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Back into the jungle...

Posted Jul 22nd, 2006 at 08:58 PM by

Well after a week and a bit off, I'm back here I'm going to try and be nicer now on here, I was getting disillusioned on here and getting into too many fights. I don't want to be banned for the 378092316240th time

Anyway, holiday! It was really good. The weather was Mediterrian the whole week and always around 30C which means I've got a great tan You don't have to leave England for abroad if the weather's good. It just isn't that usual I met a girl and had a holiday fling She had a boyfriend I don't think I'll see her again, but c'est la vie *No idea what it means but I think it goes with what I've said *

Weymouth is really nice, but the South West seems so innocent compared to up north I saw the local news and Tesco building was the main news, I can home today and local news here is murders of white and asian men It's just different and old fashioned but that's nice really.

The journey there was a fucking nightmare though It took about 4 hours to get from where I live to Birmingham which is about 70-80 miles from here and 8 hours in total None of my family are patient so arguements just happened But the journey home was good

My family are fine when we don't do anything, but when we went out for a meal it just doesn't work. We went out 3 times and it was bad. Specially last night when we went a Mexican and the food was seriously shit :retard: And well, we weren't too quiet about it

The place I stayed was nice so that was good and it was just a good holiday

But it's over now And now I'm back to the shithole I live It's not that bad but you know, it's not has nice has Weymouth Now my GCSE's results to look forward too If I do OK I go the college I want, if not, I go to the college I don't want...

Anyway, watching BB now, wearing a Nike sleeveless top and adidas trackies, I feel like a right chav but I'm only wearing it cos I used all of my other cool clothes on holidays and theres no way I'm wearing a jumper.

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    Re: Back into the jungle...

    ooh, a holiday romance! i want details

    and c'est la vie = that's life (i think....)

    Posted Jul 22nd, 2006 at 09:38 PM by Avid Merrion Avid Merrion is offline
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