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Posted Mar 1st, 2007 at 06:46 PM by

I ate my pillow today. (what an interesting start for this post. :devil:)

Well, i almost did. I had such a panic while i watched Dani's match that i had to bite something. That girl just keeps giving me heart attacks.

I was just thinking that most likely the reason why im going to die is a heart attack im going to have while i watch a match.


About the thing i told in my last post when i was sure my friend is going to laugh at me. Well i don't know if she did (told her in msn) probably did. Im annoyed that she keeps telling it to everyone else. I know i should have said don't tell but still it just annoys me. :sad:

Yay, friday tomorrow.

Feels like i just wanna dance. Im smiling all the time and laugh for no reason. :tape: I think im in love. Well, last night i found out that she's straight. Haha, what a surprise. Of course i knew she is, but still.. I just hoped..:ras: Why does she have to be so cuuuuuuute and funny and something. :drool: I feel myself like a 14 year old at this moment :lol:

Im getting my tickets to eurovision song contest this week or the next week. Im so exited. :bounce:

:wavey: for now.
Todays song.. Regina Lund - Rainbow star
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    Re: Something..

    The best girls are alwasy impossible to get
    Posted Mar 3rd, 2007 at 01:29 AM by Chris 84 Chris 84 is offline
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