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Does Friday need to be called

Posted Mar 11th, 2005 at 07:36 PM by

You might think that guys with my timetable on friday might have a long weekend and can enjoy it even more, because of only 4 lessons on the timetable. Sometimes, in 10% of the fridays, this might happen, but I've made way more experiences that it is THE busy day of the week. All the things I am "too tired" or "too lazy" for during the week are put on this day so that I have quite a lot to do each friday. Same today.....
After school ended, I went to the train station to inform myself about train connections around easter cuz I wanna visit some friends (from the board, too). The bad thing was though that the queue was long enough to spend like 2 hours there, which, regarding all of the other things I wanted to do, wasn't possible.
So I left frustrated and we ate something at home, then we left for the bank. That was complicated today. First of all, I had to change 105 Dollars to Euros (which only was like 60 Euos ), then I got 100 Euros, had to put it on my account, then I needed to do a transcrip and and and.... In the end I had 190 Euros in my pocket, which I needed for............ the Nintendo DS. But before that we needed to go to the postal office where I sent my old racquet to the guy who bought it through EBAY.
I got the DS at a big store then and I must say I love it (it came with a Demo of Metroid Prime and I bought Mario DS which has improved so much comapred to the N64-version). I can tell you those minigames are fascinating me and now I know what to do in cancelled school lessons if nobody is talking to me .........
Then my bus needed like 1000000000 hours to arrive (and it arrived when it was sunny again, leaving us in the rain before, bad measurment bus driver pffffft ) and I got home, but not without meeting 4 people I know. With one of them, a good friend of mine, we plan a "Lord Of The Rings Day" next week and I am really looking forward to that (we'll be 3-6 I guess)......
Well, then I chilled a bit, played minigames, Mario DS quite a bit and decided to chat quite late, although I didn't spoke to many guys yet...... Subject to change readers!

Chewers, Sascha
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