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rrfnpump Dec 5th, 2005 07:01 PM

Pictures of ITF tournaments
Post here pictures of ITF tournaments (you made by yourself; you found on the net). maybe we can get this thread sticky for the challengers forum by some time, because I think it is nice to see pictures of not so well-known players in here.

2007 (x)
Please go through this thread for 2007 pictures

2006 (24)

75k Midland (USA) 06
pictures by Kevin Benedict
featuring Granville, Shaughnessy, Salerni and others
*put z w i r instead of *****

10k Melilla (ESP) 06
pictures by TenisMelilla
featuring Sun, Liu, Parasyk and others

25k Gran Canaria (ESP) 06
pictures by Tenispain
featuring Rezai, Serna, Oprandi and others

25k Fuerteventura (ESP) 06
pictures by Tenispain
featuring Tamaela, Radwanska, Suarez-Navarro and others

25k Bari (ITA) 06
pictures by ctbari
featuring Cornet, Garbin, Jurak and others

75k Cagnes-sur-Mer (FRA) 06
pictures by Alain Issock
featuring Müller, Yakimova, Gagliardi and others

25k Madrid (ESP) 06
pictures by Tenispain
featuring Martinez-Sanchez, Liggan, Gullickson and others

25k Surbiton (GBR) 06
pictures by JoeB_UK
featuring Brandi, Granville, Rolle and others

10k Kharkiv (UKR) 06
pictures by TennisKharkov
featuring Kapshay, Lapushchenkova, Afinogenova and others

25k Stuttgart-Vaihingen (GER) 06
pictures by TC Blau-Weiß Vaihingen
featuring Savransky, Niculescu, Malek and others

50k+H Cuneo (ITA) 06
pictures by Cuneo tennis
featuring Voskoboeva, Canepa, Rezai and others

10k Napoli (ITA) 06
pictures by ITF Napoli
featuring Corbalan, Floris, Remondina and others

10k Brussels (BEL) 06
pictures by Bart
featuring Meddens, Mekel, VanHyfte and others

10k Horb (GER) 06
pictures by TC Bildechingen
featuring Novotnikova, Martinovic, Steinbach and others

25k Darmstadt (GER) 06
pictures by Snoop
featuring Dokic, Klaschka, Perkovic and others

50k+H Baden-Baden (GER) 06
pictures by rrfnpump
featuring Birnerova, Ancic, Bohmova and others

25k Coimbra (POR) 06
pictures by lusotennis
featuring Niculescu, Chvojkova, Ferreira and others

10k Rebecq (BEL) 06
pictures by Rebecq Ladies Trophy
featuring Meas, Wickmayer, Butkiewicz and others

25k Hechingen (GER) 06
pictures by Pascal Reinecke/insidetennis
featuring Malek, Antoniychuk, Olaru and others

10k Düsseldorf (GER) 06
pictures by Imosa
featuring Etzel, Steinbach, Krstajic and others

10k Vlaardingen (NED) 06
pictures by
featuring Kosinksa, Srndovic, Silva and others

25k Mexico City 1 (MEX) 06
pictures by ClubCasablanca
featuring Scheepers, Carvalho, Johansson and others

75k Bratislava (SVK) 06
pictures by FanHochZwei
featuring Tu, Sucha, Cibulkova and others

50k Milano (ITA) 06
pictures by
featuring Vinci, Garbin, Chaknashvili and others

2005 (28)

75k Ortisei (ITA) 05
pictures by Italian Top Events
featuring Krajicek, Klaschka, Kleinova and others

25k Capriolo (ITA) 05
pictures by TC Capriolo
featuring Ani, Laine, Safarova and others

50k Gifu (JPN)
pictures by Gifu-Tennis
featuring Obata, Fuda, Morita and others

10k Yamaguchi (JPN) 05
pictures by dhbvg87
featuring Breadmore, Maekawa, Arai and others

50k Fukuoka (JPN) 05
pictures by dhbvg87
featuring Nakamura, Chan, Erakovic and others

25k Allentown (USA) 05
pictures by The Mecco Cup Tennis Tournament
featuring Lepchenko, Lee-Waters, Rolle and others

10k Warsaw (POL) 05
pictures by Ad_Perk
featuring Brozda, Radwanska, Kolat and Korzeniak

25k Vaihingen (GER) 05
pictures by TC Stuttgart-Vaihingen
featuring Nagy, Flipkens, Mihalache and others

25k Hechingen (GER) 05
pictures by TC Hechingen
featuring Petkovic, Malek, Amanmuradova and others

25k Darmstadt (GER) 05
pictures by
featuring Henke, Petkovic, Perkovic and others

50k Marseilles (FRA) 05
pictures by French Kiss
featuring Kutuzova, Pelletier, Oprandi and others

50k Cuneo (ITA) 05
pictures by Country Club Cuneo
featuring Pous Tio, Martinez Granados, Voskoboeva and others

50k Vittel (FRA) 05
pictures by
featuring Cohen-Aloro, Sfar, Roesch and others

10k Brussels (BEL) 05
pictures by Iris Trophy
featuring Marosi, Ozga, Chieppa and others

50k Petagne (LUX) 05
pictures by Jean-Claude Koetz
featuring Azarenka, Kutuzova, Dokic and others

50k Lexington (USA) 05
pictures by
featuring womens and mens players

10k Horb (GER) 05
pictures by rrfnpump
featuring Barrois, Jurak, Tchalova and others

10k Bad Salgau (GER) 05
pictures by TC-Bad-Salgau
featuring Jurak, Corovic, Zalabska and others

50k Martina Franca (ITA) 05
pictures by Sporting Martina Franca
featuring Vierin, Ani, Piedade and others

10k Hampstead (ENG) 05
pictures by Florian Büchting
featuring Chakravarthi, Bhambris, Pavlovic and others

50k Biella (ITA) 05
pictures by DoctorG
featuring Beygelzimer, Prusova, Ani and others

25k Porto (POR) 05
pictures by PortoOpen
featuring Stanciute, Schiechtl, Dominguez-Lino and others

25k Makinohara (JPN) 05
pictures by Gosencup
featuring Kleybanova, Yonemura, Morita and others

25k Sutama (JPN) 05
pictures by Junichi Watanabe
featuring Kleybanova, Czafikova, Hisamitsu and others

25k Pruhonice (CZE) 05
pictures by Czech Indoor Open
featuring Hradecka, Strycova, Radwanska and others

75k Poitiers (FRA) 05
pictures by casonifan1
featuring Ani, Kutuzova

10k Raananad (ISR) 05
pictures by Shonami Slam
featuring Buryachok, Fernandez, Tout and others

25k Hamilton (CAN) 05

pictures by Ben Brott

Universiade Games 05
pictures by the respective website
featuring Cho, Hrdinova, Hrozenska and others
pictures by Jiro
many pics of asian tournaments
pictures by dhbvg87
many pics of japanese tournaments
pictures by asahi
many pics of japanese tournaments

CCCP1 Dec 5th, 2005 09:12 PM

Excellent thread

TheBoiledEgg Dec 5th, 2005 09:31 PM

25k Caserta 2004

25k Hechingen 2005

were some great pics from 10k Horb 2004 (still on line) also 2003/2005 pics from tourn website.

Tripp Dec 5th, 2005 11:20 PM


Originally Posted by TheBoiledEgg
were some great pics from 10k Horb 2004 (still on line) also 2003/2005 pics from tourn website.

Wow...Now I get why so many people support Lena Tchalova :drool:

CrossCourt~Rally Dec 5th, 2005 11:46 PM

:worship: Thanks Tobi and Pump!!! :worship: Great idea! :bounce:

rrfnpump Dec 6th, 2005 06:31 AM


Originally Posted by Tripp
Wow...Now I get why so many people support Lena Tchalova :drool:

and she is even more :drool: in real life :p

I like the 50k Petagne pics best. They have a really awesome quality!!

Many german tournaments have pics on the tourney website; you may go to and then search through the Tennis Europe-Damen websites.

The tournament websites of american tournaments are usually really poor or dont work :o
Some french tournaments have websites (mostly the bigger ones), but many dont provide pics :(

rrfnpump Dec 6th, 2005 08:36 AM

Foot's Fingers Dec 6th, 2005 08:45 AM

Links for Sitak brothers Bylikina and Kirilov have not worked :(

Lena Tchalova :hearts:

Arina :inlove:

rrfnpump Dec 6th, 2005 10:43 AM

tobi Dec 6th, 2005 11:10 AM


Originally Posted by Foot's Fingers
Links for Sitak brothers Bylikina and Kirilov have not worked :(

Lena Tchalova :hearts:

Arina :inlove:

Try this page,they are the same ;)

It was my fault :o

Bart Dec 6th, 2005 11:26 AM

TheBoiledEgg Dec 6th, 2005 11:28 AM

Jodie Dec 6th, 2005 12:43 PM

Sutama 25k..
Pics taken by Junichi Watanabe
Featuring Kleybanova, Czafikova, Hisamatsu, Breadmore and others..

rrfnpump Dec 6th, 2005 02:39 PM

TheBoiledEgg Dec 6th, 2005 02:56 PM

not pics but action clips from 10k Manchester (Sep 2004)
all clips by me :p and enjoy :p :wavey:
players names on movies (1st name is on near side)

That's All Folks :lol:

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