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Posted Mar 15th, 2006 at 01:52 PM by


It's Wednesday! Wednesday means no courses. It usually means a shitload of work, but I really don't want to do too much today. Not that I ever want to do too much, but yeah. Of course I will do some work, cause I have to, but considering it's already almost 16:00 and I haven't done too much, you know it is a lazy day



So, if you read my previous entries, you know that I a) have a crush on a guy and b) was going to play tennis with this guy. Well, I was supposed to play him yesterday, but the match was rescheduled. I did play yesterday, and played rather badly, to finish with a 6-2 3-3 lead against this girl who really is not all that good. So I was not too confident about today, not being in-form and having no clue as to how good the other guy would be.

Anyways, at 13:00 I played this guy. Fortunately, I immediately noticed that he is not the most brilliant player around. Unfortunately, neither am I. As the match unfolded, however, it was clear that I was better today (or maybe just in general ). I broke him for 1-0, but got broken back immediately, thanks to my lovely serve [woohoo - go double faults!]. I felt like Dementieva, but without the good looks Struggled through his serve game, held my own serve and quickly had a 5-1 lead. Considering he had never held his serve, I thought I would break him for 6-1. But alas. Very long game with many wasted set points and weak backhands. There was this dubious serve on game point and I decided to call it in and to try and serve out the set instead. And I did! 6-2!

Well, then it was 4-0 in the second and he had a love game on his serve Best game from him in the match, I guess. I held. And he held. And then I served it out with my best service game

So. Positive is that I beat him and that he is not much, if any, better than I am. OK, I think he can do better than he showed today, but so can I. I think we could have some interesting matches (that I could all win ). Not so positive is that he did not look extremely appetizing in his white polo shirt. Not that he is ever extremely handsome or whatever. In fact, he is rather geeky, but I like that in him. However, he is quite pale and he just does not look nice to me when he plays tennis We both really wanted to win too, so there was not a completely relaxed atmosphere We really focused on the game. But I still like him. Bah.



It is quite a sunny day and I noticed that I really haven't eaten enough the last few days. I have decided that I need to live a more healthy life and, thus, I try to eat less. God knows I need to. On court, I noticed that I did not have that much energy. But it was enough, though.

But at the end, I really noticed that I had not drunk enough either. I felt extremely thirsty and decided to go to the supermarket straight from tennis. I bought seven litres of fruit juice. No kidding. And also some instant lemonade. You know, the kind that everyone thinks is gross, but that I love anyway

Drank one litre already. Go Coolbest Mango Dream Now I am of course not thirsty anymore, so I will store the rest in my fridge. Am glad to have my own fridge, cause downstairs my housemates put the grossest stuff in it so it smells really bad


Yeah. That was rather boring. I know it was. But now I am going to tell you I am going to take a shower, so you have something to think about

Today's Song Line:

D'abord on Playskool. Puis on Playmobil. Puis on Playstation. Et enfin on plaît aux filles. [Cédric Atlan - Enfin on plaît aux filles]

It's so not true for me. They should change 'filles' with 'hommes' and it would make some sense. But I never played with Playskool either. And I never had a Playstation. Did do the Playmobil part though.
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    Re: Yayness

    We must play tennis some time, Martijn :drool:
    I love playing against bad serving guys, because I eat them for dinner :lol:
    Posted Mar 15th, 2006 at 02:31 PM by rrfnpump
    CooCooCachoo's Avatar

    Re: Yayness

    Oh, you do, do you?

    Well, if I have some rhythm, I can serve really well. I served well at the end of the match Three service winners in the final game

    I also played mini tennis against that guy, by the way, and lost 2-6, because I was too lazy to walk and he just played better there.

    I am sure you'd distract me with your gorgeous looks, Basti
    Posted Mar 15th, 2006 at 02:45 PM by CooCooCachoo CooCooCachoo is offline

    Re: Yayness

    I like plying mini tennis. You can play some really dirty stuff there if you are motivated :p

    I dont know if I would distract you with my looks (:help: ), but more with my heavy top-spin balls.

    My biggest weakness is net play. I cannot hit a volley :o
    second serve is also not that good while first one is great.
    Posted Mar 15th, 2006 at 03:07 PM by rrfnpump
    CooCooCachoo's Avatar

    Re: Yayness

    I hate topspin

    Go slice balls

    And I am only slightly above average in skill, Basti So you would win
    Posted Mar 15th, 2006 at 03:40 PM by CooCooCachoo CooCooCachoo is offline
    SloKid's Avatar

    Re: Yayness

    I would kick both of your asses

    And why would we think of you showering, ewww...
    Posted Mar 16th, 2006 at 08:10 AM by SloKid SloKid is offline
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