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Speed Power

Posted Jan 18th, 2007 at 10:12 PM by

So many commentators used the word talent way too much. My thinking of the word talent is someone who posses two important things; that could be speed and power; balance & endurance; strength and touch; brains and any other combination. You can combine these things in numerous way but you must have a combination.

For example: Virginia Wade had the brains but not the decision making part. Chris Evert had that part as well as brains. Tracy Austin had those facets as well as speed but her body broke down too much. Chris didn't because she had power and endurance. Also, how these talents matched up to different opponents.

With Martina; speed and balance on all strokes and phases of the court; improvement; endurance. Flaws; forehand and decision making in crucial points. Her advantage; good court technician in breaking down opponents weakness quickly.

With Chris; strength and balance on her ground strokes; endurance; Flaws; the serve. her advantage; concentration to make good decisions in crucial points.

Most times; Martina and Chris met in the finals. Martina had an easier time getting there than Chris, simply her volley and attacking game yielded her quick results. Chris had to hit around before she broke down an opponents game. Therefore, Martina was less tired accumulatively than Chris going into the finals.

But Chris was much stronger than Martina though. Problem was the serve put stress on Chris to hit it well and forced Chris to be on the defensive and to come up with passing shots. Chris liked to control tempo and then set up passing shots. Martina took that away. Therefore, Chris was forced to be on the defensive even though Chris was a defensive player but couldn't control tempo like she was used to. When she has control of tempo, she can use her mind, make better decisions, and better shot selections. With Martina dictating tempo, the accumulation of the previous matches and the stress of coming up with passing shots, Chris gradually broke down to her defeat though close.
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    Re: Speed Power

    Virginia Wade did have power in her serve and strokes.
    Posted Jan 27th, 2007 at 01:13 PM by trivfun trivfun is offline
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