Merry Christmas everybody! -
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Merry Christmas everybody!

Posted Dec 24th, 2005 at 11:31 AM by

Hey there,
I'm on holidays now and I'm certainly enjoying it.
Yesterday I met a good friend of mine whom I talked to at first when I got the news about Tab (he simply knows her the best from all of my friends). We tried to find a christmas present for his girlfriend. We really worked as a team. He wanted a red heart made by glass. He wanted to write the ate on it when they became a couple with some kind of creative technqieu I know (it looks like bright gold after it). So we found this heart after like two hours of searching, got a chocolate with "honey" written on it and a nice card. We went to my home where he prayed that I manage to write this like he wants on the heart. I did.^^ It looks great and he will take it today.^^ We stopped at McDonalds in between, very healthy.^^
In the evening I had a nice chat (after my buddy left) and talked until 3 AM. :shy: That was somehow too long as I just got up at 11 AM today. Who cares.^^ Now I'm sitting here and am waiting for later on (somehow I'm not in the real christmas mood though). I'd like to go to the church, but I doubt my family would join me so that I guess that we won't do so...

All in all, I will just wait and see what happens. Will write again before I leave to Carsten (wanna tell you about our traditions which are a bit different from other countries probably, the presents, the meal, the relatvies who will coem on the 26th...). So I wish you a great great Christmas day! Just enjoy it!

Cheers, Sascha
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