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Manic Monday

Posted Mar 13th, 2006 at 09:49 AM by


I really was going to write a blog entry yesterday. Really. But I didn't. I don't know why. Just forgot, I guess

Anyways, it's Monday now and another week of courses has just started. Just had my first class from this Polish guy who teaches Statistics, but I cannot always get what he says. He's a nice guy, really, but sometimes I don't think he is up to scratch. Actually, I hardly ever think he is. But that's beside the point.



So today I will have only one more course, Political Theory. I will have to finish this essay in which I compare and contrast Hobbes to Locke and I also have to analyze this comparison made by this guy called Devine and compare his comparison [] to mine. So far, we seem to agree. And we seem to not mention the things we are supposed to mention according to the assignment. I might be reading over it. Anyways, it counts for just 4% or less and it's a shitload of work. Seriously, I have done assignments that count five times as much and required considerably less work. The essay is due tomorrow, but I do have a course today in which we will discuss Locke, I suppose. Woo-fucking-hoo. Aren't you wishing you would be in my shoes and could attend that awesome lecture? Yay!

Also have this consultation about an essay - which is pretty crappy - that I still have to change before four o'clock. Blah. Really boring! It's about tourism and authenticity. Great fun! OK, actually it is quite an interesting topic

Then I need to do some ironining and will have to watch America's Next Top Model (yeah, I know who will win the cycle, I know who will be eliminated blah blah but it's still fun to watch), fourth cycle. I positively loathe ironing cause it takes me forever and I wear shirts, so they actually NEED to be ironed properly. Yay²!



I just started the fourth round of PYW Indian Wells. Stupid favourites always advance Only Myskina lost []. These are my predictions:

Sugiyama beats Hénin-Hardenne
Pennetta beats Golovin
Dementieva crushes Benesova
Kirilenko beats Ivanovic

Grönefeld beats Ani
Sharapova beats Peer (Let's hope not. I like to see her lose)
Domachowska beats Safina
Hingis crushes Harkleroad.

Final will be Dementieva v. Hingis.

I sometimes get really annoyed with people always supporting the 'big' names only and only the pretty girls. It becomes tedious. Seriously, just look at posters' signatures. 8/10 will have no players ranked outside the Top 15 in it


OK I really have to study a bit now!


Today's Song Line:

My love is stronger now than you'll ever know. And it won't ever let you go [Texas Lightning - No No Never]

Yeah. I know it's cheesy.
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    SloKid's Avatar

    Re: Manic Monday

    a) Cheesy songs are cool
    b) I have at least one player that's out of the top 100 in my signature and only three who are in the top 10, but none better than 7th
    c) I usually vote against the favourites (unless they are my faves too) and true, I do sometimes vote for the pretty girls

    Posted Mar 13th, 2006 at 10:15 AM by SloKid SloKid is offline

    Re: Manic Monday

    I usually vote against your big faves, Martijn, because they are :yawn: :zzz: An Uberoi on court would not make me want to watch the match :devil: but we discussed that topic already. Be it as it may, I also agree with you on that posters who just vote for the big faves and have like Clijsters | Davenport | Williamsx2 | Mauresmo in their signature. Sometimes they have a Myskina or Dementieva added, but they probably dont know any player outside Top50....

    Have a nice week, manic Martijn :hug:
    Posted Mar 13th, 2006 at 10:35 AM by rrfnpump
    Drimal's Avatar

    Re: Manic Monday

    Especially the PYW Tier 1s are getting too predictable with either Dementieva or Hingis winning it beating either a Pennetta or a Benesova
    I prefer alot the quali rounds with the Lux players and the first two rounds where I can vote for all my faves.

    Talking about top 10 players I do agree that there are many posters who are supporting nearly the whole elite and don't have a player outside top 20 in it ... and those who are changing their sig every second day and delete player's names when they haven't enough success!

    Posted Mar 16th, 2006 at 11:36 AM by Drimal Drimal is online now

    Re: Manic Monday

    i agree with people only supporting the "big names" and overlooking some of the talented vets or newbies who aren't ranked as high, even tho my fave elena happens to be top 10. yea and switching off faves is dumb cause to be a true fan, you have to support your players when theyre playing either good and awful!
    Posted Mar 21st, 2006 at 08:09 PM by SS6888
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