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Yesterday 09:48 PM
Originally Posted by nazzac View Post

Anyone able to translate? Google is useless
Sorry for my english:

On the form, Caroline and her team want to tell again their surprise about timing of this FFT's announcement, day before grand slam and about decision who will be made on 24 september.

Caroline is showed guilty in front of public with very strong words ("flout federal institution" "damage tennis image") who are not matching with facts repraoched and who are originally big error made by FFT, who can seem to be not important for public but can be disturbing when you are in compétition and in professional univers.

Moreover, this announcement forget pretty fast fidelity and engagement without a hitch from Caroline for the team since the beginning of her carreer, which sometimes costs her on WTA tour. Caroline always honoured with détermination national and collectives values.
Caroline wants today to everyone to take their responsability in constructive, objective, and calm exchange.
Yesterday 09:11 PM
Re: Caroline Garcia

Anyone able to translate? Google is useless
Yesterday 04:45 PM
Re: Caroline Garcia

Caro's suspension is the biggest joke.

She did nothing wrong .

Anyway, i wonder if she will speak up about this?
Yesterday 07:10 AM
Jow It is ridiculous seriously. And if they are finally able to play final, if i was Caro, i would play this final and tell them fuck or next years, until direction changed in FFT. They are incompetent and for sure Kiki said the truth, but should not go out like that. Not alone, not this way, not good timing. But they are worst here !!! Saying this just before uso and to players who are the team, not only part of, without Kiki and Caro we would be in WGII it is a big fuck you, you did that and were involved ? Don't care we need to show who are the boss here. I did respect them, now i don't anymore.
I should go to final, everything is planned, but if they don't play, i won't go and pretty sure i won't be the only one to do it.
Aug 28th, 2016 08:18 PM
Re: Caroline Garcia

I don't know French, but translate said that she will speak about it later but this wasn't a good time to do it on the eve of the US Open.

Yeah, it is on her mind. Luckily she plays Tuesday....
Aug 28th, 2016 04:55 PM
Re: Caroline Garcia

Yeah they must, but only a few would and one of them will probably never represent France again...

I think it is more than pressure that affects Caro. These off the court things affect her, she is not the type of player to put that to the back of her mind.

She is going through a lot at the moment, and i wouldn't be surprised to see her flop in the first round of the US Open.
Aug 28th, 2016 04:35 PM
Re: Caroline Garcia

They all must get fired and I think the players must speak up loudly about how the fft is in reality

So many bad affairs they are involved in, corruption...

they must be ashamed about their incompetence

Caroline must think ONLY about herself here and how to get ready to play tennis.

Dont get why she feels "so much pressure" while she has nothing to defend here.
Go and play free, nothing nor nobody should bother you . It is about being positive but after what I saw those last weeks it may be tough for sure...
Aug 28th, 2016 04:07 PM
Re: Caroline Garcia

It really does.

I mean, i know why Paire got suspended . The whole thing with him sounded hilarious i thought.

Kiki, yes she did go on a rant, but to punish her is harsh.

Caro getting any sort of punishment is ridiculous as she literally did nothing wrong. She posted a reserved statement on twitter and that is it. I think she has been suspended by association with Kiki. I suppose this is how they repay her for leading France to the Fed Cup final . I wonder if they will lift it for the Fed Cup final? Without her they will be screwed.

I hope this doesn't bother her though, but knowing Caro it will
Aug 28th, 2016 03:37 PM
Re: Caroline Garcia

They re ridiculous to sanction them like that but this shows how bad and incompetent the fft is

Caroline must not take this sanction seriously, she has nothing to be ashamed there so don't be affected

rise your head UP and inspire from this to get stronger, what doesnt kill you makes you stronger

so go and do what you like the most: play tennis. Take this RAGE and use it in a positive way. GO AND FIGHT BIG to GET THE WIN.
Aug 28th, 2016 02:39 PM
Re: Caroline Garcia

I just read that Caro and Kiki have been suspended by the FFT for the comments made after the Olympics doubles match.

She has been through a lot recently, and this won't help her. I think it was harsh
Aug 27th, 2016 08:09 AM
Re: Caroline Garcia

Originally Posted by améliemomo View Post
One last thing to conclude and close this discussion

you mentioned Na Li and Stanislas Wawrinka as peaked late, that's true but they managed to win slams and become top players by chosing the right persons to work with

great coachs with special way of working, very tough one

they changed the way they used to be but they WANTED it badly
Yes they did, they found the right formula to have success.

I am sure Caro will find her's eventually, whatever that may be. A change in coach might be the making of her, who knows. But i think in her mind, she needs Dad at the moment.

She is young, but mentally she is even younger. It will take time for her to grow and realise what to do
Aug 26th, 2016 08:41 PM
Re: Caroline Garcia

One last thing to conclude and close this discussion

you mentioned Na Li and Stanislas Wawrinka as peaked late, that's true but they managed to win slams and become top players by chosing the right persons to work with

great coachs with special way of working, very tough one

they changed the way they used to be but they WANTED it badly
Aug 26th, 2016 08:01 PM
Re: Caroline Garcia

Two completely different players.

Woz shot up very quick. She was number 1 very young and became a celebrity, got with McIlroy etc....

Garcia's career has been a slow, gradual rise up the rankings that in my opinion has not reached it's climax. She has also not reached the fame of Woz, nowhere near

You may think otherwise, which is fine by me, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But my opinion is that Caro will have a good career and will achieve big success. It might take a while, but i do believe she will happen. She is a work in progress, and maybe her stint at the top will not be a long one, but i believe she will make it and do some special things whilst there.

I am not disagreeing with your points entirely. I just believe in her. I think she will figure it out eventually, whatever 'it' is of course. It might be a change in coach, or it might just take 1 result to changer her career. I guess we will have to wait and see
Aug 26th, 2016 06:47 PM
Re: Caroline Garcia

well I want to compare her with Caroline Wozniacki concerning their dad and the coaching issue

the danish girl was born to become a top player, that's what she wanted and she worked for
as Caroline Garcia she IS the one who wants her dad to be her coach, she tried different other coachs, great and successful one(sanchez vicario, hogstedt, kotyza)
those collaboration NEVER LAST. Why?
she was very successful, reached world n°1 but never won a slam

the best players are the one who are able to think wisely and make the right choice. Wozniacki is 26 now, losing to tennagers up and coming players...
Her peak is behind her imo cause she wasnt good enough. She's "only" 26.

act when you have to, don't wait cause maybe you wont have another chance. Live the day, the present life. You dont know what comes after.
Aug 26th, 2016 05:46 PM
Re: Caroline Garcia

Originally Posted by améliemomo View Post
I agree with you when you say she is "mentally a young girl" and she proved it again in fer FB page

posting a pic of her little dog saying how much she miss him and would like to have it with her...
but she has to connect with that "tough reality" which is the professional tennis world, young or mature
In all honesty, i like that about her. Now i hate dogs, but her relationship with her dog reminds me of a friend of mine.

I would rather her not connect with this 'tough reality' and become a robot if it means losing what in my mind is the reason why i like her so much.

Originally Posted by améliemomo View Post
I dont agree with you about having dad around her along side with a real coach. I don't think this coach would be "free" and succesful with someone from "the outside" interfering with him.
It didn't work with the coach she had before that match against Sharapova at Roland Garros. This coach who is now working for the canadian federation of tennis said that it was "nearly impossible" to work with caroline, she was complaining a lot and her dad permanently interfering with her training.
I am trying to find a happy medium because i don't see Caroline getting rid of dad anytime soon. She was 17 when that Sharapova match happened, maybe it would be different now?

Caroline is still mentally young, but i think she has come a long way since then. I will openly admit that i thought she was a brat when she was young and it was not until i saw what she was like off court that i started to like her, but i believe she has improved. I see that in her behaviour now.

Originally Posted by améliemomo View Post
well she has to know what she REALLY wants. Staying with dad because when she cries she knows he'll always be there and agree with her at the end
She needs to grow up cause she cant impose herself in the tour without making all the hard work the tour needs. Dad is not a coach, HE IS NOT A COACH
This is a "problem" cause to reach the top she'll need someone else. That's reality. Like it or not. It's been more than 5 years since that "big exposure" at Roland Garros against Sharapova and those comments from Andy Murray and Martina Navratilova

she decided to "close herself" , may have felt fear cause it is big expectations BUT those people would have not said such a thing if she hasnt what it takes to suceed. She has to BELIEVE in herself and be ready to do EVERYTHING to get to the highest level

but does she really want that?should question herself and be honest cause staying a liitle girl ok but till when?does she want to finish her career like many french players with regrets?
Like i say, Caro is still growing as a person and a player. She is only 22, she has plenty of time to be successful. I mean look at Wawrinka and Li Na. They peaked later on in their careers, Caro could possibly do the same.

Things might work out in the end with her and dad, who knows? She might get worse with another coach, we can't predict these things. Tennis is a funny sport like that.

But she is 22. I don't think there is any reason to write her and dad off yet. If she reaches 24-25 and she has not improved then there may be reason to start worrying.

But for now, i believe we should give her time.
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