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What a weekend in Hannover

Posted Dec 12th, 2005 at 01:33 PM by

Hey there,
my good board-friend Carsten and me wanted to go to the German National Championships in Isernhagen, close to Hannover, the last weekend. WANTED.
But first we met in my hometown Aachen on Friday. He didn't tell me the right time for his arrival so that I had time in the city to buy a christmas present. I am not sure yet if it will be for my mother or my darling Tabea (she wrote me a letter in November and told me about her feelings [she is from my hometown, but currently not here and will move to another town two hours from my town], I needed time for my decision and we met in between; now I made my decision and will wait until New Year to tell it to her).
Well, then Carsten came and we had nice supper. I showed him a bit of the old part of Aachen. We had some cocktails. Then we wanted to change the bar, but I can tell you it was soooooo full everywhere that we decided to go home. We talked until about 3 AM. The next morning I had to get up early, because I always help children with school there (how do you call that in English???). 9 € per 45 mnutes, two children -> 72 € per month.
Well, then we had a very, very healthy McDonalds before we went to Hannover by train. It took about 4 hours or a bit more I guess. We listened to music, "enjoyed" two Italians besides us (I hope you get the irony ) and talked quite a bit. After our arrival in Hannover, we first had to figure out that line 3 is not a bus which is in front of the railstation (where a part if the somehow strange christmas market was located at), but a subway (later not anymore though)... Then at the final destination, we wanted to take the bus 640, BUT this was only scheduled to come 50 minutes after our arrival... Don't forget that Hannover in Decmeber in the evening can be quite cold. We wanted to look at the area. It was soooooo suburban. But we finally found a gas station where we could buy some stuff. Then the portier of the hotel called us, asking us where we are. We said that we will arrive soon.
Now the funny part starts. On their internet page they said that it is "gay-friendly." We didn't notice that before we booked it, so we were a bit sceptical. Well, then this guy called. Accordind to Carsten he sounded so much gay as he could think of someone who is gay. Well, we arrived there later... They siad before that we should get off the bus when we see a lightened hotel. Well, it WAS lightened, but HOW. Pink light enlightened the wall, a red shield with the neonlight "room free (Zimmer frei)" was also there. Then we rang the bell. DING DONG. Then he came. We later just gave him the name "Michel." He wore a white shirt, those typical rib-shirts that stick to your body with arms that ended somewhere between the shoulder and the elbow. We only exchanged a smile. His language totally suited to our phone impressions. We got our room. He asked us whether we want a seperated bed or not. We wanted, but he gave us the room where the beds weren't seperated. He sais that this one is "much prettier." Well, his opinion...
The room was quite nice. After the guy left we just had to laugh our ass of though. Well, then the next shock. Outside we saw some light. I dimmed the room. The pink light from outside shined through the windows. It was so freaky. We decided to go back to Hannover in order to drink something (that shock forced that ). We didn't find something really good though. Hannover is quite strange. Many lights in the street, a lot of big streets, but in between strange parts. also there were liked 30 "Nordzea"-restaurants, even around the corner sometimes, the christmas market was spraid over the whole city and so on. And we somehow always met the big big [Riesenrad]... Much later we found a good bar, it was somehow behind the street in a small street. We had looked a bit for it in the internet before we left and could remember this from its name. It was nice. Then we went back with the subway and the bus (which each time cost us 5 € - horrible). Then we talked until about 5 AM or so. Some time in between the light outside wasn't on anymore which was great. Still, we had so much fun talking about god and the world and sometimes we joked about the guy (we called him "Michel") or about us or teased each other with whatever. Anyways, it was cool.
The next morning we SLIGHTLY didn't get up in time for the breakfast which was from 8-10 AM. We got up at around 10.10 AM or so and just continued the dialouge from the night before. In contrast to the night I didn't have those strange moments where I said something which doesn't really have to do anything with the topic. Alzheimer I guess...^^ We got ourself dressed up since we wanted to go to the German National Champs. WANTED. We said bye to Michel. *lol* But then it came....
We had no idea how to get to the tournament. We knew where it was located, but didn't know how to get there by bus or whatever. A bus which should arrive didn't come and we just took a taxi to the subway-station. So our dreams about Isernhagen were nothing but vanished away. Still, we didn't really miss it so much when I see what programm was on yesterday. So we just spend our day at Hannover... But you know, I told you that this city is smehow difficult. We really know it well know. But on the one side of the main train station there was no Italian restaurant or Pizza Hut. We just couldn't figure it out. We also wanted to watch a movie possibly, but except for a "sex-cinema" we didn't find anything and surprisingly that was not what we were searching for. So we just ran around, drank something here and there and laughed our ass off about whatever. Then we thought that we maybe could look at the other side of the train station. 30 meters later there were two cinemas and one Pizza-Hut. Intelligent guys we are, aren't we?
The problem was that the queue in the cinema was daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn clong so that we decided not to watch "Flightplan", but to go to a cafe and to talk a bit more there. Then we went to Pizza Hut, talked a bit more (it might seem strange, but it was a lot of fun all the time), then went to the train station. His train went away earlier, so that we said bye until in two weeks (I will visit him on vacations). My train didn't come though.. first it was expected to be 25 mins. too late, but then it was completely cancelled. So all people should take another train, which itself was 15, later 30 minutes too late. No seats anywhere.. I found some space in an area which is usually reserved for kids. I sat on something which I can't describe in words... It was something like a bed with a leddar where kids can play on. Neither big enough nor very nice, but better than to stand for hours. Since we had so much delay, my connection train in Dusseldorf back to Aachen was already away. In the train they said something of taxis which "Die Bahn" would pay, but down there they said we just should take another train which also goes to Aachen, but over Cologne and not over Mönchengldbach. It basically didn't matter to us. Anyways, I arrived muuuuuuuch later than expected and took a taxi to home. At home Carsten called me at 1 AM in the night (he said he would do so although I wasn't so sure how serious he was about that...). Well, then I just went to bed and asked my mother to stay at home today due to my tiredness and she was OK with that. Not I wrote here and am chatting. Hope you enjoyed my report.
Cheers, Sascha
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    Re: What a weekend in Hannover

    :lol: da haste aber nen paar komische Sachen erlebt. Pinkes licht - das ist echt zu viel! :lol:
    Aber schön, dass ihr Spaß hattet; das ist ja das wichtigste ;)
    Posted Dec 12th, 2005 at 02:10 PM by rrfnpump
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