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Joana May 11th, 2005 08:23 PM

Fight for Serbian #1
Ana has certainly been closing the gap in the rankings between her and Jelena. Now there's less than 500 points between them.
Until September Ana has a grand total of 2 points to defend. The majority of Jelena's points come from the indoor season, but she's earned quite a few points at grass tournaments. The way things are like now, I think Ana can overtake Jelena by US Open.
What do you think?


Number of Weeks at Serbian #1
(since no more SFRJ or SRJ Yugoslavia)

115 Jelena Jankovic
89 Ana Ivanovic
83 Jelena Dokic



11-Aug-08    Jelena Jankovic
04-Aug-08    Ana Ivanovic
28-Jul-08    Ana Ivanovic
21-Jul-08    Ana Ivanovic
14-Jul-08    Ana Ivanovic
07-Jul-08    Ana Ivanovic
30-Jun-08    Ana Ivanovic
23-Jun-2008    Ana Ivanovic
16-Jun-2008    Ana Ivanovic
9-Jun-2008    Ana Ivanovic
2-Jun-2008    Ana Ivanovic
26-May-2008    Ana Ivanovic
19-May-2008    Ana Ivanovic
12-May-2008    Ana Ivanovic
5-May-2008    Ana Ivanovic
28-Apr-2008    Ana Ivanovic
21-Apr-2008    Ana Ivanovic
14-Apr-2008    Ana Ivanovic
7-Apr-2008    Ana Ivanovic
31-Mar-2008    Ana Ivanovic
24-Mar-2008    Ana Ivanovic
17-Mar-2008    Ana Ivanovic
10-Mar-2008    Ana Ivanovic
3-Mar-2008    Ana Ivanovic
25-Feb-2008    Ana Ivanovic
18-Feb-2008    Ana Ivanovic
11-Feb-2008    Ana Ivanovic
4-Feb-2008    Ana Ivanovic
28-Jan-2008    Ana Ivanovic
21-Jan-2008    Ana Ivanovic
14-Jan-2008    Ana Ivanovic
7-Jan-2008    Jelena Jankovic
31-Dec-2007    Jelena Jankovic
24-Dec-2007    Jelena Jankovic
17-Dec-2007    Jelena Jankovic
10-Dec-2007    Jelena Jankovic
3-Dec-2007    Jelena Jankovic
26-Nov-2007    Jelena Jankovic
19-Nov-2007    Jelena Jankovic
12-Nov-2007    Jelena Jankovic
5-Nov-2007    Jelena Jankovic
29-Oct-2007    Jelena Jankovic
22-Oct-2007    Jelena Jankovic
15-Oct-2007    Jelena Jankovic
8-Oct-2007    Jelena Jankovic
1-Oct-2007    Jelena Jankovic
24-Sep-2007    Jelena Jankovic
17-Sep-2007    Jelena Jankovic
10-Sep-2007    Jelena Jankovic
3-Sep-2007    Jelena Jankovic
27-Aug-2007    Jelena Jankovic
20-Aug-2007    Jelena Jankovic
13-Aug-2007    Jelena Jankovic
6-Aug-2007    Jelena Jankovic
30-Jul-2007    Jelena Jankovic
23-Jul-2007    Jelena Jankovic
16-Jul-2007    Jelena Jankovic
9-Jul-2007    Jelena Jankovic
2-Jul-2007    Jelena Jankovic
25-Jun-2007    Jelena Jankovic
18-Jun-2007    Jelena Jankovic
11-Jun-2007    Jelena Jankovic
4-Jun-2007    Jelena Jankovic
28-May-2007    Jelena Jankovic
21-May-2007    Jelena Jankovic
14-May-2007    Jelena Jankovic
7-May-2007    Jelena Jankovic
30-Apr-2007    Jelena Jankovic
23-Apr-2007    Jelena Jankovic
16-Apr-2007    Jelena Jankovic
9-Apr-2007    Jelena Jankovic
2-Apr-2007    Jelena Jankovic
26-Mar-2007    Jelena Jankovic
19-Mar-2007    Jelena Jankovic
12-Mar-2007    Jelena Jankovic
5-Mar-2007    Jelena Jankovic
26-Feb-2007    Jelena Jankovic
19-Feb-2007    Jelena Jankovic
12-Feb-2007    Jelena Jankovic
5-Feb-2007    Jelena Jankovic
29-Jan-2007    Jelena Jankovic
22-Jan-2007    Jelena Jankovic
15-Jan-2007    Jelena Jankovic
8-Jan-2007    Jelena Jankovic
1-Jan-2007    Jelena Jankovic
25-Dec-2006    Jelena Jankovic
18-Dec-2006    Jelena Jankovic
11-Dec-2006    Jelena Jankovic
4-Dec-2006    Jelena Jankovic
27-Nov-2006    Jelena Jankovic
20-Nov-2006    Jelena Jankovic
13-Nov-2006    Jelena Jankovic
6-Nov-2006    Jelena Jankovic
30-Oct-2006    Jelena Jankovic
23-Oct-2006    Jelena Jankovic
16-Oct-2006    Ana Ivanovic
9-Oct-2006    Ana Ivanovic
2-Oct-2006    Ana Ivanovic
25-Sep-2006    Ana Ivanovic
18-Sep-2006    Ana Ivanovic
11-Sep-2006    Ana Ivanovic
4-Sep-2006    Ana Ivanovic
28-Aug-2006    Ana Ivanovic
21-Aug-2006    Ana Ivanovic
14-Aug-2006    Ana Ivanovic
7-Aug-2006    Ana Ivanovic
31-Jul-2006    Ana Ivanovic
24-Jul-2006    Ana Ivanovic
17-Jul-2006    Ana Ivanovic
10-Jul-2006    Ana Ivanovic
3-Jul-2006    Ana Ivanovic
26-Jun-2006    Ana Ivanovic
19-Jun-2006    Ana Ivanovic
12-Jun-2006    Ana Ivanovic
5-Jun-2006    Ana Ivanovic
^^^^^^^^^^^^ Independent Serbia ^^^^^^^^^^
29-May-2006    Ana Ivanovic
22-May-2006    Ana Ivanovic
15-May-2006    Ana Ivanovic
8-May-2006    Ana Ivanovic
1-May-2006    Ana Ivanovic
24-Apr-2006    Ana Ivanovic
17-Apr-2006    Ana Ivanovic
10-Apr-2006    Ana Ivanovic
3-Apr-2006    Ana Ivanovic
27-Mar-2006    Ana Ivanovic
20-Mar-2006    Ana Ivanovic
13-Mar-2006    Ana Ivanovic
6-Mar-2006    Ana Ivanovic
27-Feb-2006    Ana Ivanovic
20-Feb-2006    Ana Ivanovic
13-Feb-2006    Ana Ivanovic
6-Feb-2006    Ana Ivanovic
30-Jan-2006    Ana Ivanovic
23-Jan-2006    Ana Ivanovic
16-Jan-2006    Ana Ivanovic
9-Jan-2006    Ana Ivanovic
2-Jan-2006    Ana Ivanovic
26-Dec-2005    Ana Ivanovic
19-Dec-2005    Ana Ivanovic
12-Dec-2005    Ana Ivanovic
5-Dec-2005    Ana Ivanovic
28-Nov-2005    Ana Ivanovic
21-Nov-2005    Ana Ivanovic
14-Nov-2005    Ana Ivanovic
7-Nov-2005    Ana Ivanovic
31-Oct-2005    Ana Ivanovic
24-Oct-2005    Ana Ivanovic
17-Oct-2005    Ana Ivanovic
10-Oct-2005    Ana Ivanovic
3-Oct-2005    Ana Ivanovic
26-Sep-2005    Ana Ivanovic
19-Sep-2005    Ana Ivanovic
12-Sep-2005    Jelena Jankovic
5-Sep-2005    Ana Ivanovic
29-Aug-2005    Ana Ivanovic
22-Aug-2005    Jelena Jankovic
15-Aug-2005    Jelena Jankovic
8-Aug-2005    Jelena Jankovic
1-Aug-2005    Jelena Jankovic
25-Jul-2005    Jelena Jankovic
18-Jul-2005    Jelena Jankovic
11-Jul-2005    Jelena Jankovic
4-Jul-2005    Jelena Jankovic
27-Jun-2005    Jelena Jankovic
20-Jun-2005    Jelena Jankovic
13-Jun-2005    Jelena Jankovic
6-Jun-2005    Jelena Jankovic
30-May-2005    Jelena Jankovic
23-May-2005    Jelena Jankovic
16-May-2005    Jelena Jankovic
9-May-2005    Jelena Jankovic
2-May-2005    Jelena Jankovic
25-Apr-2005    Jelena Jankovic
18-Apr-2005    Jelena Jankovic
11-Apr-2005    Jelena Jankovic
4-Apr-2005    Jelena Jankovic
28-Mar-2005    Jelena Jankovic
21-Mar-2005    Jelena Jankovic
14-Mar-2005    Jelena Jankovic
7-Mar-2005    Jelena Jankovic
28-Feb-2005    Jelena Jankovic
21-Feb-2005    Jelena Jankovic
14-Feb-2005    Jelena Jankovic
7-Feb-2005    Jelena Jankovic
31-Jan-2005    Jelena Jankovic
24-Jan-2005    Jelena Jankovic
17-Jan-2005    Jelena Jankovic
10-Jan-2005    Jelena Jankovic
3-Jan-2005    Jelena Jankovic
27-Dec-2004    Jelena Jankovic
20-Dec-2004    Jelena Jankovic
13-Dec-2004    Jelena Jankovic
6-Dec-2004    Jelena Jankovic
29-Nov-2004    Jelena Jankovic
22-Nov-2004    Jelena Jankovic
15-Nov-2004    Jelena Jankovic
8-Nov-2004    Jelena Jankovic
1-Nov-2004    Jelena Jankovic
25-Oct-2004    Jelena Jankovic
18-Oct-2004    Jelena Jankovic
11-Oct-2004    Jelena Jankovic
4-Oct-2004    Jelena Jankovic
27-Sep-2004    Jelena Jankovic
20-Sep-2004    Jelena Jankovic
13-Sep-2004    Jelena Jankovic
6-Sep-2004    Jelena Dokic
30-Aug-2004    Jelena Dokic
23-Aug-2004    Jelena Dokic
16-Aug-2004    Jelena Dokic
9-Aug-2004    Jelena Dokic
2-Aug-2004    Jelena Dokic
26-Jul-2004    Jelena Dokic
19-Jul-2004    Jelena Dokic
12-Jul-2004    Jelena Dokic
5-Jul-2004    Jelena Dokic
28-Jun-2004    Jelena Dokic
21-Jun-2004    Jelena Dokic
14-Jun-2004    Jelena Dokic
7-Jun-2004    Jelena Dokic
31-May-2004    Jelena Dokic
24-May-2004    Jelena Dokic
17-May-2004    Jelena Dokic
10-May-2004    Jelena Dokic
3-May-2004    Jelena Dokic
26-Apr-2004    Jelena Dokic
19-Apr-2004    Jelena Dokic
12-Apr-2004    Jelena Dokic
5-Apr-2004    Jelena Dokic
29-Mar-2004    Jelena Dokic
22-Mar-2004    Jelena Dokic
15-Mar-2004    Jelena Dokic
8-Mar-2004    Jelena Dokic
1-Mar-2004    Jelena Dokic
23-Feb-2004    Jelena Dokic
16-Feb-2004    Jelena Dokic
9-Feb-2004    Jelena Dokic
2-Feb-2004    Jelena Dokic
26-Jan-2004    Jelena Dokic
19-Jan-2004    Jelena Dokic
12-Jan-2004    Jelena Dokic
5-Jan-2004    Jelena Dokic
29-Dec-2003    Jelena Dokic
22-Dec-2003    Jelena Dokic
15-Dec-2003    Jelena Dokic
8-Dec-2003    Jelena Dokic
1-Dec-2003    Jelena Dokic
24-Nov-2003    Jelena Dokic
17-Nov-2003    Jelena Dokic
10-Nov-2003    Jelena Dokic
3-Nov-2003    Jelena Dokic
27-Oct-2003    Jelena Dokic
20-Oct-2003    Jelena Dokic
13-Oct-2003    Jelena Dokic
6-Oct-2003    Jelena Dokic
29-Sep-2003    Jelena Dokic
22-Sep-2003    Jelena Dokic
15-Sep-2003    Jelena Dokic
8-Sep-2003    Jelena Dokic
1-Sep-2003    Jelena Dokic
25-Aug-2003    Jelena Dokic
18-Aug-2003    Jelena Dokic
11-Aug-2003    Jelena Dokic
4-Aug-2003    Jelena Dokic
28-Jul-2003    Jelena Dokic
21-Jul-2003    Jelena Dokic
14-Jul-2003    Jelena Dokic
7-Jul-2003    Jelena Dokic
30-Jun-2003    Jelena Dokic
23-Jun-2003    Jelena Dokic
16-Jun-2003    Jelena Dokic
9-Jun-2003    Jelena Dokic
2-Jun-2003    Jelena Dokic
26-May-2003    Jelena Dokic
19-May-2003    Jelena Dokic
12-May-2003    Jelena Dokic
5-May-2003    Jelena Dokic
28-Apr-2003    Jelena Dokic
21-Apr-2003    Jelena Dokic
14-Apr-2003    Jelena Dokic
7-Apr-2003    Jelena Dokic
31-Mar-2003    Jelena Dokic
24-Mar-2003    Jelena Dokic
17-Mar-2003    Jelena Dokic
10-Mar-2003    Jelena Dokic
3-Mar-2003    Jelena Dokic
24-Feb-2003    Jelena Dokic
17-Feb-2003    Jelena Dokic
10-Feb-2003    Jelena Dokic
^^^^^^^^^ Serbia and Montenegro ^^^^^^^^^^


10-Feb-2003    Jelena Dokic      83 weeks
13-Sep-2004    Jelena Jankovic    50 weeks
29-Aug-2005    Ana Ivanovic        2 weeks
12-Sep-2005    Jelena Jankovic    1 week
19-Sep-2005    Ana Ivanovic      57 weeks
23-Oct-2006    Jelena Jankovic    64 weeks
14-Jan-2008    Ana Ivanovic        30 weeks
11-Aug-2008    Jelena Jankovic    1 week

©@®eLess May 11th, 2005 10:22 PM

it will take some time. I think Jela just had bad day, and she'll finally shine at GS, she'll do good at RG

AjdeNate! May 11th, 2005 10:24 PM

I hope they both continue to move upward!!

rada May 11th, 2005 10:42 PM

yes ana will be serbia'a new number 1 :) she will get lots off points in rome:):) go ana

Ana&Jelena Fan May 12th, 2005 05:47 AM


Originally Posted by Athenaeum
I hope they both continue to move upward!!

I agree. No matter who is better (wow this is like poem :lol: ), I want them both in top10 very soon, maybe even this year. :bounce:

blablabla May 12th, 2005 08:01 AM

both can make the top 10 by the end of the year.

rada May 25th, 2005 03:56 AM

Ana will be the next top 10 player jelena can't do well in GS

Natasha250688 May 28th, 2005 07:28 PM

:woohoo: Ana is #24 next week and if she wins against Schiavone very close to top20 :woohoo:

In a couple of weeks she will definately be serbian #1 and she certainly deserves it cos Jelena can sometimes be such a :retard: :smash:

blablabla May 30th, 2005 12:23 PM

Ana's just taken it. 20, JJ 21.

©@®eLess May 30th, 2005 12:41 PM

JJ is at 1320, Ana has 1189+72 for QF +46 for Schiavone is 1307

so JJ is 20, Ana 21

Natasha250688 May 30th, 2005 08:18 PM

Did anyone else notice what a :retard: that comentator from 3K is? He often mixed up Elena Dementieva and Likhovtseva, he once said that Sveta is no#5, he also said: "Vidi se da Anu stize ODMOR" and many other idiotic things I can't remember them all now...

Fidello May 30th, 2005 08:44 PM


Originally Posted by Natasha250688
Did anyone else notice what a :retard: that comentator from 3K is? He often mixed up Elena Dementieva and Likhovtseva, he once said that Sveta is no#5, he also said: "Vidi se da Anu stize ODMOR" and many other idiotic things I can't remember them all now...

Yeah, and he also said for Kuharsky and Ana's manager something like "These are some of Ana's fans.." and i think he didn't recognize Yannick Noah at all. What a moron that guy is!

©@®eLess May 30th, 2005 10:40 PM

Odlicno je anticipirala, ovo je prava bespotrebna (bespostedna) borba, igrace protiv bolje iz meca Nadja Petrova/Tatjana Bovina!!!!!!!!! :lol:

Ana&Jelena Fan May 31st, 2005 05:51 AM

Ana vodi u prvom setu sa 6:4, sedmi gem je psihicki najvazniji, petn`es`, ses`, prednos`... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Ana&Jelena Fan Jun 2nd, 2005 06:31 AM

Jelena will be No20 and Ana No21. Better than us are only Russia with 8, France 4, USA 3 and Belgium with two players in top21, so if we look this rankings we are fifth nation in the world :worship: and only half year ago we wasn`t in top10 nations, better than us were Italy, Argentina, Japan, Croatia, Australia, Spain...

Ajde :bounce:

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