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Posted May 10th, 2007 at 03:55 AM by

so i thought i'd give this journal thing a try. i like journaling.

so. it's nearly midnight. i still have to shower and (at the very least) blowdry my hair before i go to bed. and i have to be up and gone by 8:00 tomorrow. die. i'm really beginning to hate tuesdays and thursdays. i work 8:30-6 then i go straight to rehearsal until 9 or 9:30. so tiring.

i'm so bad. this is the last week of classes before finals. and i should be going to all of my classes this week. but i didn't. i skipped astronomy to play tennis with my friend jared, and then i skipped environmental science because my parents came up to school to surprise me and took me out to dinner. amazing, yes?

so this whole tennis thing. not going well. even jared's beating me now. he was leading 7-5 4-1 when i decided i didn't want to play anymore.....it was about 85 degrees outside (and i do not do well in the heat), i had rolled my ankle slightly, and the bottom part of the handle of my racket broke off. i'm not really sure how it happened, though. not like last summer when i broke my racket after i slammed it down on the court. it's like when i play grayson, i don't have enough time to think about my shots and try to structure points, so i get into trouble. but when i play jared, he's such a moonballer that i have almost too much time to think and construct points. blah.

if anyone reads this, please comment! i love comments!
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