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Tuesday..... Day 1.

Posted Aug 29th, 2006 at 11:12 PM by

Well its raining at the USO. Luckily I was at a mate's all of today, so I didn't miss Martina playing, hurrah.

Work sucked ass today. After being used to the quiet branch where I was on relief, my home branch which is so busy sucked ass. Plus we're 2 people down instead of the usual 1 tomorrow, so it'll suck even more! Pay day in 3.5 weeks. I've been put in charge of a few more things from now on as well, which is good and bad. More responsibility again for less pay just doesn't always work well in my head. I do things like forget to email one of the business directors like I was meant to this afternoon. ooooooooooooops. There's always tomorrow. I made myself have lunch with the new girl today, she's really nice. I've decided to take her under my wing and stop her making the mistakes that I made when I first started - although I hope I didn't make as many as she's making.

I dropped my new phone and it has a little scuff/dent thing on the side. SO pissed off. Also the cigarette burn on my arm, thanks to a drunken manager accidentally stabbing me with one, is healing far too slow. If I hadn't have been wearing a short sleeved top when he did that, I would have gone crazy as it would have burnt my clothes.

I did some painting last night. My housemate decided to repaint our front door, which is nice as we have a blue door now. I did these little 4 canvas squares that I bought, they each have a swirly pattern on them that you can either hang separately, or all in a row, or all in a big square. Think I am gonna hang them in the bathroom. Must get more things like that, I really enjoyed it. I used to be really creative when I was younger, not a great drawer but I was constantly designing houses on paper and what not, I wanted to be an architect or an interior designer. If you didn't actually have to MAKE the things you design these days, I would have maybe done some sort of design degree.

I don't really have much to say today. As you can tell. Blabber blabber etc etc......

and RE a comment on my last post - - Yes its from a Bright Eyes lyric
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    Re: Tuesday..... Day 1.

    Hi Sonic

    stumbled on your blog ages ago (I admit it, the Ben Cohen issue swayed me) and enjoyed reading your posts; just had my work comp updated and saw this in my internet favourites, looked and saw it was updated. Cheers for brightening up this sodding work day!
    Posted Aug 30th, 2006 at 02:32 PM by beecharmer
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