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Weird customers

Posted Apr 22nd, 2008 at 09:20 PM by

Working in a shop, you get all sorts of people at your counter. I was just posting a story on MTF which got me the idea to blog about it.
So, random stories about weird customers...

There was this woman, who was always coming to the shop, sometimes twice or 3 times an evening (back then I worked evenings and saturdays - was still having classes) She lived over the shop, so it was easy for her. Anyway, usually she picked my counter, we used to chat a bit etc. Nice customer.
Now, 1 night, she first came to do shopping. Then she came back cause she forgot something, and she told me: God loves you.
I was like: err, ok, thank you
Then, about half an hour later, she came back again, gave me 10ct cause she claimed I had returned her too much money, and she gave me a card
I wasn't really sure what to do, was still shocked over the "God loves you" thing, so I just kind of thanked her, and she left.
Later, at a quiet moment, I read the card. It was a very Christian card, and she wrote about how she told me God loved me, and she assured me that he really did, and she found Jesus 2 years before, and God is like a papa, for me too. etc etc. She ended with saying she was going to move, so she wouldn't see me again. I can't say I minded

Once my colleague got roses from a customer, on Valentines Day Though admittedly, she knew the guy, not just from the shop

Dirty old men
"Hello...." *stares at nametag pinned on chest* ".....Linda"
look somewhere else!
Or, when we were wearing a 'Prizealarm'-button: "where should I press for the alarm?" I told him not to try

Polish and Romanian guy have a habit of taking pictures of the girls at the checkout with their phones, when they think you're not watching

Alcoholics. Either they are moody and mumbling to themselves, or they are very happy and talking so loud everyone can hear them. Once one told me: I like it here with you, can I stay here all day?
I told him sure he could didn't last long anyway

Not funny: people with mental disabilities. They can be very annoying though. I know I shouldn't judge them or anything, but some of them, just don't want them at my counter....

Men trying to give you their phonenumber or asking you: when do I see you again? Oh I'm already looking forward to it
Men flirting with your while their wife is standing next to them

Some customers try to give you small presents. Sometimes it's sweet, sometimes it's just....not what you want

People making a huuuuge fuss about nothing. Like about a price difference of 2 cent. Once we had a customer complaining about the music we were playing in the shop, he ended up hitting my boss

Of cours there are nice customers too though Don't think they're all freaks
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    Martian Stacey's Avatar
    some funny stories there

    Others are a bit
    Posted Apr 24th, 2008 at 02:42 AM by Martian Stacey Martian Stacey is offline
    King Aaron's Avatar
    They're quite funny. Especially the dirty old men. "Where should I press for the alarm?"
    Posted Apr 30th, 2008 at 03:03 PM by King Aaron King Aaron is offline
    nice blog.
    I'm pretty sure I am a very nice customer.
    Posted May 3rd, 2008 at 05:44 PM by maumau maumau is offline
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