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moody cunt

Posted Jun 15th, 2006 at 07:21 PM by

so, yesterday i had a big breakdown when i woke up. i cried for no reason. someone smack me please. i supposed it just hit me that i've been doing nothing since i graduated and i fear that i will still be in the same state even after a year.

i've been very depressed since then. i feel like sitting in my room, listening to sad songs, and crying. but i cannot do this. i would prolly drown myself into watching more friends or will and grace.

how can things be going so well and yet suck so much at the same time?

and my parents are coming to visit. how fucking wonderful. can't they get the fuck out of my life. then again, if they do, how am i supposed to fucking survive when i can't even get a fucking job. fuck.

life is a fuck.

ps : pardon my language.
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