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I went to Brussels some months ago. It was with my school which is equal to: a lot of musea and other boring buildings that demand a visit. Because I had been to most of those buildings already (almost every schoolyear has a trip to Brussels in it), I focused my attention on the guides that explained everything to us. Studying their behaviour turned out to be very amusing... and of course usefull for a column.


Their lives were to be envied. With ferm steps and a never deteriorating attitude - even when the subject had no more meaning than the Catholic faith in our Western society - they guided us through small hallways and steep staircases onto places where we could obviously understand the lack of windows. Spending every day between the same walls, trying to 'educate' people who probably had a greater career in mind,... brought up the image of a suffering teacher more than once.

Altho unique in their kind, the differences between one another remained obvious. "The seats were rather nice." If this really was the pinnacle of a visit to the Royal Flemish Theatre or rather a serious case of job-related dissability - the quote was made by an esthetics teacher - was a question I preferred to leave unanswered. An-jaaaaa, which the lady had exclaimed on a very expressive tone upon her arrival, had obviously learned how to put emphasis on something. After the fifth time in only half an hour, I had definitely understood that the RFT had been a stock for weapons during World War Two. If miss An-jaaaaa also knew how to spell 'stock' is, however, very doubtfull. Weaponed with small words as "goed", "okay" and "ça va", An-jaaaaa showed us that - besides her cleavage - languages were her strongest point. This to such an extant that her French 'r' delivered us all goosebumps when she announced with a huge amount of pride: "Herrrrrre you see ourrrrrr cafeterrrrria". Later, it seemed that the pride had been appropriate.

If An-jaaaaa really was the exception that made the rule is beyond dispute. Where other guides in other boring buildings only could be critisised for having a wrong intonation, An-jaaaaa toppled them all in other areas. Yet, we refused to blame her for anything, seeing without her, another individual would have filled up this column. Once outside, after a goodbye which for once didn't contain information about weaponstocks, we decided to leave as soon as possible. On our way back to the hostel, we realised that we could atleast scratch one thing from our "to be when I grow up"-list...
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