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Crazy tennis matches for crazillo!

Posted Mar 13th, 2005 at 02:48 PM by

Hey all,
on Friday evening, very late, I got a phonecall by someone from the 2nd men's team and I had to play as a replacement. So I arrived there on Saturday, practising like 10 minutes with buddies from my team (cuz I'd have had practice at that time) and then went with them to the other club.
I had crazy matches, really, as if my name was programme as a German proverb says...
In my singles I faced an experienced guy who had great defensive shots and a clever gameplay, who only made mistakes when he tried to exert pressure on me. As you know, I prefer to play vs. opponents who play the ball a bit harder, so that I can take their pressure and add it's weight to my shots and outplay them, but this was hard to achieve yesterday.
After bgreaking him (1-0) he broke me right back in a very long service game (about 15 min. length) and we had realtively easy holds until 3-3. There, I broke him again, extending my lead to 5-3, then 5-4, but then I had a bad service game and we ended up in the TB in which I made a few errors which gave him a 3-0 lead, but then I concentrated and outplayed him with some of my best shots and won the TB 7-5 in the end. In set 2, he started to be more aggressive and had success with it, and I was down 0-3 in a few minutes..... Then, I decided to change my racket, I have a new Yonex RDX 500 and I put the "old" RD-Ti 80 away (before I played I was unsure whether to play with the new or the old one becuase I thought I was not used enough to it), but it wasa a great decision I think. I broke right back, 2-3, my forehand and backhand was going well there, and held at 2-4 defending several BP's. Then I had the support of my team because my match lasted veeeeeery long, so that I had the mental edge over them. I broke back and it ended in the TB again. There, it was really close, but there was that decisive rally at 6-6 in the TB with several drop-shots and a long ball-exchange which I ended with a winning dropshot after getting his one back in great fashion. I closed it out with an ace.
In the doubles, which I usually prefer, I was put with our No. 1 (!!) and we had very hard opponenents and were playing really bad, with UE's all the time. Then, we were already down 2-6 0-5 15-40 on their serve (!) and in that moment the 2nd doubles won and we were kinda sure now that we can play like we want because it didn't mean anything anymore (victory was sure). We were GREAT after that, had a streak of 16 winning points in a row and were up 6-5 eventually, but we couldn't convert a 30-15 lead on my serve, because we were both missing 3 easy volleys then.... in the TB it was damn close, we were up 2-0, then down 2-4, thwn it was 5-5, 5-6, 6-6, 7-6, 7-7, 7-8 and then they ended it with a winning dropshot..... It was awesome to experience such a comeback though...
All in all a great day for me..... I relaxed later with some music, chats and the movie "From Hell" on German TV.

Cheers, Sascha
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