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Xian May 12th, 2006 06:04 PM

10000$ Pitesti, Romania, May15th, winner: Vojislava Lukic
10000$ Pitesti, Romania

Sunprod Ilie Nastase Trophy, Romania III

Surface: Clay

Piteşti (/pi'teʃtjʲ/) is the capital city of Argeş County, in the Wallachia informal region of Romania, on the Argeş River. Piteşti is an important commercial and industrial center. Nearby Mioveni is the site of Dacia car production. The city lies on the right bank of the Argeş, where the river meets its tributary, Râul Doamnei. The city is surrounded by hills, being the center of an area rich in wineries and plum orchards. The latter give one of the finest Romanian ţuicas: ţuica de Piteşti

The earliest traces of human settlements in this area relate to the Paleolithic. Piteşti itself was first mentioned on May 20, 1386. Piteşti was one of the temporary residences of Wallachian rulers. Due to its positioning on the junction of important routes, the city used to be renowed as an important commercial center.

In the 1950s, the city gained an ill notoriety, when the communist authorities used the local detention facility to subject political detainees to the infamous Reeducation, in which violence between inmates was encouraged to the point of being mandatory. The purpose of the experiment was to psychologically destroy the capacity for outside attachment and outside loyalty, thus creating the brainwashed New Man that would suit a Leninist society. The experiment was cancelled after five years. Twenty-two inmate/participants were condemned with sixteen being condemned to death for the experiments in a 1953-54 trial. A new trial in 1957 convicted certain members of the prison staff to light sentences. They were later pardoned.

Previous Winners:
2004: Mihaela Buzarnescu ROM d. Liana Balaci ROM 63 76
2005: Anamaria Sere ROM d. Alexandra Dulgheru ROM 75 62


1 Gabriela Niculescu ROM
2 Veronika Kapshay UKR
3 Liana Balaci ROM
4 Agnes Szatmari ROM
5 Alexandra Dulgheru ROM
6 Vojislava Lukic SCG
7 Bianca Bonifate ROM
8 Alexandra Orasanu ROM
9 Maren Kassens GER
10 Andra Dinu ROM
11 Diana Gae ROM
12 Anna Koumantou GRE
13 Andra Savu ROM
14 Diana Enache ROM
15 Alexandra Iacob ROM
16 Paola Sprovieri GER
17 Raluca Ciulei ROM
18 Melanie Klaffner AUT

(1) Nadejda VASSILEVA BUL vs bye
Geanina MIRCEA ROM vs Andreea-Patricia BRAICA ROM 26 16
(2) Oana STANICA ROM vs bye
(3) Maria-Luiza CRACIUN ROM vs bye
Mihaela BUNEA ROM vs Beatris SIMION ROM 62 62
(4) Alexandra CADANTU ROM vs bye
(5) Laura-Ioana ANDREI ROM vs Isabel MAS BRETO ESP 63 60
Ioana OPREA ROM vs Nicoleta BARA ROM 46 67
Amina RAKHIM KAZ vs Iulia OSMOLETS MDA 60 60
Alice TUNARU ROM vs Paula DINUTA ROM 36 26
Alina PETRAS MDA vs Stefania NICOLAE ROM 46 62 61
Marina KOYANOVA MDA vs Nicoleta NEGRU ROM 62 64
Eugenia YORDANOVA BUL vs Stefania VIZIREANU ROM 61 61
Alexandra KUDRYAVTSEVA RUS vs Tatiana GRECHUKINA RUS 26 61 62
2nd round
(1) Nadejda VASSILEVA BUL d. Andreea-Patricia BRAICA ROM 63 61
Marina PARASHKEVOVA BUL d. (2) Oana STANICA ROM 26 64 76
(3) Maria-Luiza CRACIUN ROM d. Mihaela-Florina BUNEA ROM 61 61
(4) Alexandra CADANTU ROM d. Diana POPESCU ROM 64 63
Nicoleta BARA ROM d. (5) Laura-Ioana ANDREI ROM 62 62
Amina RAKHIM KAZ d. Paula DINUTA ROM 60 60
Alina PETRAS MDA d. Marina KOYANOVA MDA 26 64 61


(1) wc Simona MATEI ROM vs Lenore LAZAROIU ROM 63 40 ret
Diana ENACHE ROM vs wc Daiana NEGREANU ROM 46 61 62
(5) Agnes SZATMARI ROM vs Alexandra ORASANU ROM 61 61
(4) Liana BALACI ROM vs q Alexandra CADANTU ROM 62 61
Raluca CIULEI ROM vs q Alina PETRAS MDA 63 61
(7) Vojislava LUKIC SCG vs Andra-Iulia SAVU ROM 76 60
(6) Alexandra DULGHERU ROM vs wc Ioana IVAN ROM 62 62
Alexandra IACOB ROM vs Diana GAE ROM 26 26
q Amina RAKHIM KAZ vs q Nadejda VASSILEVA BUL 62 61
(3) Veronika KAPSHAY UKR vs Andrada-Lacramioara DINU ROM 63 61
(8) Bianca BONIFATE ROM vs q Eugenia YORDANOVA BUL 62 64
Delia DAMASCHIN ROM vs wc Doina LOVIN ROM 63 61
Melanie KLAFFNER AUT vs q Maria-Luiza CRACIUN ROM 64 57 62
(2) Gabriela NICULESCU ROM vs q Nicoleta BARA ROM 60 60
2nd round
(1) wc Simona MATEI ROM d. q Marina PARASHKEVOVA BUL 60 61
Diana ENACHE ROM d. (5) Agnes SZATMARI ROM ret
(4) Liana BALACI ROM d. Raluca CIULEI ROM 61 63
(7) Vojislava LUKIC SCG d. Paola SPROVIERI GER 64 61
Diana GAE ROM d. (6) Alexandra DULGHERU ROM 61 67 61
q Amina RAKHIM KAZ d. (3) Veronika KAPSHAY UKR 64 41 ret
(8) Bianca BONIFATE ROM d. Delia DAMASCHIN ROM 62 63
(2) Gabriela NICULESCU ROM d. Melanie KLAFFNER AUT 64 46 75
Diana ENACHE ROM d. (1) wc Simona MATEI ROM 46 10 ret.
(7) Vojislava LUKIC SCG d. (4) Liana BALACI ROM 76 20 ret.
q Amina RAKHIM KAZ d. Diana GAE ROM 62 62
(2) Gabriela NICULESCU ROM d. (8) Bianca BONIFATE ROM 62 62
(7) Vojislava LUKIC SCG d. Diana ENACHE ROM 63 62
q Amina RAKHIM KAZ d. (2) Gabriela NICULESCU ROM 61 63
(7) Vojislava LUKIC SCG d. q Amina RAKHIM KAZ 76 57 64

tobi May 12th, 2006 06:19 PM

Singles Qualifying Draw

(1)Nadejda Vassileva (BUL) v BYE
Geannina Mircea (ROM) v Andreea Braica (ROM)

(2)Oana Stanica (ROM) v BYE
Daria Bykodarova (RUS) v Marina Pareshkevova (BUL)

(3)Maria-Luiza Craciun (ROM) v BYE
Mihaela Bunea (ROM) v Beatris Simion (ROM)

(4)Alexandra Cadantu (ROM) v BYE
Diana Popescu (ROM) v Valeria Pertsukhova (UKR)

(5)Laura Andrei (ROM) v Isabel Mas (ESP)
Ioana Oprea (ROM) v Nicoleta Bara (ROM)

Amina Rakhim (KAZ) v Julia Osmolets (MDA)
Alice-Maria Tunaru (ROM) v Paula Dinuta (ROM)

Alina Petras (MDA) v Stefania Nicolae (ROM)
Marina Kojanova (MDA) v Nicoleta Negru (ROM)

Eugenia Yordanova (BUL) v Stefania Vizireanu (ROM)
Alexandra Kudryavtseva (RUS) v Tatiana Grechukhina (RUS)

CCCP1 May 13th, 2006 08:04 AM

Good Luck to:

Nadejda Vassileva
Marina Pareshkevova
Alexandra Cadantu
Laura Andrei

Sharapova's_Boy May 15th, 2006 12:25 AM

7 Attachment(s)
Amina :D

xXSarajevoXx May 15th, 2006 01:03 PM

Amina :) :)

tobi May 15th, 2006 02:50 PM

Singles Qualifying Draw-1st Round

(1)Nadejda Vassileva (BUL) v BYE
Andreea Braica (ROM) d. Geannina Mircea (ROM) 62 61

(2)Oana Stanica (ROM) v BYE
Marina Pareshkevova (BUL) d. Daria Bykodarova (RUS) 61 62

(3)Maria-Luiza Craciun (ROM) v BYE
Mihaela Bunea (ROM) v Beatris Simion (ROM) 62 62

(4)Alexandra Cadantu (ROM) v BYE
Diana Popescu (ROM) v Valeria Pertsukhova (UKR) 62 64

(5)Laura Andrei (ROM) v Isabel Mas (ESP) 63 60
Nicoleta Bara (ROM) d. Ioana Oprea (ROM) 64 76(5)

Amina Rakhim (KAZ) v Julia Osmolets (MDA) 60 60
Paula Dinuta (ROM) d. Alice-Maria Tunaru (ROM) 63 62

Alina Petras (MDA) v Stefania Nicolae (ROM) 46 62 61
Marina Kojanova (MDA) v Nicoleta Negru (ROM) 62 64

Eugenia Yordanova (BUL) v Stefania Vizireanu (ROM) 61 61
Alexandra Kudryavtseva (RUS) v Tatiana Grechukhina (RUS) 26 61 62

Final Round

Vassileva d. Braica 63 61
Parashkevova d. Stanica 26 64 76(4)
Craciun d. Bunea 61 61
Cadantu d. Popescu 64 63
Bara d. Andrei 62 62
Rakhim d. Dinuta 60 60
Petras d. Kojanova 26 64 61
Yordanova d. Kudryavtseva 61 62

tobi May 15th, 2006 03:01 PM

Singles Main Draw

(1/wc)Simona Matei (ROM) v Lenore Lazaroiu (ROM)
Maren Kassens (BUL) v (Q)Marina Parashkevova (BUL)

Diana Enache (ROM) v (wc)Daiana Negreanu (ROM)
(5)Agnes Szatmari (ROM) v Alexandra Orasanu (ROM)

(4)Liana Balaci (ROM) v (Q)Alexandra Cadantu (ROM)
Raluca Ciulei (ROM) v (Q)Alina Petras (MDA)

Anna Koumantou (GRE) v Paola Sprovieri (GER)
(7)Vojislava Lukic (SCG) v Andra-Iulia Savu (ROM)

(6)Alexandra Dulgheru (ROM) v (wc)Ioana Ivan (ROM)
Alexandra Iacob (ROM) v Diana-Andreea Gae (ROM)

(Q)Amina Rakhim (KAZ) v (Q)Nadejda Vassileva (BUL)
(3)Veronika Kapshay (UKR) v Andrada Dinu (ROM)

(8)Bianca Bonifate (ROM) v (Q)Eugenia Yordanova (BUL)
Delia Damaschin (ROM) v (wc)Doina Lovin (ROM)

Melanie Klaffner (AUT) v (Q)Maria-Luiza Craciun (ROM)
(2)Gabriela Niculescu (ROM) v (Q)Nicoleta Bara (ROM)

tobi May 15th, 2006 03:08 PM

Doubles Draw

(1)Enache/Lazaroiu v Ciulei/Rakhim
Bykodarova/Parashkevova v (wc)Nicolae/Portas

(4)Kapshay/Lukic v Iacob/Szatmari
Dulgheru/Lovin v Bonifate/Dinu

Craciun/Ivan v (wc)Mircea/Tunaru
(3)Kassens/Koumantou v (wc)Mas Breto/Yordanova

Gae/Savu v Bara/Cadantu
(2)Andrei/Orasanu v Klaffner/Sprovieri

rrfnpump May 15th, 2006 03:41 PM

Good luck :hug: to :
* Simona Matei ;)
* Marina Parashkevova :eek:
* Liana Balaci
* Vojislava Lukic :kiss:
* Nadejda Vassileva :)

I vote for other - Simona Matei

etf May 16th, 2006 08:39 AM

I vote for other - Simona Matei

CCCP1 May 16th, 2006 11:03 AM

Other: Simona Matei

Foot's Fingers May 16th, 2006 12:54 PM

go amina

Louis Cyphre May 16th, 2006 06:42 PM

I want MD results :( :sad:

tobi May 17th, 2006 11:57 AM


(Q)Marina Parashkevova (BUL) d. Maren Kassens (BUL) 62 61 :o
Diana Enache (ROM) v (wc)Daiana Negreanu (ROM) 46 61 52 Ret.
(5)Agnes Szatmari (ROM) v Alexandra Orasanu (ROM) 61 61
Raluca Ciulei (ROM) v (Q)Alina Petras (MDA) 63 61
Paola Sprovieri (GER) d. Anna Koumantou (GRE) 26 63 75
(Q)Amina Rakhim (KAZ) v (Q)Nadejda Vassileva (BUL) 62 61 :D
(8)Bianca Bonifate (ROM) v (Q)Eugenia Yordanova (BUL) 62 64
Delia Damaschin (ROM) v (wc)Doina Lovin (ROM) 63 61

Freakan May 17th, 2006 05:18 PM

winner: matei

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