Sad sister, but funny Friday! A MUST to read! -
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Sad sister, but funny Friday! A MUST to read!

Posted Apr 2nd, 2005 at 12:57 PM by

I will remember this Friday for a long while....

My week has been pretty boring honestly, only played with the dog, met a friend and had a brunch one day, otherwise I just stayed at home, relaxed and helped my sis who needs to overcome her split-up with her BF after over 4 years which is hard because they also lived together in one house etc. etc....
Anyways, on Thursday I was chatting with friends, i.e. Natascha.. Since we both didn't intend to do anything on Friday evening, she asked me to meet in Aachen. She lives like 40 km's away and we have been talking very often and tried to meet before, never succesful though... We couldn't figure out what to do and where to meet though and said "OK, let's try it another time then."

Yesterday I got up very late ('cuz I followed Maggie until 3 AM or so) und didn't look at my mobile phone until 5 PM or so.....
Then, I saw a SMS "My mum brought me to the train station and I am on the way to you now." I was like "WTF???" The problem was I asked my neighbour to come to me this evening and he agreed -- since we hadn't met each other in ages (used to be best friends, imagine that!!) and I had no time now. After that, I called her and described her the way to the main train station because she didn't know where she was via phone. That was funny, but sad, too...... Hopefully the next attempt to meet will be more succesful.
The evening with my neighbour was nice and we intend to meet more often again.
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