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4/2 Tennis comp of some sort, at last!

Posted Feb 4th, 2008 at 12:46 PM by

So I was asked to play in a weekly Monday night tournament where teams of 6 have 4 players each week playing 3 sets of doubles against another team. Having never played competition, I took this chance in hope that it would be fun.

So so, tonight, our team was called White City (not my idea!) and we had Sonny (only team member I knew beforehand ^.^''), John (captain) and Paul (whose brother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and then was in a motorcycle accident 2 days ago and is at present in a coma).

Our opponents were 'The Unpredictables' (team names always sound lame hey?), and tonight they had Adam, Dean (vaguely remember him), Rod and Murray on their team.

We play 3 'pro-sets', sets that go to 8 games, not 6.

Mmm where do I start, my first match I was paired with Paul (John told me he was the weakest guy on our team) and we played against Dean and Rod.. We quickly went down 1-4, I just wasn't getting balls in and Paul seemed a bit bothered, I'm surprised he chose to play really considering his ordeal. We resurged a bit to get to 4-4, but lost the next four games to lose 8-4. It really sucked, I get really bothered with myself when I don't make shots, if I saw myself I'd call myself a bad sport but I can't help it. A lot of the time I mutter shit to myself, commenting things like "HOW THE FUCK DID YOU MISS THAT?", and even when I do win points, I never crack a smile because I'm still really annoyed that I'm not playing well. And then there is the case of hitting my leg with the racquet, I think I did it too much tonight, my right leg is bruised right below the knee. ~_~ Crazy I know, I try to stop. Credit to Dean to Rod for winning, but Rod pissed me off a bit. Maybe I think too much but had a really conceited look on his face, or maybe he was just relaxed and enjoying himself, like we all should.

Second match I paired with John the captain and we played against Adam and Rod. Once again I was just annoyed at myself for missing a few shots, and we went down 2-5 very quickly. Rod was beginning to piss me off even more, but really it was probably in my head and I take things too serious. At some points I was so frustrated I shouted a few things but language wasn't as colourful as my muttering.

I guess I didn't really 'think' on the court apart from try to whack the ball over the net. From 2-5 onwards, I stayed at the baseline whenever we were recieving and when Rod was returning on John's serve because I just wasn't that solid at the net and Rod had passed me a few times. This worked to some extent and we somehow won the next six games and won 8-5. Adam seemed to be annoyed at me for some reason or another. He seemed bothered when I hit balls back to him so he could serve or what not. At the end of the match Adam told John to have a word with me as he's the captain, to tell me not to hit the ball back in between serves as it disrupts his 'momentum'. When John told me I'm like 'BITCH!' but oh well. And even though we won I was in a real shiteous mood, Rod hit some shots that I couldn't get to and I felt like Lindsay Davenport really, my two legs glued together.

What was funny, at the start the opponent knew I was missing HEAPS of shots and getting frustrated that they kept hitting the ball to me and tried to let me make an error, once they even hit like a really deliberate soft shot to me. -.- Naturally I knew what they were doing and didn't want them to feel good about themselves so I, for once, calmly played the point and we won them more often than not.

But guess what? During that match when I was returning Rod's serve, the ball hit my racquet frame and then it broke. I was too annoyed at my shit form to really think about the money I'd need to fork out for a new racquet and I asked Sonny to borrow one of his spares.

Oh and to comment on John's game! When he was taking me there he said he thought he was the best in the team because he was consistent and only Sonny could challenge him but he wasn't that consistent. So anyway, after playing with him, I'd like to say he is sort of consistent but not really. But the most shocking thing was, HE CHIPS HIS FOREHAND. Like what the fuck you're not serious right? Who the heck slices their forehand alllll the time?!?! For me it was just so facepalm.

Moving on, the next match would be the last for the night, and it was with Sonny. I actually knew him from before and he's really nice and in my opinion much better than John! Going into this match I felt a bit better and definitely more confident as I knew what Sonny played like. Our opponents were Murray and Rod (a third time! I thought I'd play Adam for a second but I guess not). So by this point, both teams had each won two matches, and after a backcount, the other team lead by ONE game. So going into this match, I was thinking in my head "Let's kill them." I actually felt that all along. It sounds crazy and obsessive I know but I'm not denying it now.

To my dismay we lost the first game after having a few breakpoints. A few missed shots gave them the game and I was like "Damn, ok, let's make it 8-1!". And guess what? We beat theam 8-1. And even during the whole time we were leading I failed to crack a smile because I just wasn't playing my best, I never seem to hit as hard as I do in practice and that really annoys the living daylights out of me.

Once again I stayed at the baseline when Rod was returning coz I fucking hate getting passed. And Murray was the weaker player and Sonny and I targeted him all the time, he almost never got a volley over. And I guess I was such a bitch coz I hit the ball to Murray who was at the net and I didn't bother to get ready to hit another shot as I was almost sure he'd lose, but he got it back and it was quite a nice volley indeed. Yes, Jerry's a conceited idiot who deserves to be put back in his place. ~_~

When we finished the other match that John and Paul were playing, they were at 4-5. We had already won by then. IF they lost, each team would have three sets each, and doing a game count, we would have won because there was no way they could take the lead in the number of games.

I didn't hang around for them to finish. I know. I'm a poor sport but the night dragged longer than usual and my parents had to pick me up and they were annoyed coz they have to wake at 6 tomorrow morning and I already apologised to John in an SMS. Murray took me to Richmond station and I took the train home from there.

Hm, so all in all it was pretty good. I just need to somehow transfer my practise form into the matches, it is so hard! I'm just a perfectionist and I'm still annoyed I lost the first set, though granted they took advantage of Paul, but still! So now I need to go buy a new racquet. I think I will get the same again, Wilson N-Code N3. Big racquet head and rather light, Venus Williams used it before! I really like it!

I'm terrible with updating stuff, but hopefully same time next week I can make another post on this, even if no one reads this it's nice to write about it. Just hope there wont be any broken racquets or bruised legs next time. D;

P.S. Yes I know, too long or something hey?
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