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Here is a short story i wrote!

Posted Dec 29th, 2007 at 05:45 PM by

Kingsley Walker 8G

As I glanced across the oval shaped oak dinner table, I focused my sight on my mourning mother. Her face a defeated cat after chasing his mouse for all these years, the mouse gives up and loosed the objective of the tiring chase. Her lips were still trembling rhythmically, the reverberation of a warrior close to tears. Her only love, my deceitful father has fled from all responsibilities and rids himself of a conscience he needs so dearly. The pain and hurt mum was feeling is evident in this excuse for a meal. The past few weeks their relationship has been under bad light, ugh! What a incredulous understatement. They have been more cantankerous than Iíve ever witnessed them; in fact they give a whole new insight on the word.
After a series of uneasing sounds from mum she finally let it out in a feeble yet explosive howl that made sissy and I frantically jump. After a succession of vibratos we were desperately expecting her to stop but she carried with the echo of a broken home. With her face turning a disastrous crimson colour she drew to a teary stop. A luminous waterfall gushed down her face and somehow my brain had maliciously shaped the reservoir of tears that sat on my motherís face into a flaming broken heart. I suspect sissy had seen it to because of the distraught look on her normally puerile face. We simultaneously jolted out of our seats; I for one couldnít bare my mother in this state. Deserting my less than perfect meal I strutted across the overwrought atmosphere I gave mother a fleeting look and cowardly walked to my room wishing I was man enough to console my mum.

Sulkishly lying on my warm bed with the smell of the stream I had produced just beginning to dry on my sorrowful face. Thinking back to the eventful Ďgolden ageí of my normal childhood whilst staring at the lava lamp, a Christmas present dad had got me last year, which had been shattered during my angry raid. Contemplating to an innocent time, when I hadnít come to terms with what a complete git my father was. Seeing a gregarious woman like my mother overwhelmed with sadness for a man she had showered with love and affection. I need to stop thinking about these things. I must strip myself of all thoughts of the bitter-end to my family. The inconvenience caused when a selfish man inflicts his family with shame through his supposedly inadvertent infidelity. He says it likes he slipped and fell in love with another woman. STOP! Jack get a grip. Iím in bed, when Iím on this bed itís a time of resolution not weakening reflections of a failed mentor and guardian. I need to drift to sleep. I close my eyes and sleep should come to me. As I lay motionless enacting the nights when tiredness defeated my body and I would drift to sleep, the tears just seem to accelerate through no fault of my mind. The tears were unsettlingly soothing, unfortunately not enough to get me to swiftfully doze off.

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    I write poems but i don't want to post em in case someone steals them!
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