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10 Days in The Wood

Posted Sep 3rd, 2007 at 10:43 PM by

How amazing it is, so many things can happen in 10 days.

First of all, those 10 days in the middle of the wood were a project for the college, we went there to learn how to survey the fauna and the flora. It wasn't only for our pleasure.
The first good thing came even before the trip had started, we seperated the class in 10 groups of 3, and I was teamed up with the 2 hottest and nicest girls of the class, the other good news is that we had to stay in the same chalet during all the trip

Day 1

We put all our bags inside 2 bus at 3:00 PM and the teachers told us to keep some places for the alcohols thatwe will buy later (we couldn't bring alcohol at school so they told us that we will stop somewhere to buy some) After one hour on the road we stopped at a grocery to buy it, lol...we have totally emptied the reserve of beer lol. We managed to put them inside the bus and we left for the wood.
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