First one is always the hardest one -
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First one is always the hardest one

Posted Mar 11th, 2005 at 12:00 AM by

Hey guys,
do you remember my diary I used to have for quite some weeks?
Now I am back in action and this is exactly the stuff I like.
Today was a quite difficult day to me. First of all, I woke up early at 4 AM and had a terrible headache. Gosh, I can tell you it was thaaaat horrible. I was forced to stay at home (would have had a terrible timetable anyways). But it had a good thing to stay at home, too:
My grandfather had a very dangeorus and difficult heart-surgery which made me thinking on him all the time, I even vomited because I feared something could happen and couldn't stop being worried and nervous. I was glad to get the call together with my mum and sis who were here, too. We were soooooooooooooo happy when we heard the 11h-surgery was a success and that he's woken up again and stuff. Just great.
I went to the doc after it who found out that my headache was caused by my neck and he striaghtened it out which made a big "krrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" and then I felt great again. Strange, eh?
I even felt good enough to play tennis in the afternoon. With my new racquet (used for the second time after buying it; RDX 500, RD-Ti 80 before) I played quite OK (offensive just awesome, volleys better than ever, very suitable for creative shots like lobs, drop-shots and angels, too.. Serve still horrible (and it was soo great beofre, but it's all about getting used to a new material I guess), although I am not sure where it will lead me up to, details in some weeks).......
After that I went back home to enjoy the evening, first of all I tided my room up quite a bit, then I took a shower and started to chat to my friends (including some board-members, too) and now I am still sitting here and thinking on going to bed soon (just 4 lessons tommorow as every Friday, how great is that, eh?)

You'll envy me for my timetable, but you'll see next week......

Enjoy your evening guys (or morning/noon/afternoon/night whatever) and see ya tommorow,

Cheers, Sascha
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