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the cat May 27th, 2002 03:48 PM

American tennis icon Billie Jean King speaks glowingly of Maria Sharapova!
American tennis icon Billie Jean King is a big fan of Maria Sharapova! :bounce: She speaks glowingly of Maria! :D In fact, Billie Jean King sounds as if she is talking about her own daughter, or a top USTA prospect! :eek: I had no idea Billie Jean King is a mentor for Maria Sharapova! :confused: But it sure sounds like she is.

Billie Jean lives in California, and Maria trains alot in California with Robert Lansdorp. So the Maria-Billie Jean connection is starting to make sense. And Billie Jean can help Maria so much where mental toughness is concerned. That was Billie Jean's greatest asset as a tennis player! She had the best and strongest mind in women's tennis. That's for sure. And the Russian girls sure struggle in tennis where mental toughness is concerned! Billie Jean can sure help Maria with her mental toughness. Remember how King helped the weak minded Martina Navratilova in the mental aspects of tennis? She could do the same for Maria.

And it sounds like the Billie Jean King recruitment of Maria Sharapova becoming an American citizen is on! :eek: Your move Mr. Tarpischev! :confused: Ask Maria to represent Russia in the prestigious Connolly Cup team competition in December. She might accept since computer points are involved, and it's in Florida. Ask her to be a practice partner on the Russian Fed Cup team, before Billie Jean King asks Maria to be a practice partner for the American Fed Cup team. Maria will probably turn down Mr. Tarpischev where being a practice partner is concerned. But he should ask her anyway. Mr. Tarpischev, don't just sit there where Maria is concerned. Do something! Do something before Maria Sharapova becomes America's next great female tennis hope!

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