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hy everybody

Posted Oct 23rd, 2006 at 08:56 PM by

hy again!!

i thought i should make another blog entry.. it haven't been for a while so i'll give u a little summary of my last days..

the most funniest thing in the last days was definetively saturday!! i and some classmates (included my best friend thomas who normally doesn't go out) went to an event in our neighbour village. it was really really cool there.. good music (techno and so on..) and the most important things loads of coke-rum and beer!!! it was so funny.. 9 other classmates were there and it was just fun.. we drunk and drunk and drunk.. and in the end we were all so drunken that we still drunk.. definetively one of the best events this year!! and one thing that was really surprising, i didn't have a hangover on sunday.. i expected that i'd have a very very bad one.. but nothing.. that was really cool =)

so some other things.. last week i got 3 tests back and *surprise* 2 of them were negativ (management & maths) BUT controlling was positiv *puh*
tomorrow i'll have a programmin test but i won't learn for it.. first it's to late and second i don't give a fuck!! but i think the test should not be such a big problem, Java is not that difficult...
btw. on wednesday i've electronic business day.. oh man that sucks.. from thursday 26.10. - thursday 02.11. we have autumn holidays and 2 days before these holidays we have two tests *grml*

BUT and now comes the thing i'm waiting since months.. at thursday i'll drive to linz with my sister... YES, i'll go to the tennis-tournament. i'm so excited.. i hope i'll see one of my favourite ana ivanovic.. and if she gets to the 2nd round i'll see her.. wahh i can't wait for it.. i also hope that i'll see mary pierce, jelena jankovic, and some other players.. but it really sucks that my favourite amèlie isn't there =(

so ok, i think that's enough for today and i don't know what else i should write.. i'm happy about every comment so keep on posting ^^

have a nice day and let a comment here..

cheers, nadl
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    Re: hy everybody

    Hope you have a great time i Linz Nadl
    Posted Oct 24th, 2006 at 04:52 PM by furrykitten furrykitten is offline
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