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Fuck! Long time, no update.

Posted May 1st, 2005 at 12:53 PM by

I haven't updated this thing in a long time. I guess I haven't had an awful lot to talk about.

Exams are drawing ever closer, and for once, I am worried. I have been tanking lessons more and more....just not taking part, showing general lack of interest etc. Its a poor attitude to have, but nowadays I can't be bothered with lessons. I need to sort myself out or failure will be inevitable.

I am talking a little more often to the girl I like. But..I dunno. A few months ago, we got on so well. Now, she seems withdrawn from me, and seems to be giving me dirty looks. She also seems uncomfortable around me in general. Its little things like this that sadden me and make me feel like I am doing something wrong. Therefore, I hate myself even more. One day, I will need to ask her what is wrong.

As a person, I am slowly improving, I think. I think my psychologist visits are good, and are starting to get far more interesting than usual. I pray they work out.

Thats all for now. Bye.

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