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Posted Jul 27th, 2008 at 10:06 PM by LudwigDvorak
Just to keep up what I've seen with rivalries I like between Elena and whoever. I'll list the matches I've seen, then dots to indicate what I want to see/feasibly see.

v. Henin:
'03 Amelia Island SF (third set)
'05 Charleston F
'06 Indian Wells SF
'07 Stuttgart QF
'02 Wimbledon 4R
'03 Toronto SF

v. Clijsters:
'00 New York QF
'05 Filderstadt QF
'06 Antwerp SF
'06 Warsaw SF
'06 Madrid RR
'01 Flushing Meadows 4R
'06 Fed Cup 1R

v. Mauresmo:
'03 Toronto QF
'04 Flushing Meadows QF
'05 Fed Cup F
'05 Filderstadt SF
'07 Stuttgart 1R

v. Schnyder:
'05 Charleston SF
'06 Paris [i] QF
'06 Moscow QF
'07 Moscow 2R
'08 Dubai 1R
'08 Charleston QF (live!)
'05 Sydney QF
'05 Melbourne 4R
'07 San Diego SF

v. Kuznetsova:
'04 Los Angeles QF
'04 Moscow QF
'05 Indian Wells QF
'06 New Haven QF
'06 Madrid RR
'07 New Haven SF
'08 Dubai F
'04 Flushing Meadows F

v. Davenport:
'00 New York 1R
'03 Amelia Island F
'05 Flushing Meadows QF
'07 Beijing QF
whatever else I can find
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Posted May 16th, 2008 at 04:08 AM by LudwigDvorak
So you're a Venus fan and she is now a favorite for Paris. When she loses in the first five rounds of Paris tamely to some no name, or even better, a top name, how are you going to handle it this time?

It's the year after winning Wimbledon. She got a good win over a player she owns. Woot! She does well in Paris every other year. This is that year. Maybe this year is different, though, and she'll do better. But it's not going to be different. Venus is never any different and she's made her amazing career being that way.

I guess you could say I'm trying to invoke something here, but I'm so frustrated and had to vent somewhere. I know Aaron's thread is in good taste, that isn't my issue, but Venus has done nothing all year. Then she beats someone she naturally owns, and sure, she played well, but when has consistency been a part of Venus' game or results? Especially since '02. I don't understand this mind-frame at all, and that's why I made this thread.

Venus fans are their own worst enemies. I would know, since I've fallen under this trap myself with Venus. You expect so much out of her because she's so goddamn good, then she gets a good run going in a Tier II or Tier I, and even though she ALWAYS loses in one of these good runs, we start talking about her chances at the upcoming slam. I fully expected Venus to win the US Open in '05 and '07, to no avail. I thought she'd win AO '08. I thought she could be dominating the tour again after her incredible summer last year. I was so happy. Then she blew it to Chavketadze and got sick (in a way) against Henin. And she hasn't been the same since.

So, now that Venus is FIRMLY a favorite at the upcoming French, how are you, Venus fan, going to handle the disappointment when she loses early relative to her talent and ability?
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It's official.

Posted Jan 6th, 2008 at 05:58 AM by LudwigDvorak
I am smitten. He is so cute on every level. :hug:
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Posted Dec 4th, 2007 at 04:54 PM by LudwigDvorak
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