Been a loooooooooong time. -
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Been a loooooooooong time.

Posted May 24th, 2007 at 09:52 PM by

Reading your old entries really makes u laugh doesn't it. . . . bless me.

Back in December I was leaving work . . . instead, in an effort to keep me they promoted me and gave me a raise. Which is good. Its improved somewhat, and people senior to me are leaving in the summer so I have a good chance of advancing again. I had only been with the company 1 year when they promoted me, to a spot usually reserved for people who had been there 3, sometimes up to 5 years. How anyone could last that long on that salary is beyond me though. Due for another raise in July due to my review, which when added together means a raise of 25% in the past 6 months. I think I made the right decision by kicking up a fuss in the winter cos it seems to be paying off now. People in other branches (one particular girl anyway, a chav) was very unhappy hearing about this and has been compaining left right and centre as she's still on a crap wage and has been there 4 years... she's obviously not as great as me hehe.

Since the winter have joined a gym and have been going 2-3 times a week, supplemented by 1 or 2 sessions of badminton. Now its summery, am switching that to tennis, as we have no indoor courts for miles. Never played on grass before but will finally get the chance this year. Seen only a small difference in myself so far, but will keep at it. I have a target, not sure of the time frame to set myself. Might have a hardcore month followed by a lesser one, and alternate. Don't want to get sick of it.

Had a funny old time in the boy stakes too. Was pissed off with the whole thing at the end of 06, but went through 3 blokes in 07 pretty much all in a row, so that was weird. All ended for different reasons, sometimes me, sometimes them. I can see what I want more now though, as all of those 3 were very different blokes.

Going to Malta in 2 weeks, followed by my week long stint in Eastbourne. Going with my mother, not seen her in aaaaaaaaaaaages, maybe just once since christmas. She's going through a great deal at the moment, so it should be a nice break for her as well. Staying in a really nice apartment that we're renting for the week, thats right on the sea, whose balcony thing in my room looks out onto the beach, its great. You don't need to go to another country to have a nice time on holiday. Might book a random long weekend away in the autumn though if I get my finances together.

Will have to keep this updated again... cya pals.
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