HOLIDAYS!!! I needed that so badly... -
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HOLIDAYS!!! I needed that so badly...

Posted Dec 22nd, 2005 at 07:54 PM by

Hey there,
I'm really happy now that school is over for 2005 now.
I had a really stressful time between my last entry and now. I had no time to go to a hair stylist or to anything except studying, studying, studying. Oh, and if I had some time, I needed it to sleep. Which I hardlydid.
Well, since my last entry I wrote three more tests. The first one was last Friday in Biology. We had so much to study (about 20 pages plus Malaria - and believe me it was a lot of Malaria).
After that I had a weekend which was quite packed. I was so happy to watch "King Kong" that Friday, to be able to play tennis on Saturday and to gain some money, BUT all in all I really needed to study for my English and German LK;, which are like the most important subjects for me (you can choose two subjects in Germany that you want to concentrate on; you have more lessons, longer and more difficult tests etc.) and those subjects we had weren't really easy since they had to do with dramas, the German one being really difficult (Faust).
In between that days I was quite depressive and sad... But on Wednesday I was really glad that everything was over. I simply dislike the fact that the pre-Christmas time should be something for you where you can relax, but in fact it becomes more and more stressful every year. My city Aachen has one of the three biggest christmas markets in Germany for instance, but I virtually could only see it one time for some few minutes. Additionally I had nearly no presents and could only finish buying them today... I simply dislike that they always need to put those tests so closely together... Well, I guess that's life, eh? I'll overcome that, too. One day...
Well, now I'm sitting here. Today I slept until 9.30 AM and got a new haricut then. Finally. I already thought I am looking more and more like a monkey! But now I feel better again.^^ Then I met a good friend whom I talked to a lot. 4 hours passed like nothing.^^ I booked my train to Carsten next week and threw in some postal cards for christmas (being doubtful that they will arrivein time).
I am looking forward to the next weeks and hope that you will also have a great christmas and a happy 2006 where all your wishes become true!!!

Cheers, Sascha
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