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Birthday over, holidays on...

Posted Oct 8th, 2005 at 09:58 PM by

Hey guys,
my holidays have been quite good so far. After celebrating birthday only in a small circle with the family I had a good first week (with money ) and went to a very good friend of mine on Wednesday. We first went (three people we were) to Cologne and I had to play the dessous concelour there. That was ugly, but I did quite well. On the other hand, they had to help me as well and I bought a new rip pullover (not so thick material though). That made four new things to dress after I got three things for my birthday. Plus tennis-stuff. Should be enough for a while now. Except for a cool belt maybe. I originally wanted not to spend too much money on whatever, but I already gave up on that and still have the same philosophy: Don't ever have less than 100 on your bank account.
Well, in the evening, we went back to her (train is expensive ) and watched the DVD "House Of Wax" and then had a nice evening with some Bacardi and stuff like that.... The Bacardi was form the previous Saturday, where I had a homeparty with a video evening which didn't end so nice, although we had so much fun before.. But don't wanna talk about that.. Anyways, after some more cool hours on Wednesday my good friend decided to put some chocolate filled with cream (we call it "Dickmanns&quot into my face. I took revenge though. Those pics are overcool. You will get to see them for sure.
The next day I left in the lunch hours and ate in my hometown again before returning to home. In the evening I visited a good, old friend of mine, who is a lot older, but still an important person (and a very cool one BTW) for me.
On Friday, I only relaxed, chatted for the first time in days (very important) and had a little argument with my bro, but it's the same with him all the time...
Today, I wanted to play badminton, but my arm feels sore and nor healthy since days (although I'm not quite sure why) and I don't play. Didn't play tennis on Thursday either. I'll just have to wait. Maybe a break isn't too bad. So I met a friend of mine and a good friend of him which I didn't know before and we had a lot of fun which improved my mood a lot. Although nothing tooooo bad happens ATM, my mood is not really good at all. No girlfriend for too long, always disappointments or strange things in the department love happened and still happen, in the tennis club I might need to change something soon, even my coach said it could be better to change the club due to various reasons and I'm also playing worse and worse ATM. Maybe it's good for me to have a (forced) break.... Could have used some badminton though... At least I'm having holidays and don't need to think about school yet. But soon I'll need to start studying again.. We'll see...

Wish you guys a good evening.. I'm looking forward to my "birthday and what soever else party" on October 15th, I'd love to invite all of you, but oh well...

BTW, I was in Luxembourg together with Carsten (in the like 20th attempt to meet each other ) and it was very cool. If anyone wants to have some quali pics, just ask me.

Cheers, Sascha

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