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Oct 9th, 2015 11:50 AM
Re: Elena Dementieva Fans Club Vol 8

Very nice!!
Sep 29th, 2015 12:15 AM
Re: Elena Dementieva Fans Club Vol 8

Thanks, Maca! That was a real find.

Baby Veronika watching hockey!
Sep 28th, 2015 08:26 AM
Re: Elena Dementieva Fans Club Vol 8

Maaaaaax!!!! you're gonna love this interview!

First I must say that Russian journalists finally asked good questions to Lena (I'm sure you'll think the same Max). The bad thing about this interview is that is in russian so I don't fully understand the questions or answers and google translate doesn't help that much.

Here is the link for the interview in russian

And with the help of my friend google translate:

(You know this translation is bad when you can't even understand the main idea in your own language)

I want to start with a question that you asked for a career, probably more often, but today he somehow came by itself - Elena, and that you have to supply?

Lena: (Laughs)I live outside of Moscow now. Walking with a stroller I wondered if anybody plays tennis in the neighborhood? I met a neighbor and asked: "Do you play?" he said yes and was happy to play with me. We stepped on the court and I served a double fault. "Now that's Dementieva I know" he said. I laughed.

How long did you prepare for the game of legends?

Lena: well, I played a few times.

For what we saw, It seems that you've been preparing for a long time, you are in great shape.

Lena: I just Zhenya [Kafelnikov] his presence on the map of spurs. It should match. ()

Playful manner of the match makes you forget that it's tennis, or you still trying?

Lena: I can say that in a good mood all matches meets Goran Ivanisevic. He's just a showman, a charismatic person, artistic, so when you play with him, everything turns into a show, even if you are tuned to play seriously. They are always so - that Marat [Safin] that the mountain - they are similar in Physical guys. I do not know, I think it's fun. But seriously, we have played enough.

He tried to remember how much you have in your career has been mixed

Lena: Once all Play: Sargis Sargsian offered me at Australian Open. They just tend to go in the tournament "Grand Slam", and there you are more focused on a single speech. I've already thought about it and I regret that almost did not act in this category. It was better, instead of a pair of playing mixed doubles, as against men play a much more interesting. This is good training, and high-speed games. After them was easier to play with women. I think it's a chance that I missed

Men at least occasionally play a gentleman in these games, as they are today Goran and Yevgeny?

Lena: No. Gentleman in the "Grand Slam" of the men I had not seen. There are already playing to win. And I've seen that in crucial moments beat the women shamelessly with all his strength. Here you need to be ready for it

You played three olympic games. But the mixed doubles program started just after you retired from tennis. There is regrettable that little parted ways?

Lena: It's a pity, yes. But what can you do

Do you watch tennis now?

Lena: When there is a Grand Slam, or some other major tournaments, and if I have come across, happy to watch. That US Open recently, for example.

What matches in a career you particularly roads, memorable? For a humiliating defeat or a bright victory?

Lena: It is difficult to single out one particular match. If we talk about the defeat, it was a great game with Serena at Wimbledon. Not because there was a match point, but just the game itself, the quality of play was great. It was a good match. As for the victories, all the matches of the road. It is difficult to single out, but, of course, call the Olympics, because it was the biggest goal, the biggest dream.

Serena Williams now looks unbeatable, almost gathered this season, "Grand Slam", and at the time you have won it many times. Especially, perhaps, memorable for the Russian public victory in the final of the Kremlin Cup - 2007. And for you the most important is this match?

Lena: Yes of course. And the match and the tournament. It so happened that I was recovering from a serious injury - I had three broken ribs. It was a deep depression, and I do not know if I can or can not return to the court. Competition, of course, has always been a landmark for me and a victory over Serena in the final was a very memorable moment.

You are very young came immediately to the finals of the Olympics in Sydney, and that has not turned out in Athens? It seems that not all tennis players liked while living conditions in the Olympic Village.

Lena: No. It was not in the conditions, I just do not handle itself, perhaps with excitement. And then, I say, it was quite a heavy first round Alicia Molik. She played very well, maybe it was her best year. She has always been very good feed, and my feed, I could not take all of their game. And it so happened that I lost.

But you lived in Beijing alone, and not in the village.

Lena: You know, to be honest, having already two Olympic Games, to get some experience. The first Olympic Games - is a young, enthusiastic, you do not need much sleep, relax, because you live in a house where more 10-15 athletes. Everyone has their own schedule, his regime. Someone came to celebrate success. Someone has already bounced back and wants the same note, but its poor performance. As a result, an endless fuss was about, and it's hard - to focus on its operation. And in Beijing, I just knew for myself that I was going for the result. What is the atmosphere of the Olympic Village - I knew I was not interested in this experience. I just wanted a medal.

(me: Max, here comes the good part )

Does your daughter's an interesting name - Veronika. Resonates a little with the name of your mother Vera Semyonovna.

Lena: Yes. I even once said that it is - a victory of faith or belief in victory? I thought it was both. Probably so.

(This is what we've been wondering Max!)
Does your daughter looks more like you or Maxim?

Lena: Max, she is an absolute copy of her father, both in appearance and in character. Nothing like me in her, yet. Really.

Hard to handle two such motorchikam?i (what the hell is that? )

Lena: It is very hard, because I always remember my mother's stories from childhood that I was a quiet child, and my brother - is sheer madness. Give me a cucumber, and I spent hours sitting with cucumber, if I'm doing the designer, the same hours. She has no problem with me was not. And here - do not! (laughs). Just blast quite a character, very self-willed, emotional. And it shows all hers "I want-I do not want." It's hard. ( )

How old is she now?

Lena: A year and five months ( )

Is She strongly tied to you?

Lena: Well, she knows me, she already understands the "us vs. them", she knows "mom-dad-grandmother," and she knows that there are strangers.

How was itm to leave her for the trip to Saint Petersbourg?

Lena: Hard. But now is probably a little easier, because she walks, she began to speak, it can lure some games. And then, I flew for just one day, I come back in the evening. (Me: Lena, next time take her with you. Mommy Vera can watch her while you play )

Now, of course, too early to talk about the professional path of such crumbs. Still, what is the charm of sports? It is clear that children are all different, but their activity is to send in the right direction, to choose what is suitable to them?

Lena: It seems to me that the sport - in any case it is good for the development of the child. And it will not necessarily trade. Because it has long been proven that there is a parallel development of the child - mental and physical. You can not only read, or just run around. Here it is necessary to combine everything, and it goes to the benefit of development. The fact is that in sports besides the fact that you become stronger, you start to feel your body, coordinate movement, you still start to know themselves - their ability or inability to overcome themselves in many ways. Therefore, this is also a kind of school of life. How to find what you like? Of course, try. Now I look, guys prefer team sports - they are not interested to stand for hours about stenochki as we stood and practiced some punches. They want a more dynamic is something they want company. It's clear. But now I think that the only thing that can save you from the problems of life in Moscow - is, of course, sport. Here and discipline and a certain mode. Again, the goal is generated, which is also important - to go to its target. And it is not necessary, then it will be a professional athlete or not. It is certainly useful to him.

Veronika did not catch you acting as an athlete, and Dad found ...

Lena: And dad - yes. Turn on hockey, with any game, and she has said: "Pa-pa!" (Laughs.) (me: I don't know her but I already love her! )

Vera Semyonovna participates in the development of the child?

Lena: Of course, my mother helps because Maxim's parents live in America, and I have only one assistant - a mom. With her help, I came here.

Mom with her tremendous experience in the education of professional tennis players did not have the urge to bring up another professional tennis player?

Lena: I asked her about it, "Mom, you do not it would be interesting?", The more she was offered, I asked and she said: "No, I just love their children." Like this!

And do not you want to become a coach?

Lena: I can not say I do not want this. I think that in life I must come a time when I will try it because it is a pity to lose such a great experience. Many things I have come myself, of course, there were many professionals who helped me. Just when you realize how much it was hard, you want to share this with everyone, to another it was better to not so hard they went this way.

For me it was worth reading, even with the horrible and senseless google translation. This was hard to read even in spanish!

Hopefully one day we'll see a picture of baby Veronika. I'm already drooling for her, she must be so cute
Sep 27th, 2015 06:16 AM
Re: Elena Dementieva Fans Club Vol 8

New pics in the pictures thread

Sep 25th, 2015 06:20 AM
Re: Elena Dementieva Fans Club Vol 8

Lena's exhibition with Kafelnikov is tomorrow

Google translate:

Kafelnikov, Dementieva, Ivanisevic, Bjorkman will perform at the "Show legend"

Legendary players, real stars of world tennis will be pleased with his mastery of spectators who come to the stadium "Sibur-Arena" next weekend. September 26 two Olympic champions - Elena Dementieva and Yevgeny Kafelnikov - combine to play an exhibition match one supersets against the champion of Wimbledon in 2001 Goran Ivanisevic, the winner and Roland Garros 1997 Willow Majoli. The meeting will begin at 12:30, followed by a semi-final matches of the main draw St. Open Petersburg 2015. September 27 at the "Show legend" will be the second exhibition match, which will feature two-time champion of the tournament "Grand Slam" singles, the former leader of world rankings Yevgeny Kafelnikov, and the former third world singles Nikolay Davydenko, the first Russian champion final tournament ATP. Their opponents will be the Croat Goran Ivanisevic and Swede Jonas Bjorkman, winner of the career "Grand Slam" in the men's doubles, the two-time winner of the final tournament of the ATP and the ex-first racket of the world in doubles.

???????????, ??????????, ??????????, ???????? ???????? ?? ??? ?????? - ?????????
Sep 16th, 2015 04:14 AM
Re: Elena Dementieva Fans Club Vol 8

Originally Posted by iva_ds87 View Post
I wish...why would you think I have some sort of contact with her?
I thought I recalled you mentioning being in contact with her a few years ago, when she was playing. Or maybe in contact with her via her fan page. Or maybe it was someone else on here.
Sep 15th, 2015 02:49 PM
Re: Elena Dementieva Fans Club Vol 8

Originally Posted by slk45 View Post
Iva, do you ever see Lena? In person? Or correspond with her?
I wish...why would you think I have some sort of contact with her?
Sep 12th, 2015 10:11 PM
Re: Elena Dementieva Fans Club Vol 8

new pics in the pictures thread!

Sep 11th, 2015 08:31 PM
Re: Elena Dementieva Fans Club Vol 8

Originally Posted by iva_ds87 View Post
So we might indeed see Lena play an exhibition in St. Petersburg on 12.09
The other participants will be Myskina , Youzhny and Tursunov

Edit: Just a tiny quote from Lena in English at the bottom here
Sep 10th, 2015 07:09 AM
Re: Elena Dementieva Fans Club Vol 8

Originally Posted by iva_ds87 View Post
So we might indeed see Lena play an exhibition in St. Petersburg on 12.09
The other participants will be Myskina , Youzhny and Tursunov
For a few seconds, you got my hopes up! I thought you meant St. Petersburg, Florida!!

Iva, do you ever see Lena? In person? Or correspond with her?
Sep 9th, 2015 01:55 PM
Re: Elena Dementieva Fans Club Vol 8

So we might indeed see Lena play an exhibition in St. Petersburg on 12.09
The other participants will be Myskina , Youzhny and Tursunov

Edit: Just a tiny quote from Lena in English at the bottom here
Sep 3rd, 2015 10:03 PM
Re: Elena Dementieva Fans Club Vol 8

She's so adorable.

How dare Max get suspended with his lovely wife in the house.

I think Veronika needs a sibling, though.
Sep 2nd, 2015 05:08 PM
Maca.Lofish Thank you Iva!!!!!!
Sep 2nd, 2015 02:48 PM
Re: Elena Dementieva Fans Club Vol 8

Some news I stumbled upon some time ago, but didn't share, as I didn't want to get my hopes up after Lena didn't play the Legends of tennis exhibition in Moscow.
So supposedly there will be a master class in St. Petersburg with Lena, Kafelnikov, Safin, Kuznetsova before the ATP tournament there. The article says the master class will be on 12.09. So let's hope this is true.
Sep 2nd, 2015 02:41 PM
Re: Elena Dementieva Fans Club Vol 8

Wow Maca, those news and pictures are simply amazing! I had resigned myself to the thoughts we'll see less and less from Lena, but here she is surprising us!

So the radio interview:
The guy asks her whether she goes to hockey matches, Lena says yes, she was the day before and made the first shot (or whatever is that called in hockey when the ref drops the puck); Kafelnikov asks whether Max scored, Lena says yes and then adds that Maxim said she should do this every game
The Lena says she hadn't attended matches for 2 year because of the birth of her daugther. The last time she was, she travelled from Moscow to Podolsk for 3 hours, rushed to the game and immediately heard Max was suspended She was sitting in the stands, thinking that she'd never go again, but it was a pleasure to watch the match, such adrenaline from watching. She says (maybe jokes) that she'd go to the next match as well.
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