previous weeks plus recognizable surname)
Alexa Glatch (One of the best prospects, coming from injury)
Alexandra Stevenson (Former top 20, coming from perpetual injury, good signs from Cincy)

Chris_G Jul 21st, 2006 07:51 PM

Serena Williams -- already confirmed by the USTA
Chanda Rubin -- basically confirmed when I asked her about it last week
USTA National 18's winner -- automatic entry
Ahsha Rolle
Alexa Glatch
Jessica Kirkland
Angela Haynes
Mashona Washington

Stevenson got snubbed last year and hasn't done much since, so I think that ship has sailed. Carly Gullickson has sort of gone backwards over the past year and may not even be the best prospect in her family.

A really good case could be made for Mattek, especially given how much younger she is than Washington, but they might think four wild cards in the past five years (without a win) is her limit. Interesting that the last spot could come down to a choice between those two, since they've been playing doubles together this summer. USTA's probably hoping for a few players to drop out so Bethanie can get in on her ranking.

One extra factor that I'm not sure about: the USTA recently extended its wild card exchange deal with Tennis Australia. Last time around it was only for men's singles (Mark Philippoussis into the '05 US Open; Amer Delic into the '06 Australian Open). Unfortunately, I can't find an article about it anywhere and I don't recall if the women are included now or not. If they are, you'd have to think Alicia Molik would be first in line.

spiceboy Jul 22nd, 2006 03:19 PM

Yeah, forgot about Chanda :worship:

I guess USTA is trying to help Angela after the death of her brother but I'm not sure if putting her directly in MD against the best players would help her at all after her poor results recently.

TheGrinders.TV Jul 24th, 2006 03:42 AM

USTA won't do sh#t for Bethanie this year since she is no longer with them. She will get in based on her own merit being 3 out, 3 will very likely drop out. Does anyone think that Mashona should have been playing doubles over Bethanie at Fed Cup? Come on. What a ridiculous choice. If you have anything to say about the things I write here, please respond back to me and I'd love to Battle on the Fed Cup choice for shizzle. I think it would have been a smart choice to put Mashona and Beth together though since they have been playing together and have experience on the court together. But to pick Mashona over Beth and have her originally setup to play with Vania is an extremely poor choice and a BS choice. Who really thinks that the USTA makes the correct choices and decisions are hardly ever based on Merit. If Alexandria Stevenson gets any more WC's, I am going to puke. Her results weren't that good at Cincy, what are you talking about? She has done nothing for so long and does not deserve anything anymore. Let her work for it a bit again and learn how to play and gain some confidence in Challengers. She ain't winning at the higher level anymore and is she drawing people because she was a semi-finalist at Wimbledon a hundred years ago? I don;t think she is a draw so why not promote real players that are currently something interesting for the tennis fan to watch. Mashona is sweet and a solid doubs player but please get out to a tournament and watch the near future #1 doubles player in the world compete since she has almost single handedly beaten teams ranked approx. #2, #3, #6, #7, and #13 in world with different partners that were lesser players than her. She got shafted by the USTA and Zina and there are too many BS factors here. It's a shame to shun such a talent for so long but it's great because she is getting very strong and becoming a better fighter. Finally people are taking notice. Maybe her outfits get notice but her game does too. The very negative nature of most people propel them to talk a lot of bad things and it's really funny how many agents and managers and fans I have heard negatives about on numerous players and their reaction as these players I have noticed for obvious reason all of a sudden make a jump. Okay, enough of the rant but Jesus Christmas trees, she is an obvious gem to the Tour and get your heads out of your arsenals and enjoy the girl. PEACE!

PS- Read the new book by Vince Spadea (and Dan Markowitz) called "Break Point" You can order it at a Barnes and Noble if not in stock. Got mine today and has been an incredible read so far. Vince is a decent friend of mine too so maybe a little bias here but it's good stuff. Gives you more of an idea of some facts out there that people don't see. Talks in depth about some Agassi experiences together they had as well as well as Patrick McEnroe giving him the shaft on Davis Cup. Much like the Fed Cup BS that is going on here. It's cool to see the a logging of some facts that people don't find every day. You can also order from here:

TheGrinders.TV Jul 24th, 2006 03:48 AM

IMG Rules Tennis, USTA = POLITICS. WC??? Hmmm, this is difficult.

Originally Posted by papru
any predictions?

If IMG is a sponsor of this tournament or a partial owner like at the NASDAQ, then I would pick all the IMG players first. If you watched the NASDAQ and the show court, every match chosen on that court was an IMG player. Go figure!!!!! Also, every WC was IMG!!!! Hmmmmmm. Do we have a problem with our sport and is there an unfairness? Ummmmmmm, yes. There is an unfairness brought to you by the "Governing Body of Tennis" in the US. Which kind of government is this? Definitely not a fair gov't and one that only exists to strengthen it's own pockets. Forget about the true talents and personalities. Fair, unbiased and the USTA should never be used in the same sentence unless there is 1 negative in there since 2 negatives make a positive =). USTA helps to hold down the progression of building our sport. PEACE

monster Jul 24th, 2006 04:04 AM

Serena Williams-As mentioned already assured
Chanda Rubin -Same as SW
USTA National 18's winner -Assured
College Winner- I thought assured...maybe not any more???
Ahsha Rolle- Big game, younger
Angela Haynes- has done well at US Open B4- good player, well known
Alexa Glatch- Up and comer- almost a certainty
Car Cullickson- i'm a big fan- maybe this is hhope as she will ne running out of chances

Other possibilities:
Mattek- I think certainty & will bump one of the above if no one wd's from MD
Alexandra S- Certainly an attention seeker and will get attention but has she (or her mum) burnt the bridges. A fun choice- I enjoy her!
Jessica Kirkland- Maybe unlucky and miss out
Mashona W- I really like her but her Fed Cup inclusion is the only thing keeping her in the race- & only just

I don't think so:
Osterlich-again i like her but she has had a few in her day
Dabek- Had little support from USTA in tregards to WC's- don't think it will start now
Rao- a bad relationship witht he USTA

Qualy Wildcards: I don't think any have a MD chance

Cargill (after this week in Hammond especially but not enogh for MD)
Spears (mini resurgence in last couple of months, def not MD though)
N Uberio

Maybe Sndyer- came back ok in late 1/2 of 2005- little this year though
Maybe Nelson

Chris_G Jul 24th, 2006 05:02 AM


Originally Posted by monster
College Winner- I thought assured...maybe not any more???

Nope, it stopped being automatic a few years ago because foreign born players started winning the NCAA title. It's a girl from Hungary this year and you can bet the USTA won't give her jack. Speaking of college players, though, I think Kristi Miller's got a real shot at a qualifying WC. She's #2 in the NCAA rankings and already got a wild card into the main draw of doubles at last year's Open. (She and Megan Bradley won a round before losing to Morariu/Schnyder).

Ballbasher Jul 27th, 2006 11:46 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Jamie Hampton, and Madison Brengle deeserve QWC's IMO

selesfan1 Aug 1st, 2006 11:08 PM

Lindsey Nelson

Kutuzova Aug 2nd, 2006 01:51 AM

I think that Lauren Albanese will get a qualy WC if she does not win the 18's nationals and get the maindraw WC

monster Aug 3rd, 2006 12:39 AM

There will be an Aussie WC- IN Oz papers today- alicia hopesshe won';t have to go through tournie with Casey and nicole to get it

Babolatpro880 Aug 3rd, 2006 02:57 AM

:lol: Babos certainly won't get one.

I don't really agree with Rolle. She's not been great this year outside of grass (I think her overall record is 16-21).

Tennisace Aug 8th, 2006 12:51 AM


Originally Posted by Chris_G
Nope, it stopped being automatic a few years ago because foreign born players started winning the NCAA title. It's a girl from Hungary this year and you can bet the USTA won't give her jack. Speaking of college players, though, I think Kristi Miller's got a real shot at a qualifying WC. She's #2 in the NCAA rankings and already got a wild card into the main draw of doubles at last year's Open. (She and Megan Bradley won a round before losing to Morariu/Schnyder).

Although you can bet that the minute an "American" born girl wins the NCAA championships, she will get a main draw WC into the US Open. The last NCAA champion to get a WC into the Open was Amber Liu when she won her second consecutive NCAA singles title in 2004.

As you mentioned, Suzi Babos who is Hungarian but plays for Cal won this year's event. In 2005, the winner was Zuzana Zemenova, also a foreign player.

Andrew.. Aug 8th, 2006 06:06 AM

I think Alex is probably a lock for one now. She's actually had a half-way decent summer.

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