First Test - Day 1 -
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First Test - Day 1

Posted Jul 10th, 2009 at 04:58 AM by

Well here I am in Cardiff, Wales for the first Ashes test in the 2009 series. Strange place Wales, don't know why Greenpeace wants to save it, and why the ECB is hosting the first test (or any test) here between us Aussies and the Poms. It would be like having our first in our summer in Paupa New Guneia!

I was a bit late getting to the ground, due to doing things in the morning, but when I got to the ground I was told that I wasn't needed to call! If I knew that, I wouldn't have me body double in Vegas for a poker tournament!

These Welsh are a strange mob, can't understand a word they say, and looking at how things are written here, I think the country must be full of people who are dislexic! After the singing of all these different songs before hand, the match finally got underway, and thank goodness for that!

I was impressed with the Aussies in the first session, I've been saying for a while that Bopara is rubbish and shouldn't be in the side, and it showed. IF I was playing still, I would've asked Ricky if I could bowl the first overs.

The lunch break was well needed, though I think there was something lost in the dialouge between me and a Taffy or a Pom. I was busting after having a dozen beers and needed to go for a leak. Iasked a local where was it best to go for a leak and he showed me this van kind of thing, which had a lot of people lining up for it. I decided to go around behind the van and dropped the pants and pulled the old wizzer out and took a leak. When I was doing it, a copper come along and told me not to do that against a food van! Turned out that a leak is a Welsh food!

The middle session wasn't that good for us, I wanna come out of retirement, and show what can be done, I'm still good enough for it. The last session was great, we got wickets, two of me least players were out, Collingwood and KP (KP got himself out by being cocky and it was funny seeing the ball hit him in the head before being caught!) and I think we're in a strong position.

After the game, I went out to a local with some of the old players and got hammered, can't wait for tomorrow!
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