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Napoli report: day 2, 1feb

Posted Feb 7th, 2008 at 09:31 PM by

Ok, the part about the ceremony is in GM as well, but I want to be complete in here, so I put it in here too.


On Friday we went to the draw ceremony. I was really looking forward to that, because I like stupid ceremonies like that (I know Iím weird) and because they told me weíd get the chance to talk to players Also met the famous French girls there: Valerie, Amina and Sophie. Valerie really knows everyone! So we got introduced to all these people too, but as I donít speak Italian (or French, much), that wasnít much use to me. When the players entered just about my first thought about Flavia was: omg she really has no hair! Seriously, dunno if she cuts it like that or not, but itís really thin! The ceremony itself was pretty boring of course, some people talking, I hardly understood a word, so just watched the players instead They werenít really paying attention either it seemed, at the start Flavia, Anabel and Lourdes were talking across the room, Anabel&Lourdes were taking some pics, the Italian players were all trying hard not to look bored, whispering with each other etc. Oh, not Sara though, she seemed to take it kind of serious. Maybe she felt like she had to. So, after the talks the teams were announced, and the draw was made. The stupid people at the drawboard made a mistake though, they had put Anabelís name up for the first match (while the first match was Schiavone-Llagostera), and they couldnít get it off So in the end, they put Nuriaís name over it, and the 3rd match was Pennetta vs nobody on the drawboard Then the pictures were taken and everyone left.
That was the moment for Salvatore and me to go to Flavia. We were trying to be nice and wait till she finished conversation, but Iím not sure if that worked completely Anyway, we introduced ourselves and told her we had something for her, gave her the messages I had collected for her. She was really nice, said she liked it a lot I also gave her something I brought for the team, typical Dutch, she liked that a lot too. Even more than the messages it seemed, she thanked me like 3 times for it (with the most brilliant smile ever ). Something funny was that we gave her the messages etc, told her what it was and she said ďdo you want to take a picture?Ē Of course we werenít gonna say no! So we dragged Valerie out of her conversation with Tax Garbin (impatient us! We didnít want to lose the moment), and she took the picture (actually, so did Tax....). Also, I was talking to her in English obviously, and Salvatore in Italian, but it seems we were both telling her the same things at the same time...omg
Then we hang around a little, and I saw Flavia gave the messages to someone, who was reading them. So after gathering a bit of courage, I went to that woman and asked her if she liked them. She said she really did, it was really nice of us And then I realised she looked very much like Flavia. We thought she must be her mother, Salvatore asked her and she was indeed. Honestly, they look SO much alike! Now I know what Flavia will look like in 20 years...We talked to her mother a bit, sheís really nice. But Salvatore will have to say what he told her (I believe he said that I came from the Netherlands just to see Flavia...itís not even true, donít like that ), cause, again, I donít speak Italian.
After that we just enjoyed the buffet a little, then the players went for the press conference, which we didnít realise (we wanted to go there, but missed it obviously), and after that we left.

After the ceremony we had a walk through the city with Valerie and her mother. I would have wanted to see trainings, but only Fran and Sara were training, so went for the walk in the city instead. We saw most of the highlights I think: Spanish quarters (why did we go there?), Galleria Umberto I, the important squares, the sea, castle(s). Thereís not so much to say about it. I liked the city, it was more beautiful than I would have thought before (Napoli isnít exactly the first city Iíd choose for a citytrip). I guess youíll just have to see the pictures, which are coming tomorrow (along with the ceremony pics, which I also posted in GM).
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    Martian Stacey's Avatar
    Looking forward to seeing the photos
    Posted Feb 8th, 2008 at 12:08 AM by Martian Stacey Martian Stacey is offline
    When will we see a pic of you, Linda????
    Posted Feb 8th, 2008 at 07:55 AM by Nicolas Nicolas is offline
    Zamboni's Avatar
    you will not

    I have some nice ones (am still waiting for the one with Flavia ) but they will not be posted on here
    Posted Feb 8th, 2008 at 08:58 AM by Zamboni Zamboni is offline
    Ah! Too bad for us.............
    Posted Feb 8th, 2008 at 09:02 AM by Nicolas Nicolas is offline
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