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Unreasonable people gets to anyone!!!!

Posted Feb 10th, 2007 at 05:58 AM by

Yesterday was the release of the O level results. True, I did not teach last year's sec 4s, but when I came here in 2005, They were the first class I met and interacted with. Nevertheless, some of them did not do very well and I was upset.

To make things worse, I went down to the make 7 copies of the music piece for the biannual band competition for the judges. After simple conversation, I was told to attached the "Master" copy to the printing form to "his" tray, so I did so.

Later on, I went to heard the other bands in the music room. When I came back, I discovered a typhoon had occurred. Nat and Ben got scolded at by him and he said he wanted the master copy and not that and he can't copy and he told them to tell me that if I'm not happy I should talk to his RO and I can go ahead and photocopy outside.

I'm super pissed... Firstly, he should not take it out on Nat and Ben cos they are not even in the band, secondly, WHAT IS THE BIG PROBLEM OF USING SOMEONE OF HIGHER AUTHORITY TO THREATEN ME? WHY MUST I TALK TO HIS RO??? Thirdly, what's with the idea of asking me to go out of school to photocopy? Why? I'm suppose to infringe copyright cos he just went into a hissy fit????

Luckily, I was stopped by Che at the lift after I stormed out of the staff room or I wondered what would have happened. This is so ridiculous! What does he want from me? What is more master than the original copy that the school bought? Why can't he talk nicely? Does he own the school? Is he the only one with a lot of stress? Hello!!!I work 7 days a week and sometimes up to 2am and wake up at 630am... does he do that????

Dun tell me he is not very educated.. not very educated people would know something called justice and fairness... why scold nat and ben when they are not even part of the picture????

yes another excuse is that he is old... so? I am suppose to die first then all sympathy is on me???

All excuses!!! He should have never thrown into a hissy fit. That is so unprofessional... BTW I wrote dateline as next friday.. so dun tell me I was rushing him... if he can't do it by next friday, he can just tell me and I would have written next next friday... dun just come in and yell at others...My job requires me to use a lot of my voice...HE WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO OUTSHOUT ME...

This is the support that we get from the school.. I'm so disappointed... he acts like he owns the school... "In one accord" is this one accord? more like one dominate all!!!!

I'll never forget this... The injustice that my colleagues had to endure, the threatening of using someone of higher authority to back him up and the challenge to photocopy out of school...

-__-"""" !!!!
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    Re: Unreasonable people gets to anyone!!!!

    I sure hope you're feeling better now. Unreasonable people piss me off too!
    Posted Feb 10th, 2007 at 11:38 AM by shadowsecret shadowsecret is offline
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