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'fire cease' tomorrow

Posted Aug 13th, 2006 at 08:31 PM by

So tomorrow it all suppose to end.
No more running to the shelters several times a day, and
hopefully with god's help no more soldiers and civilians killed.
Does it worth it?

All that my country have fought for can be for none.
U.N has cleared out that 'fire cease' will only be accepted
under certain conditions.. bringing the kiddnaped soldiers
home back to Israel, and dis-arming the Hizbollah.

Right now, both of it won't happen.
Just proves me what I thought about the world
strength and willingness to fight the terror.
Every time some actions need to be taken that may
involve a certain fight they back off and surrender,
giving the terrorist pretty much whatever they want.
Happened so many times through history,
and yet they haven't learned.

I may be less physically harmed tomorrow,
but do I feel more protected? Frankly, not.
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