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Posted Mar 31st, 2012 at 01:16 AM by .TheGroke.
Didn't even remember I had a blog in here. So not reading! :oh: :o: :facepalm: Apparently I have eaten my pillow or something. :cuckoo:
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Posted Mar 1st, 2007 at 06:46 PM by .TheGroke.
I ate my pillow today. (what an interesting start for this post. :devil:)

Well, i almost did. I had such a panic while i watched Dani's match that i had to bite something. That girl just keeps giving me heart attacks.

I was just thinking that most likely the reason why im going to die is a heart attack im going to have while i watch a match.


About the thing i told in my last post when i was sure my friend is going to laugh at me. Well i don't know if she did (told her in msn) probably did. Im annoyed that she keeps telling it to everyone else. I know i should have said don't tell but still it just annoys me. :sad:

Yay, friday tomorrow.

Feels like i just wanna dance. Im smiling all the time and laugh for no reason. :tape: I think im in love. Well, last night i found out that she's straight. Haha, what a surprise. Of course i knew she is, but still.. I just hoped..:ras: Why does she have to be so cuuuuuuute and funny and something. :drool: I feel myself like a 14 year old at this moment :lol:

Im getting my tickets to eurovision song contest this week or the next week. Im so exited. :bounce:

:wavey: for now.
Todays song.. Regina Lund - Rainbow star
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Something boring stories again.

Posted Feb 24th, 2007 at 11:01 PM by .TheGroke.
Nothing to do, so thought i'll come write something here.

Im a bit scared.. Actually not just a bit.. But no more about it. I just hope im wrong and everything will turn out fine.

My cats are testing my nerves again. Couple of them sleeps nicely but Ilona and Leila mews and rattles things. It would be ok, if clock wasn't 2am. :mad:

I look forward to see one of my friends. Im a little afraid to tell her one thing. Or actually show it to her. She's sooooo going to laugh. :lol: I just hope she laughs with me, not to me. :p

Maybe i'll go watch the last episode of desperate housewives (first season, got the dvd last week) before i go to sleep.

See you later, skater. :wavey:

// No no, i want to start here the same thing i did one of my older journals.
So, todays song: Sarah Dawn Finer - I remember love :hearts:
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Posted Feb 23rd, 2007 at 11:12 PM by .TheGroke.
Yep yep.. So this is my first entry. :o

Im not gonna write here often, english is so hard. :p But maybe i'll write finnish.

Tomorrow there's just one match to follow.. Pennetta's.

I should be sleeping already, but as usually im not good to close my laptop. :tape:
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