First Test - Day 5 -
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First Test - Day 5

Posted Jul 14th, 2009 at 12:12 PM by

Damn those dirty cheating Poms, they were terrible. It was an interesting day the 5th day. We only needed 8 wickets, too easy isn't it? I saw the explosion between KP and Mitch, KP's just got an ego problem and I was hoping Mitch would knock it out of him.

I was wanting some rain, which would mean I could play internet poker again all day, but I was happy with the Sunshine, would help us win.

Couldn't believe those Poms knocking us around at first, disgraceful. If I was playing it wouldn't have happened. Couldn't believe Paul Collingwood stood there for so long.

I'm sick of blokes coming up to me wanting an autograph and photo, just leave me alone blokes. Sheilas is another thing, I'm always happy to stop for them.

When the Poms got to 9 down, I was excited as, but we just couldn't clean them up, we should've! And then they cheated. That time wasting was an abosulte disgrace, we wouldn't do it all, and we haven't done it all!

All I have to say now is bring on the second test on Thursday! My work with Sky starts then, and I can't wait to be on air and rip into those Poms
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