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Three over, one to go.........

Posted Aug 2nd, 2005 at 03:07 AM by

Hey guys,
now three weeks of my journey are over. After the last entry we first went to the beautiful place of my dad's friends, which was quite a great evening. The house was beautiful and the garden around reminded me of a hotel garden, and just five meters away the forest was there, one time we even saw a deer coming out. Awesome! We ate a lot, too. And drank and everything...
The next big thing was my visit at cdpoulin's house in Quebec City.... I met them on Sunday at a gas station and we went by car there. The first evening, I got to know their parents (who spoke French and a tiny, tiny bit of English - so my French "skills" were needed ) and we played tennis. I hadn't played properly for weeks and lost 2-6. It was on HC's and in the night under the lights, very strange I can tell you. I hit the first three serves with the frame. The next times were waaay better though. On Monday, he showed me the city which is full of little hills and.. STAIRS!!! It is really nice there though, but the around 400 stairs denied some joy. In the evening, we played a doubles first and won 1 and 0 (it was a great doubles by us), after that, we played singles and I felt more comfortable... I led 3-1 in the TB and then the lights were switched off.... GREAT! I definitely felt like the better player on this day, because I was consistent, although I was still pretty far from my best. On Tuesday, we went to the sliding-park with CD and his best friend Dominique. It was definitely one of the highlights of my whole trip, because the slides were absolutely fun and we had a nice time there - just chilling and stuff. In the evening we played some bowling and I won one of the ties, it was definitely cool and we also took some great photos of the day. On Wednesday, I had a nice breakfast with the parents of CD and really tried my best to speak some proper French and actually it wasn't thaaaat bad considering how long I hadn't used it. At least I felt that some days later when I needed it again... More later. Then we had another tennis-session and it was indoors, we weren't great, but some cool points were there... We played on the Bell Challenge courts. I definitely think that I never played above 60% at those days though.... In the afternoon I took the train to my home and had an amawing view on the city while arriving over the Victoria bridge.
The next few days I realxed, then we visited friends of my father at Trois-Rivieres (or close to it) and had a nice day there, needed some French as I said (but not too much); yesterday we visited my sis plus husband (whom I saw for the first time only, because he was not in CAN when I saw my sis etc. for the first time) and later went to a nice hotel and had a drink there, laughing aund everything. Well, today I didn't feel so good, because I was suffering from the sun a lot yesterday and today it was even worse in the morning.... But now I'm fine.
I really can't wait to come back to Germany though.. Really wanna see my family, my friends, my dog, my room, my guitar etc. again.... I miss it... Although the time here was very nice (must admit I was feared after one week it would be sooo boring)... But next year - I dunno if and how long I will come.
BTW, I am a moderator of a cool board for young guys in Germany now. If you wanna join and are German or speak it very well, just go to and register yourself (telling them I brought you to the board for sure... ). It's definitely nice there and there are many friendly guys at our age, I'd be happy to see some of my friends from here or even interested blog-readers there.
Hope you enjoyed my entry, I think I'll write from Germany and a fast PC the next time.

Cheers, Sascha
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    Re: Three over, one to go.........

    Hi Sascha,

    genieß deine letzte Woche in Übersee!!
    Freu mich schon wieder auf ICQ, scheint einige interessante Themen zu geben! ;-)

    Viele Grüße aus KA,
    Posted Aug 5th, 2005 at 08:23 PM by FrOzon
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