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Dec 5th, 2016 03:44 PM
Re: Asia-Pacific Tennis League

Dendy Park TC lt. Royal South Yarra Lawn TC 2-4
Elyse Edwards d. Karolina Wlodarczak 63 36 60
Mia Vukicevic lt. Monika Wejnert 36 26
Madelaine Barnett d. Natasa Ilic 63 46 75
Andjela Reljic lt. Ellie Capannolo 16 63 67
Edwards/Barnett lt. Wlodarczak/Wejnert 67 62 6-10
Vukicevic/Reljic lt. Ilic/Capannolo 67 36

Kooyong Lawn TC lt. MCC Glen Iris Valley TC 3-3
Kate Antosik lt. Genevieve Lorbergs 16 26
Sally Peers d. Katherine Westbury 61 62
Molly Polak d. Mary Ann Liu 63 64
Michaela Johansson lt. Eliza Long 26 26
Barty/Peers d. Lorbergs/Westbury 63 76
Polak/Johansson lt. Hives/Long 67 67

Dingley TC lt. Liston TC 1-5
Gabriela Sprague lt. Jessica Moore 06 16
Beatrice Hetrel lt. Alison Bai 46 26
Noelleda Ah San lt. Monika Rajicic 57 36
Yiota Nicolaou d. Darcy Parke 60 64
Sprague/Hetrel lt. Moore/Bai 36 06
Ah San/Ryan lt. Rajicic/Rakonjac 26 36

1. Liston TC (5/0)
2. MCC Glen Iris Valley TC (4/1)
3. Kooyong Lawn TC (3/2)

4. Royal South Yarra Lawn TC (2/3)
5. Dingley TC (1/4)
6. Dendy Park TC (0/5)

MCC Glen Iris Valley TC vs. Kooyong Lawn TC

Liston TC vs. TBD
Dec 5th, 2016 03:38 PM
Re: Asia-Pacific Tennis League

A Brisbane Tennis League was also being held. Shaw Park Sharks won the title, however this was different as the matches consisted of 3 men's singles, 1 women's singles, 1 men's doubles and 1 mixed doubles rubbers.

Not many notable women players played there except for Bains, Sumner, McPhee and Smith.

Bains lost a tie to McPhee

For more info:
Results ? Tennis Brisbane
Nov 28th, 2016 12:35 PM
Re: Asia-Pacific Tennis League

Round five (the last round) will be played on Sunday.

Current standings:
1. Liston TC (4/0)
2. MCC Glen Iris (3/1)
3. Kooyong Lawn (3/1)
4. Royal South Yarra (1/3)
5. Dingley TC (1/3)
6. Dendy Park TC (0/4)

The top three are set, Kooyong will face MCC Glen Iris this Sunday. Unless Liston TC manages to lose to Dingley TC on Sunday and one of Kooyong or MCC Glen Iris can overtake Liston on the ladder it looks like Kooyong and MCC Glen Iris will then also face each other again in the SF. The winner of that will face Liston TC.

RSY could have gotten 3rd place really but none of their teammates helped out Tammi there Sanders only opted to play doubles while Mendez and Wlodarczak went AWOL in 3rd and 4th rounds.

Wow Arina has been atrocious in this Losses to Fourlis, Patterson and now Aiava Watch her GOAT in 2 weeks time though and win the playoff
Nov 28th, 2016 12:30 PM
Re: Asia-Pacific Tennis League

ROUND FOUR (26 November)
Liston TC d. Kooyong Lawn TC 5-1
Arina Rodionova lt. Destanee Aiava 16 26
Jessica Moore won by forfeit
Alison Bai d. Katerina Valos 63 60
Olivia Tjandramulia d. Michaela Johansson 61 62
Rodionova/Moore d. Aiava/Starr 62 62
Bai/Tjandramulia d. Valos/Johansson 63 62

Royal South Yarra Lawn TC d. Dingley TC 5-1
Tammi Patterson d. Gabriela Sprague 63 63
Monika Wejnert d. Beatrice Hetrel 63 64
Taylah Mielczarek lt. Noelleda Ah San 57 46
Ellie Capannolo d. Yiota Nicolaou 26 63 60
Patterson/Sanders d. Ryan/Primikyrlidis 60 61
Wejnert/Mielczarek d. Fidantsis/Valos 62 61

MCC Glen Iris Valley TC d. Dendy Park TC 6-0
Viktorija Rajicic d. Elyse Edwards 61 76
Katherine Westbury d. Mia Vukicevic 62 64
Eliza Long d. Jessie Mount 75 60
Georgiana Ruhrig d. Andjela Reljic 57 62 64
Fourlis/Long d. Edwards/Mount 63 64
Westbury/Ruhrig d. Vukicevic/Reljic 75 61
Nov 28th, 2016 12:25 PM
Re: Asia-Pacific Tennis League

ROUND THREE (25 November)
Dingley TC lt. Kooyong Lawn TC 2-4
Gabriela Sprague lt. Destanee Aiava 06 06
Noelleda Ah San d. Kate Antosik 76 62
Olivia Ryan lt. Katerina Valos 26 06
Peta Valos d. Jasmin Starr 63 63
Beslagic/Hetrel lt. Aiava/Starr 36 62 8-10
Ryan/Nicolaou lt. Antosik/K.Valos 36 36

Royal South Yarra Lawn TC lt. MCC Glen Iris Valley TC 2-4
Tammi Patterson d. Viktorija Rajicic 63 63
Cassandra Moraleja lt. Genevieve Lorbergs 06 16
Natasa Ilic lt. Katherine Westbury 06 16
Ellie Capannolo lt. Eliza Long 57 16
Patterson/Sanders d. Rajicic/Lorbergs 75 62
Ilic/Capannolo lt. Westbury/Long 26 26

Dendy Park TC lt. Liston TC 0-6
Elyse Edwards lt. Jessica Moore 26 26
Mia Vukicevic lt. Alison Bai 06 06
Madelaine Barnett lt. Masa Jovanovic 06 06
Andjela Reljic lt. Darcy Parke 46 06
Edwards/Vukicevic lt. Moore/Bai 06 26
Barnett/Reljic lt. Jovanovic/Parke 57 36
Nov 21st, 2016 05:24 AM
Grade-A Deucebag
Re: Asia-Pacific Tennis League

Nov 21st, 2016 04:10 AM
Re: Asia-Pacific Tennis League

Originally Posted by ozboy1989 View Post
Lol @ Tammi winning 1 game then beating Arina
Sums her career up perfectly
Nov 21st, 2016 04:06 AM
Re: Asia-Pacific Tennis League

Lol @ Tammi winning 1 game then beating Arina
Nov 21st, 2016 03:42 AM
Re: Asia-Pacific Tennis League

ROUND TWO (20 November)
Liston TC d. Royal South Yarra Lawn TC 4-2
Arina Rodionova lt. Tammi Patterson 63 16 26
Masa Jovanovic lt. Seone Mendez 64 57 36
Monika Rajicic d. Karolina Wlodarczak 16 75 61
Dubravka Rakonjac d. Monika Wejnert 26 64 60
Rodionova/Moore d. Patterson/Mendez 64 64
Rajicic/Jovanovic d. Wlodarczak/Mielczarek 62 62

Kooyong Lawn TC d. Dendy Park TC 6-0
Destanee Aiava d. Elyse Edwards 61 62
Sally Peers d. Mia Vukicevic 60 61
Kate Antosik d. Jessie Mount 64 75
Katerina Valos d. Andjela Reljic 62 63
Aiava/Peers d. Edwards/Mount 60 60
Antosik/Valos d. Vukicevic/Reljic 64 62

Dingley TC lt. MCC Glen Iris Valley TC 1-5
Gabriela Sprague lt. Viktorija Rajicic 16 06
Beatrice Hetrel lt. Genevieve Lorbergs 26 26
Noelleda Ah San lt. Mary Ann Liu 61 57 26
Olivia Ryan d. Giorgie Jones 76 63
Sprague/Hetrel lt. Rajicic/Fourlis 16 16
Primikyrlidis/Ryan lt. Lorbergs/Brzozowska 36 46
Nov 21st, 2016 03:34 AM
Re: Asia-Pacific Tennis League

ROUND ONE (18 November)
Dendy Park TC lt. Dingley TC 2-4
Elyse Edwards d. Binasa Beslagic 62 61
Mia Vukicevic lt. Beatrice Hetrel 46 57
Madelaine Barnett lt. Noelleda Ah San 46 46
Andjela Reljic lt. Olivia Ryan 26 06
Edwards/Barnett d. Beslagic/Nicolaou 64 75
Vukicevic/Reljic lt. Ah San/Fidantsis 36 57

Royal South Yarra Lawn TC lt. Kooyong Lawn TC 3-3
Tammi Patterson lt. Destanee Aiava 16 06
Seone Mendez lt. Sally Peers 36 26
Karolina Wlodarczak d. Kate Antosik 26 63 60
Monika Wejnert lt. Michaela Johansson 57 36
Patterson/Sanders d. Aiava/Peers 76 06 10-8
Wlodarczak/Mendez d. Antosik/Johansson 75 62

MCC Glen Iris Valley TC lt. Liston TC 2-4
Jaimee Fourlis d. Arina Rodionova 75 76
Viktorija Rajicic lt. Alison Bai 46 62 16
Genevieve Lorbergs d. Masa Jovanovic 63 63
Jessica Brzozowska lt. Monika Rajicic 06 06
Fourlis/V.Rajicic lt. Rodionova/Bai 67 36
Lorbergs/Brzozowska lt. Jovanovic/M.Rajicic 36 46


Wow great win for Jaimee over Arina
Tammi getting one game against Aiava
Nov 13th, 2016 06:16 AM
Re: Asia-Pacific Tennis League

Hopefully we see Zoe Hives back on court.
Nov 7th, 2016 07:05 AM
Re: Asia-Pacific Tennis League

Brzozowska i believe doing year 12 and will go college.
Westbury stopped and started uni and work, but wants to come back. Playing a lot again lately in lower amts and winning them all easily. Is a great hitter still and hope gives it a crack. Will play NZ champs so hope gets WC in wta Auckland.
Karaitiana not sure but believe injured and Ruhrig playing some amts recently. Not sure if playing properly
Nov 7th, 2016 04:36 AM
Re: Asia-Pacific Tennis League

Originally Posted by Invisible Fan View Post
So does that means all the matches are played in Victoria now?
I went a few times to the Canberra Velocity ties. Now all we have left are the challengers
Yes they are

I enjoyed the ATL as I liked looking at all the old names popping up for a hit but I guess TA saw it as too much of a failure and didn't gain much interest. That MCC Glen Iris team has lots of names (Brzozowska, Westbury, Karaitiana and Ruhrig) that we haven't seen pretty much all year. Wonder where they've been?
Nov 7th, 2016 04:21 AM
Invisible Fan
Re: Asia-Pacific Tennis League

So does that means all the matches are played in Victoria now?
I went a few times to the Canberra Velocity ties. Now all we have left are the challengers
Nov 5th, 2016 11:55 AM
Re: Asia-Pacific Tennis League

They have now abolished the ATL. The main league now is the Tennis Victoria Premier League. The league will start on November 18.

The women's teams are:

Dendy Park Tennis Club
1. Elyse Edwards
2. Mia Vukicevic
3. Beatrice Hetrel
4. Jessie Mount
5. Maddi Barnett
6. Andjela Reljic
7. Priscilla Goltz

Dingley Tennis Club
1. Binasa Beslagic
2. Gabriela Sprague
3. Beatrice Hetrel ()
4. Olivia Ryan
5. Yiota Nicolaou
6. Peta Valos
7. Vivian Fidantsis

Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club

1. Ashleigh Barty
2. Destanee Aiava
3. Sally Peers
4. Alana Parnaby
5. Jessica Zaviacic
6. Molly Polak
7. Kate Antosik
8. Katerina Valos
9. Sophie Vickers
10. Jasmin Starr

Liston Tennis Club

1. Arina Rodionova
2. Jessica Moore
3. Alison Bai
4. Maddison Inglis
5. Masa Jovanovic
6. Monika Rajicic
7. Dubravka Rakonjac
8. Darcy Parke

MCC Glen Iris Valley Tennis Club
1. Jaimee Fourlis
2. Zoe Hives
3. Genevieve Lorbergs
4. Mary Ann Liu
5. Jessica Brzozowska
6. Katherine Westbury
7. Eliza Long
8. Joanne Karaitiana
9. Georgiana Ruhrig

Royal South Yarra Lawn Tennis Club
1. Storm Sanders
2. Tammi Patterson
3. Jeanette Lin
4. Karolina Wlodarczak
5. Monika Wejnert
6. Cassandra Moraleja

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