School has started again.... But much happened bef -
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School has started again.... But much happened bef

Posted Aug 22nd, 2005 at 10:15 AM by

Hey guys,
after returning to Germany I was quite busy so that I only found time now to drop a few lines.

After coming back (which I fortunately did one day before the British Airways made their strike) I first tried to stay awake ALAP. It worked quite good actually and with only 5 hours of sleep out of the last two days I was very happy to sleep then. But before I had a veeeeery long chat with Carsten about my trip to Canada and his trip to the Czech Republic, where a tennis-camp was held (which was absolutely great!).
The next day I had an appointement regarding my new occupation: I basically help two young girls with homework, their father died last year.. I will get some money for it and the guys are nice... It's very nice to have two girls and 20 per week.
The same day Steve arrived (yes, the Steve from the board). We planned to meet for the secomd time since months, and it indeed was nice. The first day I was still suffering from the jetlag though and very tired, but we played tennis. Quite funny to play in those circumstances.. I did quite well for that though. We also had fun with Topspin. The next day we basically did the same, but I also showed him my beautiful city (Aachen) and all it's nice places and shopping-centres... But not only.
We played tennis indoors in the evening, where we were tied 6-2 3-6 before we stopped. I think that I'm a better indoor player than him, while he is better outdoors. It showed when we played the next time.. But I'll tell you later about it. On Thursday, not only Steve wanted to meet me, but also some of my friends which I didn't see for such a long time. It was quite strange as always when you bring someone "new" to such a meetinmg, but it turned out to be quite funny. Later on they left, because they had other plans and we had a great end of the evening drinking even more than before and taking the last bus. We even played a drunk topspin match after that... That was great. The next day we played tennis and he beat me outdoors 7-5 2-6 1-6.. What a strange match that was. Tight first set, but I was more consistent and actually were up all the time. In set 2 and 3v until 3-0 for him, the ganmes were as tight, as close, but he won nearly all of them (was up 5-0 in set 2).. And that despite of the fact that it should have been more like 7-5 6-3 for him in the last two sets. After the 3-0 he played absplutely fantastic hitting return winners everywhere. I was quite mad and pissed and couldn't do anything in the last four games (although I hit like crazy to win one more ).
All in all I'd say we are pretty even though. Well, on Sunday, we went to Colgne, which was already packed despite of the fact that the pope yet had to arrive. I showed him the city, we had a subway and in the evening we went to the cinema watching "Die Insel" ( "The Island" ) which is one of the best films I have seen recently... On Monday, my tennis camp started (where I was a coach). Steve stayed at home though. Since we were five coaches and the courts forced us to play indoors (where we only have four courts) someone and me had a group of young male guys between 9 and 13. Was quite funny. One of them got on my nerves right from the beginning though (and it should rmain like that for the whole week). Was able to handle it though. In the evening, Steve and me went to a good friend's birthday party. We had fun like hell. Since Steve needed to go back to his home town we broght him to the bus station from where he'd find home easily. But after that the second part of the party continued with us having muuuuch fun. For example we went to a playground and there were some apple-trees (with the fruits on the ground already). Some of us were sitting on a swing and suddenly the attack began. It was a great battle. The alcohol throughtout the day made it better. I slept at a friend's home, because we missed the last bus barely. The next morning I kind of hestitated to my camo and this time got some young girls aged 7-10. It was quite good as well. Since Steve left, this afternoon and evening actually felt like the first time to relax in a looong time for me. The next day I had the guys again and the last two days the girls. That particular guy which was going on my nerves (Simon) started to annoy me on Wednesday during the lunch-break: "Do we play ECHO" ? Echo means that they repear everything that I say. And that for hours. There actually is no way to stop it. They did so for the last two days as well. I really got mad, but mostly didn't say anything. But you could see that I really was the main attraction and victim from this point on.
Well, overall I couldn't really create my lessons too much, always gettign instructions from one coach. But from Thursday on, I was able to go to another court far away from my old one and it really paid off since I could be much more creative.. I had the instruction to focus on this and that (which I liked), but at least could create some exercises which was very nice. On Thursday evening, a very good friend of mine (Natascha) and me met up despite of the fact that it was hard for her to come to Aachen by train considering the millions of people in Cologne. We met up first, later with friends and were like 15. We drank soooooo many cockatils and different stuff, had some incredible fun, but it was very expensive, too. After some time she really started to integrate herself in the group. I wanted her to meet them in a long time, but it was the first time that it worked now. After the evening, we went to my home with four guys (where we drank the rest of Natascha's wodka bottle - it gave us the rest ). Suddenly one of the guys got a call by one of the girls that went out with me that evening and wanted him to meet up with them DURING the SAME night. I was kinda shocked and scared that something could happen since the footwalk to this place is pretty long - drunk even longer. But after long discussions (I even locked the door ) I let him go, although I was still worried. We slep then. The next day I took Natascha and the other one that slept here with me to the camp and it was a bit harder to not forget them, my group and everything, but it was still OK. During the lunch break, my mum brought me the stuff I need to sleep there the night (the last day always contains a barbecue and to sleep in a tent or inside the tennis hall and a breakfast the next morning). During that time, I put the key soemwhere and when my mum was gone, it was simply away. After much searching (in between was the dog which my mum brought as well ) and some loud screaming by her one of the coaches finalyl recognized that he took the key and had two nearly identically looking keys in his bag now.
Then my friends and me left after the tournament was completed and I had an embarrissing speech which actually was self-improved, because I had basically no preperation time and said some strange things. I brought my guys to the train station, the other one took the bus respectatively. We'll surely see each other again. Some of them actually requested each others ICQ-numbers yet..
Well, the evening was very nice, too. Depsite of no alcohol!!! I hardly had so much fun without. I got to know some of the girls better, one of them has been the secret love of that friend that saw her the morning again (but there was nothing from her side and now he's disappointed for sure) and we had much fun playing cricket, caring for some of the guys 8one girl really became addicted to me), fighting with coke against each other , being hunted by the guys and hiding ourselves. Later in the hall there were some games, but also some serious huntings, i.e. the combs of one guy and one girl (in pink!). Actually there were teo groups (girls and boys). Later we seperated ourselves a bit from the younger children (I could convince some of them to keep playing in our club which made me proud), but we had some nicde talks and I really started to like those girls and guys which I didn't know thaaat well before. The next morning I got up slowly due to the hard ground, but after tiding up everything I at least got 100 , which was like the first money I ever gained myself by working.
Later I said bye to many of the guys and actually i think they really liked me. I was somehow the connection between the older guys and the young ones I guess. Quite a nice, but asl odemanding position ("ECHO&quot.
Later on that day I played tennis (something I probably shouldn' have done) and I lost 1-6 2-6 playing horrible (I was exhausted and also he did quite well). It's not that I lost.. He IS better than me (but barely). But the way annoyed me. To put a BH in the field was sometimes too much for me. But these are those days.. I shoulsn't have played.. I really was too tired and exhausted, too. The last one and a half days I completely relaxed, said to everyone leave me alone and don't meet me up... I took some calls though, chatted a lot (which was fun, espacially with Carsten and Daniel). The later one, his girlfriend and two others I don't know yet will go with me to the cinema tonight ("Mr and Mrs Smith&quot. Regarding the first one, well, I hope the Luxembourg meeting will work (since it didn't work three times in the past!!), but sometimes I doubt that really WANTS to meet me, although he insists on it. Don't know if he doesn't see me as a friend or whatsoever... Just strange. Yesterday we also spoke about eaxh other's qualities and one thing i told him is that sometimes he has a problem to say what he thinks. Not always very open and sometimes not directly enough in sharing his opinion. Like in the Luxembourg case. Well... Still a friend for me though.
Well, today I had my first school-day then. Really didn't want to go. not because of school, but because of those specific guys I don't wanna see again. I tried to forget them for my whole holidays time, it worked quite well, although I dropped some tears here and there again. But now I'll see them a lot more again and I really don't like that. It was pretty strange again. I missed some other ones though. My timetable is kinda strange. I have many free lessons (but I don't have too many subjects, too. On Thursday i.e., I have only the first two lessons, but every 2nd week I have one of my main subjects, called "Leistungskurs" (you have five lessons per wekk in this) for two lessons late that day, too. Apart from that, it's OK, although it really isn't great. Regarding teachers it's neither great nor bad. I don't know two of them yet, my new maths teacher is as bad as the old one though... Well, I will cope with it. And hopefully with the guys, too. Don't wanna have worse grades because of them. Hopefully the class trip to Rome next Sunday will be OK. I'm not so sure. We'll see.
Updates later this week (and this time for real).

Cheers, Sascha
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