The same old boring Routine!!! -
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The same old boring Routine!!!

Posted Dec 24th, 2007 at 08:41 AM by
Updated Jan 16th, 2008 at 06:38 PM by Hashim.

this is one reason i don't like the holidays...
i do nothing except sleeping,eating and watching T.V.
tomorrow my cousins are coming i can tolerate guests for 3 days but more than that is out of my patience..they will be staying here for 2 month
and there are 3 weddings coming in the next week which may bring some joy..most of us enjoy them.. the dates are from 25 DEC-2 JAN...very long isn't it
the weddings here are a lot different to the ones in the rest of the world..they are more complicated..noramlly there are three functions on 3 days of every local language they are called Mehndi,Shaadi(the wedding) and Walima,,and even after the wedding there are a lot of functions...
i really like them because its a good way of spending time and all our family is together which makes it speacial as i get to spend time with relatives..
Moreover thinking about the result of my exams is making the hols even worse..i am really scared about them..
thats all for now

now as some deaf posters like Gigi are asking me why have i said that i enjoy spending time with my relatives but i have also said i can't tolerate the cousins..
i would request them to read the blog again as i have clearly started that the wedding is for 3 days and it isn't taking place at my home so i am angry because the cousins are coming to stay at my place
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