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Today 01:30 AM
Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

So when is Steffi coming out of retirement to mop up the floor with the current crop of stiffs?
Oct 3rd, 2015 03:05 PM
Ms. Anthropic
Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

While Steffi surely was still ouching from September, she had an "interview" that probably couldn't be rescheduled.

Dayton Daily News
Tuesday, October 3, 1995



KRICKSTEIN BOWS: Italy's Cristiano Caratti upset eighth-seeded American Aaron Krickstein 7-5, 6-2 in the opening round of the Salem ATP Tour Championship in Malaysia.

GRAF, MARTINEZ OUT: Steffi Graf and Conchita Martinez have withdrawn from the European Indoors women's tournament in Zurich, Switzerland because of injuries. Magdalena Maleeva who won last year, is doubtful because of illness.

Oct 3rd, 2015 03:04 PM
Ms. Anthropic
Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

Originally Posted by Stef-fan View Post
27 years, makes me feel old...

News | WTA Tennis English
Am surprised the WTA acknowledges it. Especially odd on like the 27th anniversary but not the 25th...
Oct 1st, 2015 03:58 PM
Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

27 years, makes me feel old...

News | WTA Tennis English
Oct 1st, 2015 03:50 PM
Ms. Anthropic
Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

Steffi was often cited as an example/counterexample for all sides in the body image discussion. Some, like this one, said she was proof positive that women don't have to look like a Barbie doll to be attractive. Others would use her as warning not to get too caught up in the numbers, especially body mass index. There had been a study done by Harvard that suggested the women who had the smallest risk of premature death had a body mass index of less than 19. Which is nearly impossible for athletic, fit women as demonstrated by the examples of Jackie Joyner-Kersee (5'10'' and an advertised 155 lbs. for a BMI of 22.1) and Steffi Graf (5'9'' and an advertised 132 lbs. for a BMI of 19.3). Then there were those who considered Steffi's physique to be just as unrealistic an ideal as the ultra-thin physiques of supermodels, which then prompted some doctors to remind everybody that Steffi's general physique is what we're supposed to look like in our "natural state."

Body of evidence
The Sunday Times
London, England
Sunday, October 1, 1995
David Thomas

Women are losing interest in fitness videos maybe they have finally realised that men don't really want them to look too perfect, says DAVID THOMAS

Words cannot describe how glad I am that Elle Macpherson's latest exercise video has not been a huge success. Some 400,000 copies of Your Personal Best With Elle Macpherson have reportedly been returned, unsold, from the world's video stores. Great heaps of unwanted Elles are apparently cluttering up warehouses from Winnipeg to Wollongong.

I've nothing against Miss Macpherson. It's just that there are few signs that our society is becoming healthier, but a collapse in the video fitness market may be one of them.

Although a spokesperson for Macpherson claimed the story was sour grapes, pointing to the fact that it has been in the video charts for 33 weeks, sales of exercise videos have dropped by 32% over the past 12 months. Large numbers of lonely men have evidently become jaded by too much exposure to semi-naked, sweaty supermodels. And even more women have decided that the search for the perfect body is going to have to be put on hold. Basically, they can't be fagged.

Perhaps both sexes have noticed that if you really want to see Macpherson at her best, the thing to do is to rent Sirens, in which she plays an artist's model. She spends much of the film naked, and she's carrying some 20lb of extra weight put on specially for the part.

The plump, female Elle looks much better than the skinny, fitness Elle. She may not be perfect any more. But she looks like a real woman.

All in all, there's still a lot to be said for reality. For a start, people with perfect bodies are guaranteed to be smug, self-obsessed and tedious beyond belief. Their physiques can only be achieved through continual dieting, constant exercise and occasional visits to the plastic surgeon. Anyone whose mind is fixated on themselves to this degree cannot, perforce, be fixated or even conscious of anyone else. Nor do they have any time left for reading books, seeing films, talking to friends, eating, drinking, fooling around, making love... all the things, in short, that comprise a well-rounded and meaningful existence.

Still, there's no persuading some people. The number of breast augmentations done in this country, for example, dropped from around 12,000 to 5,000 a year in the wake of the fears surrounding silicone implants. But new forms of saline, oil-filled and even inflatable implants offer a reduced health risk, and the number of operations is heading back up once again.

The doyenne of plastic surgery is an American-born blonde called Cindy Jackson. She spent six years and Pounds 30,000 having herself rebuilt. Thanks to liposuction, her dress size has changed from a 12 to an 8. She's had boob jobs, lip jobs, nose jobs, cheek jobs more jobs than Odd Job.

''I wanted to be Barbie," she says. ''I wanted the soft, feminine look big eyes, soft lips, smooth skin. That's me now. I am Barbie. I'm just as plastic as she is. And it's wonderful. I'm living my childhood dream and it becomes more so every day."

You think that sounds crazy? Maybe, but Jackson is not alone in thinking that beauty's the passport to happiness. A 1994 survey in GQ magazine revealed that 35% of women would supposedly rather be run over by a truck than gain five stone.

Given the choice between being Miss World and the winner of Mastermind, a majority opted for the bathing suit, crown and tears of joy. Given the choice between being the competent, assertive, independent Princess Anne, and the coy, pretty, mixed-up Princess Diana, 76% chose Di.

The pressure put on women to be beautiful is all but overwhelming. A recent study at Arizona State University claimed that three minutes spent flicking through glossy magazines were enough to reduce most women to a state of depression, stress and shame that the researchers termed ''Barbie Syndrome". It's a phenomenon that some would see as a result of patriarchal oppression. Men still set the standards of female beauty, and women drive themselves mad trying to attain them.

Yet the truth is that men don't want women who are absolutely flawless. If you don't believe me, try Angela Holden, editor of Sky magazine, who says: ''Men are more forgiving of the imperfect female body. Women prefer to look at totally idealised images."

The concept that men might have a reasonably evolved, nay, complex view of female sex appeal, is one that women find hard to believe. In every survey done on ''What Makes Women Attractive", men claim they go for friendly smiles, nice eyes and attractive, humorous personalities. But women are apt to wonder why a zillion males still fancy Pamela Anderson, with her permanent pout and her plastic breasts. Just how complex and evolved is that?

Well, okay, there's Pammy, and Sharon, and Cindy... and all the other poster babes. But the point is, we know they're not real. If any of the world's top sex bombs were actually to come face to face with Mr Average Brit and say, ''Take me now, big boy," he'd probably quiver with terror and shrivel into insignificance.

That's why really beautiful girls can never get dates. An eye-poppingly lovely former Bond girl once told me the sad tale of how she had never been able to find a steady boyfriend.

Whenever she started going out with a man, he'd be convinced that she would leave him as soon as someone richer or hunkier came along. So he wouldn't commit himself to the relationship. So they always came to a swift and painful end.

The relationship counsellor Zelda West-Meads notes: ''You often see in counselling pretty women with very low self-esteem. They have learned to value themselves according to how they look, rather than how they are as a person. It's hard to form close friendships with other women if they think that their men are going to fancy you."

Perfect women, then, are lonely creatures, unloved by anyone of either sex. So who should aspiring females emulate, if seeking popularity, fulfilment and sexual satisfaction? My personal suggestions would be as follows...

1. Bjork: voted the world's second-most desirable woman by the readers of Arena magazine, Bjork is a funny little Icelandic person with a pixie face, a weird voice and minimal conventional glamour. If she can drive the lads wild, any woman can.

2. Steffi Graf: there are two great virtues to Steffi Graf. The first is that she hasn't had a nose job. Obviously her hooter is vast. Equally obviously, she could afford to get a perky little Hollywood schnozzlette. The fact that she hasn't suggests self-assurance and cool. Top marks.

3. Sandra Bullock: undeniably the movie heroine of the year. In Speed she was feisty, perky and blessed with grace under pressure. In While You Were Sleeping she is brave, kooky, slightly vulnerable... in short, the girl you'd want to marry. In both films she remains fully clad throughout.

Sandra Bullock seems real. She's neither a giggly bimbo, nor an aggressive man-eater.

On screen, she can drive the bus, she can pull the man away from the oncoming train, but she doesn't need to make a big deal out of it. In real life, she does her own plumbing, eats whatever junk food she likes and gives funny interviews.

Above all, she actually seems to like men. And, as any war-torn male could tell you, all the curves in the world count for nothing next to a simple bit of affection. A warm heart and a nice hug... that's what we're really after. Among other things, of course.
Sep 28th, 2015 03:55 PM
Ms. Anthropic
Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

Apparently, Eckardt did not get the message that failure to cooperate with the investigation would not be tolerated.

The Miami Herald
Thursday, September 28, 1995
From Herald Wire Services

The tax adviser to Steffi Graf's family was arrested on charges of providing false information to authorities and failing to hand over certain documents, police and media reported on Wednesday.

Joachim Eckardt was arrested in the Frankfurt, Germany, area, said Mannheim police spokesman Volker Dressler. He refused to give any details.

The tax adviser is accused of providing false information for the tennis star's 1993 taxes and failing to hand over certain documents for tax years 1989 to 1992, according to a report on ARD television.

German media reports said Eckhardt is suspected of tax evasion of up to 10 million marks ($7 million). Eckhardt advised Graf's father, Peter, who also is jailed in Germany on suspicion of tax evasion.

Prosecutors have been investigating Graf's reporting and payment of taxes since last spring.

* NOVOTNA ADVANCES: Top seed Jana Novotna defeated Beate Reinstadler, 6-4, 6-2, to move into the third round of the WTA tournament in Leipzig, Germany.
Sep 26th, 2015 07:04 PM
Ms. Anthropic
Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

Once again, it's such a shame the Graf tax scandal never brought down a politician or bureaucrat or two...

Daily News of Los Angeles
Tuesday, September 26, 1995
From Staff and Wire Reports



Politicians in the state where German tennis star Steffi Graf is under investigation and her father jailed for alleged tax evasion, demanded that the state finance minister reveal all he knows about the case.

Fritz Kuhn, head of the Greens party faction in the Baden-Wuerttemberg parliament, said that either finance minister Gerhard Mayer-Vorfelder, a conservative Christian Democrat, "puts all the facts on the table . . . or we'll have to think about an investigative committee."

The request came after the weekly Der Spiegel magazine reported that the state finance ministry failed to act on information from federal finance officials as far back as 1988 regarding the Grafs' tax situation.

Peter Graf was arrested in August for allegedly failing to pay taxes on millions of dollars. Officials said the arrest was needed because he might try to flee prosecution. Steffi Graf also is under investigation in the case. Authorities have said there were no grounds to arrest her.

Investigators believe that the Grafs, in the years 1989-1992, failed to report $35.2 million in income, Spiegel said.

Spiegel added that as late as June, Peter Graf transferred $29.6 million from an Amsterdam bank to accounts in Monaco, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and the Isle of Guernsey.

Der Spiegel said that shortly before that transaction, Peter Graf had telephoned Mayer-Vorfelder and complained about ministry notifications that the Grafs owed more taxes. If that information is correct, then Mayer-Vorfelder no longer can claim the ministry's tax officials worked in a timely and effective manner, Kuhn said.

Third-seeded Gilbert Schaller of Austria defeated Marcos Ondruska of South Africa 7-5, 6-4 in the opening round of the International Championship of Sicily men's tennis tournament. No. 5 Francisco Clavet of Spain defeated Oliver Gross of Germany 5-7, 7-5, 6-4.
Sep 26th, 2015 07:03 PM
Ms. Anthropic
Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

Originally Posted by Mark43 View Post
No, they kept staying that Steffi had joined Martina at 18 slams a piece, but didn't even mention Chris's name nor that she had 18 as well.
Like I said: when economists try to write about the competitive aspect of tennis. I would have preferred to hear some reasons why women's tennis had/has such trouble getting advertising partners and/or why getting/keeping CEOs was/is so hard.

Maybe I'll check some of their pics. I swear Monica was about an inch taller from 1990 on. She gained weight but didn't seem any taller 1991-93, to me.
In 1990-1992, Steffi and Monica were both billed as being 5'9", although I'd say Monica in 1990-91 was maybe a scant half inch shorter. Could have just looked that way due to wardrobe differences, posture, and/or differences in build. In 1992, they really do look the same height. There's an interesting comment from 1990: supposedly some doctors told Monica that she would probably top out around six feet. Maybe growing 4 inches from 1989 to 1990, growing only a half inch or three quarters of an inch from 1990 to 1993, and then growing another 2 inches from 1993 to 1995 is a little odd, but there are anecdotes out there about girls whose height was more or less stable throughout high school and then they grow an inch or more at college.
Sep 25th, 2015 10:16 PM
Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

No, they kept staying that Steffi had joined Martina at 18 slams a piece, but didn't even mention Chris's name nor that she had 18 as well.

Maybe I'll check some of their pics. I swear Monica was about an inch taller from 1990 on. She gained weight but didn't seem any taller 1991-93, to me.
Sep 25th, 2015 12:35 AM
Ms. Anthropic
Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

Originally Posted by Mark43 View Post
Did The Economist have a ban on Chris Evert in 1995?
What? You expected Chrissie and Martina to have a little congratulatory session on court after the USO final and welcome Steffi to the 18 Club and the Upsilon Upsilon Tau Alpha Sorority? I was surprised Navratilova kept it together as a commentator in the third set.

And did Monica really grow even an 1/8th of an inch from spring 1993 to summer 1995? I always felt that was both ridiculous and nearly impossible for a 19 year old woman. Plus she NEVER looked any taller to me. From mid-1990 on she was always tall.
Monica and Steffi were pretty much the same height at 1992 Wim, then Monica was slightly taller than Steffi at the 1993 AO, and at the 1995 USO she was definitely an inch and a half or two inches taller. Continuing to grow in the late teens or early twenties isn't at all unheard of for women. Pretty sure Steffi grew like a half inch or so after 19.
Sep 23rd, 2015 08:58 PM
Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

Did The Economist have a ban on Chris Evert in 1995?

And did Monica really grow even an 1/8th of an inch from spring 1993 to summer 1995? I always felt that was both ridiculous and nearly impossible for a 19 year old woman. Plus she NEVER looked any taller to me. From mid-1990 on she was always tall.
Sep 23rd, 2015 08:30 PM
Ms. Anthropic
Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

When economists try to write about the competitive aspects of tennis... It was hilarious at the time. Stich was exactly the sort of moody, clueless whiner who could be routed by a qualifier because his breakfast wasn't prepared just right and the locker room attendants didn't fold his towels just the way he wanted. Miss Seles most certainly could and did choke and play "percentage" tennis in tight situations; people of a certain age might remember her lofting a few moonballs and just spinning her serve in on important points. It is extra hilarious in hindsight. And once again demonstrates just how Monica Mania backfired.

In early 1995, before the hype of her return, if I had told the tennis world that Monica would win one Slam and reach the final of another in her first full year back on the tour, everyone (except the most zealous Seles fans) would have thought that would be a wonderful, praise-worthy result -- and rightly so.

But because they went to great lengths to haul out Monica at maximum force right away and because the Mania worked so well on the general tennis community and peripheral fans/observers ("Wow, it's like Monica never left! She's as good as ever!" -- "No, she's better than ever!" -- "Right, man! And if she's this good after just two tournaments and carrying a little extra weight, think what she's gonna do next year!" -- "Golden Grand Slam, man!" -- "All the way, baby! The other players are all gonna get stomped!" -- < "Nature Boy" Ric Flair "Woo!" sound effect: >), anything less than domination was now going to be seen as disappointing. And given how quickly she faded after the 1996 AO, it was probably doubly disappointing to anyone who fell for the hype. As bad as quietly enduring the hype must have been for the other players, it was even worse to put that kind of pressure to perform on someone as fragile as Monica. I mean, the IMG Machine and the Seles family knew she had more issues than "Sports Illustrated," so maybe they should have tried for a "Forget the results, just playing is a triumph" approach.

Dual saviours
The Economist
September 23, 1995

THANK heavens Monica Seles came back to the women's tennis tour last month--and thank heavens this month she lost to Steffi Graf in the final of the United States Open. Victory would have meant that an overweight, giggling 21-year-old could emerge from 30 months of retirement to be immediately the best woman player in the world. In other words a Seles triumph would have embarrassingly emphasised the overall weakness of women's professional tennis. By contrast, the Seles defeat will rekindle the old rivalry with Miss Graf, keep the television cameras interested and so encourage young girls to take up the sport and eventually give the women's tour the depth of talent it needs.

Or so tennis buffs must hope, because at the moment the tour looks alarmingly shallow and dismayingly dull. When Miss Seles, whose temporary retirement came after a deranged Graf fan stabbed her in the shoulder, returned to tournament play in Toronto, she swept to victory without losing a set--and in the semi-final allowed Gabriela Sabatini, (now ranked seventh in the world), just one game. So far only Miss Graf has been able to stretch her (and, in a three-set thriller, beat her).

In the men's game such a gap between the best and the almost-best does not exist; it is inconceivable that Pete Sampras or Andre Agassi could beat Michael Stich for the loss of just one game. So why does the gap exist on the women's tour? Why is Miss Seles apparently poised to resume the dominance that gave her eight "Grand Slam" titles (as the championships of Wimbledon and the Australian, French and American Opens are known) between 1990 and 1993, compared with the six over the same period for the more experienced Miss Graf?

The reason can hardly be physical or technical. There are plenty of better athletes than Miss Seles. In the top ten, Steffi Graf, Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario, Gabriela Sabatini and Jana Novotna are all noticeably more mobile around the court. Similarly, although the "new" Seles, almost two inches (5.1cm) taller than two years ago, has a much improved serve and is experimenting with the volley, plenty of players have better individual strokes--for example the Graf serve and forehand, the Novotna volley or Conchita Martinez's glorious top-spin backhand. True, Miss Seles has a rare ability to hit hard and deep drives from the baseline (double-handed on both wings and in a style found in no coaching manual) but so, too, does Mary Pierce.

What really sets Miss Seles apart from her opponents (although Miss Graf runs her close) is her mental toughness. Many players in tense situations get tentative; they lose their rhythm, take refuge in "percentage" shots and make simple "unforced" errors. It happens in most sports: golfers miss easy putts; snooker players miss easy pots; soccer players miss penalties. In other words they "choke" (poor Miss Novotna, for instance, lost the 1993 Wimbledon final after being 4-1 ahead of Miss Graf in the third set).

Miss Seles never chokes. Not for her the "percentage" shot--the moon-balled forehand or the soft-hit serve. Instead, when an opponent sniffs a break-point in her favour, Miss Seles simply hits ever harder, ever closer to the lines.

After losing 7-6, 6-2 to Miss Seles in the American Open, Miss Novotna ruefully commented: "She didn't worry at all what the score was, and just went for her shots . . . Physically and mentally it is very difficult to play her." No wonder some experts count the Yugoslav-born Miss Seles among the greatest match-players in tennis history, equal even to Maureen "Little Mo" Connolly, who, in a career ended tragically by horse-riding injuries before she was 20, managed to win all nine Grand Slam tournaments she entered.

The problem is that great match-players by definition need great matches. Before the stabbing, Miss Seles had won seven of her last eight Grand Slam tournaments (the exception was Wimbledon, whose fast grass favours better volleyers). In her absence the Grand Slam titles have opened up, not just to Steffi Graf but to Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario, Conchita Martinez and Mary Pierce. Women's tennis will suffer if Miss Seles has returned to so dominate the Grand Slams, (and even, thanks to her improving serve, Wimbledon), that she bores spectators. As it is, the women's tour has found it hard to attract an overall sponsor during the two years.

All of which puts a huge responsibility on Steffi Graf to maintain the challenge at the top. It will be difficult. For the past year Miss Graf, who tends to practise too hard for her own health, has had a bad back; despite frequently severe pain, she has so far refused to undergo surgery.

Now she has to cope with mental strains too: her father, Peter, who has always managed her business affairs, has been in a German prison facing charges of tax evasion. At times Miss Graf, a very rich 26-year-old, must surely think of finishing her career, of simply running away from the pressure and the publicity.

Or perhaps not. Just as Miss Seles is a great champion, so too is Miss Graf. In the end what motivates such players is not money but their place in sporting history. By that reckoning in the modern era--tennis only became a fully professional sport in the late 1960s--the greatest woman champion was Australia's Margaret Court, followed by Martina Navratilova, the Czech-born American who helped persuade Miss Seles to return to the tour, and Billie Jean King. Misses Graf and Seles will probably never match those champions' Grand Slam records because they so rarely compete in doubles events.

No matter. The greatest glory goes with the singles titles. Mrs Court managed 24 and Miss Navratilova 18. The spur for Miss Graf is that with her American Open triumph she has now matched Miss Navratilova and is still young enough--health permitting--to strive for the record. But only if she can keep beating Miss Seles. That will be hard for Miss Graf but good for women's tennis.
Sep 23rd, 2015 08:27 PM
Ms. Anthropic
Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

Originally Posted by djul14 View Post
I have been "amazed" lately about Evert or BJK comments after Serena loss at the us open.
They basically said we can't compare the pressure Serena had to deal with in her Slam quest, to the pressure Steffi had back then. For them, it was wayyyyy easier for Steffi...because no social media.
As a refresher or in case you missed it, start at Mahwah 1988 and continue through the 1988 Olympics.
"Social media" is NOTHING. Not twittering (tweeting or following) is very easy. Ignoring what's posted on the internet is very easy. More conventionally, not reading any newspapers or watching anything resembling sports news is very easy. Serena was just holed up in her hotel room with Netflix -- I bet Steffi woulda loved to have something like Netflix back in the day!

But when you have 500 credentialed media members asking you about the Grand Slam every time you go in for a post match press conference, it's kinda hard to ignore. And, once again, the Sorority Sisters' malarkey is so easy to call out, because all you have to do is go to the USO website or ASAP Sports or even watch the pressers on Youtube and you'll see how the media was treating Serena with great delicacy concerning the CYGS. After her first round match, nobody mentions anything related to it.

Even the very few times when they do bring it up, it's mostly an oblique reference: "nerve-wracking stuff" or "this journey that you're on is really difficult" or "how do you deal with the pressure".

Even the Steffi questions were kind of light-hearted and a little frivolous, like asking Serena if she remebered watching Steffi go for the Slam in 1988 (as Serena said, dude, she was like 6 years old at the time, no, she doesn't remember it) and what made Steffi so tough.

The toughest Slam question was why it had taken so long for somebody else to get close to winning the CYGS again. And those are the only times the media brings it up in her post match pressers. Compared with the barrage Steffi was getting, that's a pretty sweet deal.

As far as how big an international media deal it was, all you have to do is read about Steffi getting mobbed in Seoul as she got off the plane. All you have to do is watch what happened on Stadium Court after Grand Slam point: there are so many people with cameras (some credentialed and some probably not) that Steffi can hardly walk and the security guards are totally overwhelmed. And just because we didn't have the internet then, it didn't mean that people didn't have opinions or, like, talk about stuff.

I highly doubt that Serena lost because of Twitter or what some amateur blogger with five followers was posting or what they were saying on SportsCenter. It's the pressure of the achievement itself, how it's valued in tennis itself, that crushes. Anybody who gets to the final leg feels it, even if a media frenzy is considered to be 18 newspapers showing up.

I wish Chrissie and Pammy and Billie Jean, could just get over the whole GOAT thing, because it's not like Steffi believes in a GOAT or believes that only Slams count. I'm pretty sure even most Grafans don't really care. She's not our fave because 22! or 377! or 107! or whatever number. Likewise, Chrissie isn't some people's fave because 18! or 7! or 13! If dumbing everything down to Slams-Only bothers them so much, then they are in the best position to educate the unwashed.
Sep 23rd, 2015 06:21 PM
Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

it's getting a bit maudlin all up in here...
Sep 23rd, 2015 05:43 PM
Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

Originally Posted by djul14 View Post
I have been "amazed" lately about Evert or BJK comments after Serena loss at the us open.
They basically said we can't compare the pressure Serena had to deal with in her Slam quest, to the pressure Steffi had back then. For them, it was wayyyyy easier for Steffi...because no social media.

They use every excuse they can to try to tarnish Steffi Graf's exceptional career. Let me dedicate to Mrs Agassi some lyrics of one of my favourite songs
I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone's shadows
If I fail, if I succeed
At least I'll live as I believe
No matter what they take from me
They can't take away my dignity
Because the greatest love of all
Is happening to me
I found the greatest love of all
Inside of me
The greatest love of all
Is easy to achieve
Learning to love yourself
It is the greatest love of all
Whitney Houston
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