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Stefwhit Feb 25th, 2004 09:02 PM

Serena fans Unite: Introduce Yourself
(Hello my fellow Serena fans. I'm going to try to be more active in this thread since this thread is the one spot where all of us Serena fans can gather to talk about our love, admiration, and appreciation for all things Serena. So let's all try to gather here more often and get to know one another a lot better- I love all the other Serena fans out there...)

I'm just currious about everyone's story about when they became die-hard Serena fans- so please share....

As for me:
Well I started out as a die-hard Graf fan. Although Graf was my ultimate number one, I always kept my eyes open on all the new talent coming in and Serena really impressed me from day one. I could never have envissioned myself being a die-hard Venus fan because what I liked most about Steffi was her intensisty on the court and I just didn't see that in any other player on tour besides Serena. I remember the day where I "officialy" became a true Serena fan. When she was playing Indian Wells and that crowd was being horrible to her- I saw strength and courage in her, a will to overcome and not let the crowd get the best of her. To say that I was impressed is a great understatement. The thing I love most about Serena is her sheer will to be great (just like Steffi). To me it was a sign that the same year Steffi won her last grandslam and retired, it was the same year that Serena won her first grandslam. The torch was officialy handed over as far as I was concerned. Now if only she can stay healthy and have a career lasting as long as Graf's did- that would just be heaven!!!

Dede42 Feb 26th, 2004 03:02 AM

Hi Stef, well I can truly say I'm a die-hard Williams' fan. But, Serena is my favorite. I think I fell in love with her when she beat Martina Hingis in the US Open for her first grand slam. I was a die-hard Billie Jean fan back in the day. But, after Billie Jean retired, I kind of lost touch with the tour and the game of tennis. I've never really seen Steffi play and I probably wouldn't have been a fan, since I would have been rooting for Monica in those days. Then Venus came along after Serena and took her first GS at Wimby and then the US Open and repeated the next year. I really got into the game then. Around the next year 2002, Serena really started to come into her own and winning titles. She plays with such intensity and I admired her style of play. The strength and accuracy, the cunningness and the serve. She had the whole package. Contrary to popular opinion, I do not think she is out for the count. I think she is waiting to come back 100% and she is going to blow everyone off the court again. I can't wait for the day to see Justine's fans crying in their beer, when Serena whips her like a step child again. Serena just always comes through for me. She has the desire, so lacking in everyone else on the tour. You can never count her out. That was never so aptly displayed at AO 03 during the semis against Kim. She came through and started to own Hingis, then JenCap and now she's going to come back and reclaim ownership of Justine. I believe it. I believe in her.

:worship:GO SERENA!! :worship:

Stefwhit Feb 26th, 2004 05:45 AM

Hi Dede42... Great post, thanks for sharing! It's hard to believe you went from the likes of Billie Jean- skipping my beloved Steffi, all the way to Venus and Serena. I agree with you in that Serena will not only be back soon, but she will come back STRONG (stronger than ever)...can't wait to see her out there dominating again....

Nabalonge Feb 27th, 2004 01:56 AM

I started watching tennis while I was in middle school. My favorite player at that time was Arantxa Sancez-Vicario. She had a flair and style I really liked. Venus and Serena immediately caught my attention at a time when my eyes were being opened by numerous players and the game was picking up with veterans and new talent.

I consider a fan of both Serena and Venus, but in terms of Serena I think I became a fan of hers for life not necessarily based on her playing style, but on her after match interviews. I saw a girl who didn't back down and one who held herself up with much intelligence and wit. The fact that she continued to win and break barriers certainly helped :)

There are many things about Serena that I love but I think I admire her fighting spirit above all else. I remember one time Serena was down (I cannot remember the oppenet) but the camera audio caught Serena telling herself, "Fight Serena, fight". Serena won the match.

silverwhite Mar 22nd, 2004 08:34 AM

I only started watching tennis in 2002, after the US Open. It was the sisters who sparked my interest in the game. There was so much excitement in the media, after they competed against each other in a GS final for the fourth time. The first match I watched featured Serena, and I've been addicted to tennis ever since. To be honest, I am a much bigger fan of Serena's than Venus', because, as mentioned, she has this intensity about her and a determination to win.

Great thread, btw. :)

Stefwhit Mar 22nd, 2004 09:03 AM

Welcome Silverwhite! thanks for sharing your story with us, you're a living testament to the strength of the magnetic pull of Serena (and venus)- like you, they've brought in some many new faces to the wonderful sport of tennis.

Keep the stories coming Serena fans....

CanadianBoy21 Mar 22nd, 2004 02:16 PM

Stefwhit - u give me a hard on :cool:
I became a Serena fan when I saw her on the TV in Lipton on 1998.
Unfortunately I have yet to see her live, but that is because she really enjoys skipping the Canadian tournament. She has been only once here in Toronto, and once in Montreal. she skipped it 2 times I believe. So i've been a fan of Serena Williams since her early days. I started tennis first when I saw Venus in 1997, and I soon thereafter became her adoring fan, however, as you mentioned, she lacks the intensity that I soo much like in Serena. Venus was not always like she is today though. From 1997 - the end of 2000 she was full of outbursting energy. After the Us Open 2000 and Olympics, her intensity on court and her energy - not only sank, but dissapeared altogether.
You can see she is just not the same player without it, she seems tired on the court, slow compared to how she was, her serve is not a big weapon anymore as it was, she has become so fragile that whenever she makes a move I think she will hurt something... oh Venus, u need to get a good look at Serena and take away something from her into your game.

CanadianBoy21 Mar 22nd, 2004 02:23 PM

Interview with Serena in 1998 Lipton.

Why the bare feet? Do you want to show us the nail polish?
SERENA WILLIAMS: I forgot to put my shoes on. Someone was telling me some very exciting news.

Q. What is it?

SERENA WILLIAMS: I'm not going to tell the news.

Q. It's not news unless you tell us.

SERENA WILLIAMS: Just that me and what's his name? I think it's Kuerten are going to do something. He already agreed so I'm trying to decide if I should.

Hadn't he won the French Open and she still don't know his name :lol:

Kabezya Apr 1st, 2004 01:38 AM

I don't know if I remember when I became a Serena fan. It just seems like I've always been a fan lol :)

Serendy Willick Apr 7th, 2004 06:55 PM

I became a Serena fan in 1999 when she won her first grand slam at the US Open. I remember tuning into her match with Kim when she was fighting so hard and was down 3-5 in the third set. I always thought that tennis was boring and a snooze fest, but when I was marinating on the couch flipping through the TV, I saw this match. I rooted for her soo hard during that match and when it was over I practically woke the neighbors up screaming and cheering. From then on, I was hooked and when she won the title, I about had tears in my eyes (and I dont cry about anything). I love this womans confidence and her no holds barred attitude. She will do what she wants and noone will stop her. I think that her awesome confidence pissed off many in the tennis establishment who thought that she was supposed to just bow down and kiss the feet of everyone. I am going to be a hardcore Serena fan till the day that I die.

tennisjunky Apr 11th, 2004 07:46 AM


Originally Posted by Serendy Willick
I rooted for her soo hard during that match and when it was over I practically woke the neighbors up screaming and cheering. From then on, I was hooked and when she won the title, I about had tears in my eyes (and I dont cry about anything).

:lol: GREAT STORY :lol:

Becool Apr 11th, 2004 07:56 PM

hi stefwhit :)

i became a die hard serena fan in 1998 :) i was at my dentist, and i saw a magazine, a picture of venus playing usopen, and it was love at first sight (it can sound weird but first i enchanted by venus without knowing who she was or if she was a good tennis player or not.. oh and i loved her name too ;) ) but i loved venus figure on that magazine. i loved the beads, i thought it was different :). i never liked tennis back then.. then on 1999 roland garros, i saw serena played and i thought it was venus :o and i was impressed with her game... and everything.. the dress the beads, her game everything, and i really started following that tournament... then i remember i heard the commentor saying that she had a sister.. venus williams.. then i remembered when i saw that magazine in 1998 :o.. and that serena was the younger sister.. and i was like*wow.. theyre sister* and i became a fan of both.. but as i followed tennis, i saw how serena was venus shadow, and how serena used to lose to venus everytime they played.. and i still didnt swallow that wimbledon 2000 semifinals, where serena beat everyone 60 60 and lost incredibly bad to venus.. and i started to feel sorry for serena and an incredible anger towards venus... i even cried that whole afternoon.. after that match i became a bigger fan of serena and i started to cheer less for venus, and since venus started not to show her emotions on court and serena is exactly the opposite and i like emotional players.. i decided to only dedicated myself to serena, but i have an interest on venus, but my main dedication is towards serena :wavey:

nice stories of you guys :)

Stefwhit Apr 11th, 2004 10:59 PM

Becool- you're story is another reminder of what Serena (and Vee) have really brought to tennis. It's mind boggeling (sp?) how many new fans have started watching tennis now because of them, trully amazing!! Thanks for your story...

SJW Apr 17th, 2004 01:56 PM

hey guys :)

i was a casual fan during the Steffi days, i just remember if my mom was watching tennis, i would be supporting Steffi and Andre, and not care about anyone else. then i remember watching Martina lift wimby in 97, then i guess i stopped watching tennis.

it feels like ive watched Serena grow from an eager teenager to a beautiful and delightful young woman :D we didn't get much tennis coverage in Europe until after the sisters were doing well...amazing huh? i remember the hype about 2 sisters in tennis, so i knew about them, but didn't watch them. then came that day in 00 when they faced off in the Wimby semis. Britain was soooooooo hyped it was amazing. when Serena lost, it was the talk of my class, about how she looked so upset. i was thinking "i'm gonna watch the final so i have something to add". watched the final and was cheering on Venus...

then i went to Canada in August 00, and it's funny how that's the time of the Canadian Open. just flicking, i saw Serena playing Martina Hingis, someone i also had an interest in. it was amazing how Serena just wiped the court with martina for the first set, but then got injured :sad: my first full slam following her was the USO 00. i was so sad when she got thrashed by Linzi in the quarters :sad:

so i guess, the first match i sat down and watched from start to finish involving Serena was the Canadian Open final in 00 :)

bandabou Apr 17th, 2004 09:57 PM

I became of fan of Serena after her victory over Lindsay Davenport at the 99 U.S. open......I heard she had her first big win at IW earlier that year, but the way she won that match against Lindsay and the coolness and confidence she had. It was amazing. I knew it was only a matter of time before she would turn that rivalry with Venus around....and voila. She really really is the successor of Steffi Graf.

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