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Aug 2nd, 2013 09:26 PM
Nederlander RUS
Re: Nina fans Off-Topic Thread

My friend from Kortrijk says the same, now she is chilling out a bit here in SPb, as it is chilly here atm
Aug 2nd, 2013 04:56 PM
Re: Nina fans Off-Topic Thread

Here it's the hottest day of the year. More than 35 degrees, you cannot come outside
Aug 2nd, 2013 08:49 AM
Nederlander RUS
Re: Nina fans Off-Topic Thread

yeah, hoping that the weather also will be nice.

We had a very good weather here in St-Petersburg in June and July, now it got worse, today it's rainy and only 16 C
Aug 1st, 2013 08:31 PM
Re: Nina fans Off-Topic Thread

Barcelona is a nice city
Aug 1st, 2013 09:07 AM
Nederlander RUS
Re: Nina fans Off-Topic Thread

Originally Posted by hellas719 View Post
Nina will win a lot of matches in the US
would be great
I am going to Barcelona next week.
Wishing everyone here great time at and off vacations
Jul 30th, 2013 07:53 PM
Re: Nina fans Off-Topic Thread

I'm doing fine. Have a great time in Greece!
Jul 13th, 2013 04:33 AM
Re: Nina fans Off-Topic Thread

How is everyone?
I'm going to Greece next week so I'm going to be off TF for a while probably. Hopefully when I'm gone Nina will win a lot of matches in the US
Jul 29th, 2012 08:14 PM
Re: Nina fans Off-Topic Thread

Yeah, I bought oranges, but I don't know if they were from Valencia. So, anyway when I was already back in Estonia I saw a sign at the supermarket that said Valencia's orange, and the country of origin was... Egypt

Once we actually talked about the communities, well sort of. It came up with transportation, that there are regional trains which are cheaper than the other ones. So then I asked how many regions there were, but she said she didn't remember exactly. I thought maybe in Spain it's not discussed at school Ceuta and Melilla are in Africa (just checked), very interesting.

Actually I don't find Spanish so difficult. The grammar isn't as easy as in English, but I think it's fine (or maybe I haven't got to the hard part yet). The most confusing so far is using SER or ESTAR, but with time it comes more of an instinct. Same with conjugation (though it's annoying at times when I have to think which form I want to use, and then start going in my head like hablo, hablas, habla, hablamos, hablais, hablan).
You're right, I'm lucky and I know it Actually the greatest thing has been that I've had native speakers as teachers. It adds so much more, especially with the cultural and everyday stuff. Though if you're not in it, it's kind of hard to imagine everyday life from a distant (I had heard about how people would eat late, but I realized it just in Spain when I saw little kids playing at park at 10 pm).
Kids who have a chance to take part of summer camps abroad to learn another language, have a really great advantage IMO.

Well, it's already a step in a right direction if someone even knows there's a country Estonia We're a Baltic country, but we have totally different language of Latvia and Lithuania (they have similar languages, but those are also not Slavic, though they are part of the Indo-European language tree). Sort of like Finland is a Nordic country, but has a totally different language of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland.

We could complain, and have protests, but I guess we're too lazy. Estonians whine and bitch, but when there's chance to do something it's like 'let others do it, I don't want to get in the middle of this'. So thankfully it's not because the government would "put people away" if it got too uncomfortable for them The bigger problem is that there are no strong labor unions to fight for the rights. Yes, there are rights at work by the law, but the employers usually find some hole to skip it. Or as it is at the moment with high unemployment rate, they would say "if you don't accept these conditions I'll take someone else", because there's a line out of the door, and people would do anything just to get some work.. Totally slave's mentality, and I don't think there'll be a change for the better anytime soon. There are very few positions here where the employee could dictate the conditions.
Jul 29th, 2012 02:31 PM
Re: Nina fans Off-Topic Thread

Oh my bad. I know Estonia is a baltic country but somehow I thought Baltic and Slavic are related in some ways...Guess not

Well most of us have black hair instead of brown but yeah if youīre like that,I dunno how those employees knew youīre not from Spain . And about your skin going red because of the sun, guess what? Happens to everyone and tends to happen because of a extreme sunbathing (doesnīt matter if you were searching for it or not)

You took with you your Spanish dictionary wherever you went? How cute . About that Indian guy...well if anyone I donīt know starts asking about something personal about my sister...well I would feel a bit akward for sure (and I would think that guy is a creepy one ).

About the Spanish language...everyone says itīs difficult to learn,donīt know why (Actually I do,must be because the grammar was made in hell for those who are not native) but as you said, you can do some basic stuff which is pretty important . And it happens to everyone, they can understand more than they can talk.And donīt worry, with time and patience you will leave the A level and became B or C or whatever you want .Also you have been to the country, youīve experienced the radio, the conversations etc...It can only help you in the future plus should use it as a mirror to improve. Iīm saying this because I guess not everyone who studies a foreign language is able to go to that country and stay there for a while so youīre lucky IMO but I guess you already know that

Well,this Supra Alsa bus is amazing. Iīve never been in a bus like that, I can assure you. And if they even have like a stewardess, well that looks more of a plane than a bus .Good for you on trying that, now I must try that bus too

If the information in the shirt is right, well then you Estonians have all the right to complain, even more than the Greeks .I didnīt know things were as bad there but isnīt the Government too strict about the complaints? E.g. sending the cops to end a manifestation? That would explain why everyone is complaining but noone acts. I really hope that isnīt the case,because itīs almost like going backwards about your own freedom..

In your Spanish class they didnīt tell you about "Las Comunidades Autónomas"? Theyīre what you would call a region, and in Spain there are 17 of those. Itīs like the States of EEUU. every one is different and have differents laws and such, but of course there, things arenīt such as big as in USA . And then you have Ceuta and Melilla, two autonomic cities that donīt belong to any of those 17 CCAA(Comunidades Autónomas). The Central Government, which is in the capital, controls Spain. Iīm telling you that because Extremadura is one of those CCAA. Alicante isnīt a CCAA, itīs included in Comunidad Valenciana, alongside Valencia & Castellón : p

BTW about Valencia, did you finally bought some oranges de Valencia?

Well actually Iīll be living in Madrid from October onwards but Iīll plan to keep on living in the future. (Not if I get a spot in AgaSport or similar as a tennis journalist, which is for what Iīm studying for ) Everyone says that living in Madrid is pretty stressful,gotta check that by myself...I hope is not as bad as everyone makes out to be . But yeah if I live in Madrid Iīll get to know the town very well so the touristic walks arenīt that out of question
Jul 26th, 2012 08:49 PM
Re: Nina fans Off-Topic Thread

Actually Estonia isn't a slavic country, but well who'll know that anyway. We're in the same boat with Finns and Hungarians (though I understand Hungarian about as well as Chinese).

Actually I don't think I look too different of a Spaniard in winter, I have brown hair and brown eyes. Just my skin goes redish because of the heavy sun (I don't look like a complete lobster though, and later it goes more normal color).

Talking of different people.. I had a quite interesting conversation at the beach one time. There was one Indian guy, and he started talking to me because he saw my dictionary (yeah, I dragged it everywhere), so he knew I can talk English. One of his first questions was how many sisters I have, and was disappointed I had just one. Next question was if she's married, and when he heard she's single, he wanted to see her picture. I said I don't have one with me at the beach, and he asked me why not, don't I love her

My Spanish.. well I think I took a bit too low level, because it was more like a refreshing my memory + some more vocabulary. I told them I'm level A1, I also took some grammar test, so they put me to A1. I now think I should have taken A2. I really hoped I could use past tense in the end of the 2 weeks, but apparently not Well I can only use this kind of form for past tense, for example yo he paseado ...
But in general I can pretty much cope with everyday life, like going to a store, asking for a price, understanding what the reply is about, asking for directions and stuff like this. I even listened to a radio, I didn't really understand everything but there was this lady on the phone who talked about her husband, they had been together for almost 30 years. I guess he cheated on her, or something happened, and now he wanted forgiveness or whatever. Either way they were yapping on and on about it forever.
So yeah, I can talk to a native about really really basic stuff. I can understand more, than I can talk though. Well, this instructor guy in the boat talked Spanish to me, though he can also talk English as there were some non-Spanish speaking people too. And I think he actually meant it when he asked me about the party last night I told him I didn't, which is true, or it had been even more embarrassing.

Well the Alsa's bus Supra.. maybe it's something normal for you, but here it certainly would have a wow effect. This bus had it's own screens for each person. It was possible to watch TV, movies or the camera installed in front of the bus (basically see the road like on the first seat, but it was lagging), listen to radio (didn't work though) or music (some selected artists I had never heard of, and also non-Spanish), or follow the bus' live on the map. (But with your own headphones though.) They also provided a free water, though as I understand from the little advertisement on daily trips they have like a stewardess there, but I'm not sure.

Estonians have A LOT to complain about. But when it's time for actions no one really wants to put their skin to the market and "make a fool" of themselves. Like for example when we gave this money to help Greece, stuff like this started appearing on the Internet (but people would not go to protest against it):

Though in March we had teacher's protest on pretty large scale. Not quite like in Spain at the moment, but a bit on this direction.

Now I know Extremadura Poco a poco. It's not like I knew Alicante before I went there either.

So you'll be living in Madrid for a few years! How great is that! Now you can have a touristic tour almost every day (actually I know once you live there, you'll have so much other stuff to do that you barely think of going to Puerta del Sol for example).
Jul 26th, 2012 01:08 PM
Re: Nina fans Off-Topic Thread

Well, Katrin, itīs such a shame that your adventures ended but so does everything in life. Atleast you had a great time, thatīs what matters the most

And tell me, have your Spanish skills improved? Would you be able to maintain a conversation with a native, for example? And this happens to everybody, has the grammar driven you crazy?.

Iīm not surprised everyone quickly noticed youīre from some Slavic country (They surely canīt known youīre exactly from Estonia ), because well,itīs easy: almost all of us ae more the Latin type: much darker skin, eyes and hair colour, you know . And LOL at the people knowing Estonia because of the ESC. I thought it was totally useless, guess not BTW,I always wanted to ask you, your hair is blonde or red?

Itīs unfortunate what happened to you when diving. Iīve never done anything like that so I donīt know how it feels though, admittedly, I donīt like the water very much so Iīm not too keen of doing so .

And BTW what did you reply to him when he asked you if you had been partying the night before? .Surely he must have been joking

Itīs great you finally went to Madrid! . Those touristic buses are everywhere (Iīve never been to one in Madrid, but Iīve been to those in some other cities, like Lisbon, and those are cool ; ) ).You learn a lot about the city and see things that you couldnīt have seen if you were just walking . TBH itīs no surprise that you were more than surprised, Madrid is BIG : lol :

And what are the Alsa Supra bus like? Never heard of them. I know Alsa is a popular bus company,but Alsa idea whatīs is that. Though it must be amazing for what you say

What about the gazpacho? Did you like it?

Also, you did well in trying the horchatas to fight the heat ; ). Poor you that didnīt like the first one : hug : ,but glad it had its good use : D

Iīm not surprised you have to witness a protest. They are EVERYWHERE these days and with a good reason. Beyond useless and shameless villians is what our political people are. Though itīs our fault to vote them I guess . Must be because back then everyone thought the other party was even worse but guess not...Anyway this is off-topic so Iīm gonna leave it at there. Also I lolīd when you said that a protest in Estonia is just two people with a poster : lol :. Surely must be because people there doesnīt have as much to complain as we do : shrug :

I canīt believe you missed El Oso y el Madroņo. They are just in Puerta del Sol, itīs unbelievable you didnīt see them . And ugh @ Sponge Bob. How I loathe this stupid character

Pretty cool photos Katrin : yeah : : cool :. That ship-restaurant looks amazing : eek :

I live in Extremadura, dunno if you had ever heard about this region. Probably not though . Weīre from 300ks away from Madrid : p. And we still are one of the most rural regions in Spain : tape :

I want to change my university because the first year Iīve been in University King Juan Carlos, in Fuenlabrada, one of those cities of 100,000+ people that are near Madrid. But itīs not the same as Madrid, and I just want to be in Madrid because it has everything. Iīm gonna tell you, we have a pretty good friends of my parents who live in Fuenlabrada and since last year was my first year far from home, my parents thought I would go with them so they kind of felt more safe about me. But I was bored there so I decided to try something bigger. And thatīs Madrid, as you can already guess : p

Great holidays you had : worship :.Hopefully youīll come again in the upcoming years ; )
Jul 24th, 2012 02:41 PM
Re: Nina fans Off-Topic Thread

Unfortunately my adventures in Spain are over for this time

Needless to say I loved it there! Well, I actually haven't been to the place yet where it's like I want homeeee.

Two weeks passed so very quickly. Especially the second week. Probably it was also because I had the classes in the afternoon at 15-20. I normally would like to sleep late, so getting up at 12 it's like only 3h till class, can't really do anything.

It was a funny coincidence how at the same day two different shop assistants at two different places knew that I'm from somewhere else. One of them asked me a second after I had stepped to the store, 'Do you speak English?'. I thought I must look terribly red And another one said something in Russian to me, I don't know if I talk with Russian accent maybe Anyway, he made sure I knew what he told me, and when I said I'm not from Russia, he started throwing me all the countries he knew in Eastern Europe Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia and what else
But actually people at least know know there's Estonia. One of the guys working at the school office told me that Estonia is famous because of Eurovision. And I thought no one really cares for ESC. Though Euphoria (this year's winner) was played a lot on radio.

I also went snorkeling to an island Tabarca near Alicante. It turned out to be a totally different experience than I had expected. I got sea sick while snorkeling The waves were kind of big, so when I had my head under water watching the fish, the waves made me feel sick. I have felt a bit sea sick in a boat before, but this time it was just terrible. Finally I managed to swim to the shore, and sat there for quite a while like I had escaped a drowning ship or something But when I got back to the boat it got worse, so the instructor asked me if I had a big fiesta last night or something

I spent my last day in Madrid, touring on a hop on, hop off bus. I had no expectations, however I never expected it to be so huge. I was kind of overwhelmed with all the old and huge buildings, I can't really explain it. Also one day (and in my case not even a day, but like 5 hours) is clearly not enough. I had actually planned to go to Madrid at Friday night, so I'd have the evening + Saturday, but the evening classes messed up my plans

Also, the bus I took from Alicante to Madrid, is a totally new level. I'd even say the planes flying in continental Europe (at least the ones I've flown with) have nothing on Alsa's Supra buses Unfortunately my trip was at night, so there was not much difference which bus it would have been.

Well, as I understand gazpacho can either be a drink or a soup I had a drink:

I didn't see the horchata drink at the store, but there was a box horchata sticks like in the shape of an ice cream, so I bought those. It has a specific taste to it.. First one I tried I couldn't finish it. But when I felt really thirsty, I thought about what you said it helping to fight the heat. So the next ones were better.

One of the last days in Alicante, I met the protesters. I was surprised it's on such a big scale. Here a protest = 2 people with a poster

2 more pictures from Alicante. 1st is Explanada at the night (I really love the city lights at night!), also one of the symbols of Alicante besides castillo de Santa Barbara.

A restaurant in the ship

At Puerta del Sol (it's a funny coincidence how it seems like someone's finger is pushing one of Sponge Bob's buttons).

Actually Puerta del Sol was one of the places I knew beforehand. But then I didn't see the bear and Madroņo, and also missed the kilometer 0 plate. I'm so disappointed in myself for this, really.

Queen Sofia's higher music school (I just liked the idea of the notes at the house!)

Almuenda's cathedral.. in front of it the Royal palace

EDIT: I never asked, but what area do you live at Karlos? Why do you want to change the university? I guess it would be further from home?
Jul 21st, 2012 03:37 PM
Re: Nina fans Off-Topic Thread

Katrin,you have to forgive me. Iīve been so busy lately because I want to change my university and so these last few days I have had to do a LOT of papers and then find a place to stay during the academic year. But I havenīt forgotten you and your adventures there ; ).

Yes, palmeral means palm tree. And palm = palmera. Easy,isnīt it? : p

Iīm also surprised at those palms. Never seen anything like this before; atleast in my region there arenīt things like this : lol :

Iīve never been to neither Villajoyosa nor Altea, but I did visit Elche, havenīt you gone there? :speechless:

Itīs great you got to eat some chocolate despite those teen efforts to ruin everything .I love me some chocolate too : lick : ; )

About the oranges,Iīm sure they sell them in every shop related to food .And if you want to buy them in a supermarket, then indeed you have to go to the Frutas y Verduras section but make sure those oranges are from Valencia and not everywhere else, there must be some label saying "Naranja de Valencia" : p

About the horchata, you can also buy a bottle in every supermarket and itīll be way cheaper than in the bars altough Iīm not sure if you saw it there...About the gazpacho, never tried nor Iīm intend to in the future : lol :. I believe it leaves you very thirsty and the gazpacho has a weird look to say the least .So I canīt really answer you if it could be better with some salt and pepper but I think its taste would be even worse : rolls :, so yeah I wouldnīt recommend it. But the best thing you can do if you didnīt like it at first itīs not to try it again : lol :

You remind me of my mother with the shopping stuff : lol :. Sheīs always so happy when the rebajas come around but then she goes to the shops and comes back sad or angry because she didnīt find what she wanted and instead, like you, buys something she never uses. Iīll never understand how the brain of you girls works : spit :

About the oro thing, Iīm sure you refer to those big posters in yellow saying "Vendo oro" or "Compro oro". They are everywhere and TBH I donīt get what their business is about : shrug :. I mostly think, Oh look, again those stupid posters and then walk away shaking my head : lol :

And about the souvenirs thing, I tend to buy some almost everytime despite knowing, as you said, that they are pretty overpriced but well,after all it seems to me that they help you have a more vivid remembrance of your holidays : p. But if you donīt feel like buying some, you can always have your photos : shrug:

BTW nice photos :yeah :.Keep them coming ; ) and share more experiences please : ) and, needless to say, ask for help if you need any ; ). I promise you Iīll reply you much faster next time ; )

EDIT: Fuck I had to delete a lot of smiles because we are can only have 20 and I had like 40
Jul 15th, 2012 10:18 PM
Re: Nina fans Off-Topic Thread

Okay, I'll flood the thread a bit with some pictures.

One of the symbols in Alicante, castle of Santa Barbara

The other day we went to el palmeral (I guess it translates to palm tree something?)

Some of those palms (at least those looked like palm trees) had stuff like this on them

Others had stuff like this. I was literally : for a while, and my first thought was it's something artificial to make it prettier, but it's actually real stuff on the tree

Yesterday we visited Villajoyosa (also Valor's chocolate factory, and got to try different kind of chocolates the only thing was though that since there were some teens too, they ATE the best one rather quickly, it was rather rude imo because there were other people besides them also). Colorful houses from there

and also went to Altea where they have those white houses

I don't really like oranges. But I think I'll buy some to go before I leave. Do they sell oranges from other places here also? I guess the best place to buy those would be Frutas y Verduras?

I saw Horchata at one place today. They asked 3.50€ for this, so I thought not today.. But I did try something called gozpacho andaluz. Since it looked red, I assumed it's something sweet and includes watermelon. And instead... such a surprise It's something with tomato I think, and Anyway, I didn't really enjoy it. Maybe if to add some pepper and salt it'd be better?

And actually I don't really like shopping, because I can never decide. So it's either I take it all (usually not possible), or take nothing and leave the store mad at myself, because I can't make up my mind. And in the end when I've spent like the whole day in stores, and ended up with nothing, I just go and buy something that I barely end up wearing
But it's hard not to notice when they have rebajas written on every window (Another word I saw a lot, and I mean a lot was oro, and I thought it must be something necessary for everyday life. So I looked it up, and learned that gold is really big here)
Unfortunately those stores don't sell souvenirs and there's no rebaja on souvenirs (those pieces of "art" must be one of the most overpriced things there are (not just in Spain, but everywhere), like 3€ for some rubber bracelet?).
Jul 13th, 2012 11:24 PM
Re: Nina fans Off-Topic Thread

Originally Posted by WhoAmI? View Post
Vale, si esta muy muy calor, pero... I can stand it when I'm not outside Actually since I'm staying at an apartment (I think it's usually rented to the students of university, but this program I'm taking part of has probably some contraction with the owner) without air conditioner, it's even better outside, because there's wind. Though en mediodia es imposible.

I'm in Alicante. I came alone, so I don't really know anyone here. And since the program is for extranjeros, I don't get to meet lots of local people (apart from the teachers and casual vendedoras), unless I jump on one of them (which won't happen).

Since it's so hot I barely eat, just drinking lots of water. However yesterday I had a first proper meal (since Monday, otherwise it's a bite of sandwich). I had a paella (for the first time). It was good Any other recommendations? Is there like something special to Spain (even candies, or chocolate or whatever)? Because this globalization is just crazy! McDonalds on every corner, same food (hamburgers, pizzas, Milka, Nesquick, Haribo), Terranova, Zara, not to mention Adidas, Nike, and Puma.

One of the first new words I learned was REBAJAS! REBAJAS! REBAJAS! I'm not complaining

I also wanted to spend a day in Madrid, but now it's kind of hard, as my classes are from 3-8 in the evening, and I have a plane on Saturday (in ideal world I would have left to Madrid on Friday, and spent Saturday doing touristic stuff).
Wow Katrin Iīm impressed,I admit . I mean, to come alone here even though youīre in a program about learning languages is impressive .

Theyīre pretty stingy Iīd say .I mean,how can they expect people to survive without an air conditioner when siesta comes around is beyond me...

What are the goals of this program? How they try to fulfill these goals? Since you said youīve some teachers,I doubt they bring you all to the beach

Iīd suggest you to try a fresh drink called Horchata to fight the heat. Itīs typical from Valencia though has a great acceptation in every place of Spain . They use a plant called chufa to do the Horchata,I donīt think youīve ever heard about it,but seriously,itīs good .

About the food,typical Spanish food, paella is the biggest meal in the Costa Brava. Iīm not too fond of it though but Iīm glad you tried that (and liked it) because thatīs what everyone does. Also in Alicante there are a lots of shellfish of every kind which are also typical Spanish so try it . If you want some fruit, you cannot avoid to try the oranges of Valencia, the very best of the world . If you donīt like our food you can always rely on McDonals and such so I donīt think the eating part could be a problem. That said, I really hope you try those things I said if you want to know us better . Would be even better if you like it, and since you liked Paella youīre on the right track, dare I say

If you learned the Rebajas word,Iīm sure you love to shopping then . My advice to you is that you should try to buy everything you want such as clothes, shoes or even souvenirs because as you already know, rebajas means prices are lesser than before so everyone goes for it. You have to be fast though

Before I forget, are you taking some photos of the sea and such? If so, could be nice if you could share : D.

What Saturday youīre leaving? I hope itīs not tomorrow...if so, you wouldnīt have time to try all my advices . Please keep me updated and needless to say,Iīm more than willing to help you if you need every kind of help .

BTW I liked your post,seems like youīre having fun which is great so you just have to keep the fun coming! : cheer :
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